My progress update (spring 2018) – lauren gleisberg gas station near me


This progress update may be a little different because… I have actually made progress forward, backward and maybe even sideways. What?! Read on! First off, I like sharing progress updates with y’all; just because I write the blog, design the workouts, create the recipes, etc., doesn’t mean it’s not a struggle for me to implement it all. I feel like most of us know what we have to do, it’s just about doing it! So this is where I’m at…

In that post, I shared my progress from following the 30×30 Fat Loss Shred Plan and no BS… I was blown away with my results and they came faster than I thought I would be able to achieve them. Especially because I was a few months postpartum and had more fat than I had ever had on my body.

FORWARD PROGRESS: o ne of the keys to my results that I shared in my last progress update was getting hooked on 30 minute workouts. I feel like I want to call it the “30 Minute Workout Revolution.” Because my workouts are just 30 minutes, I have an easier time fitting them in. Mentally, I’m like “oh yeah, I can squeeze in 30 mins at the gym” then I get there and my mindset is “give it your all… it’s only 30 mins.”

BACKWARD PROGRESS: I’ve got to be honest, I have put on a bit of weight and fat since my last progress update. It’s nothing crazy at all… maybe a few pounds but you ladies know how it is… you know your body best… you know when you’re up a few pounds

Have you read THIS post of mine of “life’s seasons” – I actually reread this post often because health and fitness is a constant in my life, however, I do go in seasons with how “into it” I am. Sometimes I’m cool with a treat meal every few days. Other times, I’m focused on a goal and I eat a little more closely to my meal plan guidelines. The point is that I embrace life’s seasons. I’m cool with ups and downs. I don’t mind progress forward or backward. It’s life!

SIDEWAYS PROGRESS: what the heck is sideways progress?! My strength is something I’m considering sideways progress because I continue to use challenging weights but I haven’t pushed myself as much as I know I can when it comes to upping the weight in the gym. This is definitely something I want to improve… push ups, pull ups, cardio endurance too!

This goal is pretty subjective but I want to look in the mirror and see my muscles popping (dear abs, please work with me on this one!). I want to go for a run at a fast pace and not feel fatigued after a mile. I want to do push ups and pull ups and rep them out! It’s really about me feeling “better” and “stronger” than where I am right now and remind myself of how far I’ve come since I had my baby boy.

PART 2: Glute Guide + Ab Plan + Weighted Workouts – after the ConfidenceKini Challenge concludes and before the next summer challenge begins, I will be putting together a mini fitness calendar plan combining weighted workouts, the Glute Guide & the Premium Ab Plan to focus on sculpting with an emphasis on the glutes and abs.

PART 3: LIFT LIFT LIFT – for the Summer Challenge, I’m putting together a brand new plan that I just know you’re going to freakkkk over. If you like lifting… if you like my 30 minute workouts… if you like that fit, lean, sculpt, defined, strong body… this is going to be your summer plan. As soon as I put the final touches on it, I’ll be starting this in a few more weeks.

Of course, I’ll share all of this with you if you’d like to follow this entire 3 part plan with me. Funny story… I was writing out all of the plan I described for myself the other day. I showed my husband, Anthony and he’s like “is that for the community too?” and I was like, “well I could share it but I just wrote it for myself because I really want to get in amazing shape by Leo’s 1st bday.” He looked at me with pure excitement and said: “babe, that is too good not to share… your girls would love it too.” DONE :):)

I am also going to be closely following my Meal Plan guidelines, specifically the portion and combination sections. I know this is the way to get where I want to be in the straightest route. My success here comes in meal planning and doing a protein prep so that’s what I’m hoping to do!

I am actually really looking forward to this plan and all the challenges being a bit more “strict” will present. There’s something about Leo turning 1 that just makes me want to prove to myself that I can do whatever I set my mind to. If I want to eat well for 1 month, I want to prove to myself that I can set a goal and stick to it. Yes, looking more fit is a benefit but right now, it’s really more about doing what I set out to do. Ya feel me on that?! That’s the stuff I get excited about.