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My Pokémon Ranch (Japanese: みんなのポケモン 牧場 Everyone’s Pokémon Ranch) is a WiiWare title that was announced at Nintendo’s fall 2007 conference. It is not considered a game, but rather an accessory for owners of Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. It was developed by Ambrella and can be purchased for 1,000 Wii Points. Pokémon can be transferred from Diamond and Pearl and stored on a farm. The player can use up to 8 Diamond and Pearl games to send their Pokémon, which then can be organized in the ranch by factors like height and weight. Hayley will give the player information on the Pokémon, which will be different from the info in the games. She will also bring a Pokémon each day to the ranch for which the player can trade. She will ask what type of Pokémon she will bring to the ranch next.

It is essentially a Generation IV version of Pokémon Box. However, it is notable that Pokémon Ranch is similar to Pokémon Battle Revolution in that it will only interact with specific save files. This means that if a Pokémon is placed on the ranch, only the game from which it was placed onto the ranch may take the Pokémon back off it. This prevents people storing Pokémon and starting a new game – something for which previous storage titles were quite useful.

On November 5, 2008, My Pokémon Ranch was issued an update with the ability to communicate to Pokémon Platinum in Japan. According to an article in the now deleted Poké mailbag, there are no current plans to release this update outside of Japan. My Pokémon Ranch will not work with Platinum without this update. It is completely incompatible with HeartGold and SoulSilver.

Once a player has stored Pokémon for the first time, Hayley will take the player’s Pokédex data and request "Wanted Pokémon" from it, Pokémon that are typically not yet in the player’s Pokédex. Once the player’s Pokédex is filled, not counting event-only Pokémon, she’ll compliment the player on their Pokédex and start requesting ones that the player has already caught. The game will provide the player with all the information on acquiring the listed Pokémon, including information on a Pokémon’s pre-evolved form, and if an item is needed to evolve it, where that item can be found. This can be used to both assist and motivate said player into completing their Pokédex. The player is given 10 days to acquire this Pokémon until the post is removed and a new one is made. "Wanted Pokémon" requests are not tied to specific game cards. If one player deposits a Pokémon that Hayley requested from another player, it will be taken off the Wanted list and she will ask the player to show the other player how to find Pokémon. If all of the Wanted posts expire, Hayley will ask the player to connect their DS so new ones can be made.

Whenever the player brings in one of the "Wanted Pokémon", Hayley will offer to trade one of her Pokémon for it, and the Pokémon received will be one of the following twenty and will know a TM, Egg move, or have something else that makes them unique. The Pokémon available for trade are limited to ones that Hayley has already brought to the ranch. She will occasionally bring a tradeable when the player chooses "No" for both answers when Hayley asks what kind of Pokémon she should bring to the ranch the next day.

These two Pokémon are only available once certain requirements are fulfilled. Once 250 Pokémon are present on the ranch, the ranch will expand and jump to a new level. When this level is obtained, Hayley will add a new Pokémon to the "Wanted" board, Leafeon. When Leafeon is brought to the ranch, she will offer to trade it for her Phione. When 999 Pokémon are present, the ranch will expand and jump to level 25, the maximum level outside of the Platinum update. Once this level is obtained, a new wanted Pokémon will be added. Hayley is now asking for any Pokémon Egg. When the egg is brought, she will offer to trade it for her Mew.

Regular events happen around the ranch at all times; Miis may interact with Pokémon by dancing with them or running away from them, mend fences, or sit down and observe Pokémon. Pokémon occasionally use attacks on each other (though causing no adverse effect), greet each other, or run away from Pokémon with type advantages against them. Attacks are not specialized, but are general type attacks; for example, there is no Fire Blast or Thunder Fang, only generic, type-specific attacks such as Electric Pokémon electrocuting others or Fire-type Pokémon breathing fire.

Every 15 minutes, a random event in the ranch will occur. These events don’t have any real significance and are only intended for a good picture opportunity. Some events only occur after the player has a certain amount of Pokémon or certain kind of Pokémon in the ranch.

Toys with which Pokémon and Miis may play are delivered to the ranch every day. The type of toys delivered randomly changes every day and the amount of toys depends on the size of the ranch. Each toy comes in a present box which must be picked up and dropped to open.