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I have had sinus problems and sinus infections AT LEAST two to three times a year my entire life, and my nose never smelled bad during those sinus infections. Suddenly last October (2011) the inside of my nose started smelling HORRIBLE!! like an butt-hole or terribly-smelling feet. I get a cut and scab in my left nostril and it lasts for months and months. I do not think this is a sinus infection at all. I am so curious and worried as to what it is! I have read many forums about this and no one has a better answer than "oh must be a sinus infection",NO I know what a sinus infection is and what it feels like, what the symptoms are, this is not a sinus infection by any means. Does anyone even know? I have made an appointment to see my physician but the week before the appointment my smelly nose and scab went away so I cancelled the appointment, now the smell and scab is back. If anyone is an ear, nose, and throat physician please write in and give us the knowledge as to what is plaguing us with this stink! Help!

it could be something serious. i had that a couple years ago. when it first started happening i though the person i was talking to had disgusting breath, but in fact i started smelling it all the time. i let it go for about 2 years without getting it checked. finally i a wicked sinus infection that ended up spreading all over my body. i had a 104 temp that i could not kick for over a week. i had to be admitted to the hospital and was told i was lucky i was alive. had i waited another day the infection probably would have spread to my blood. scary stuff. it ended up i had 3 large polyps in my sinus cavity. i ended up have to have surgery and have them removed. on a side note i had a bad tooth i had been putting off having removed and this year it cracked. i went to the emergency dentist and he pulled out the bad tooth. ends up i had a huge abscess that was at the end of the tooth partially into my sinus cavity….the doc told me he was surprised that i hadn’t had serious sinus problems. i said i had polyps removed a couple years before and he told me the abscess had probably caused them. when it comes to infections in your head don’t mess around get it checked asap. listen to your body its trying to tell you something!

talking and whatever and I SMELL..I put a few drops of an essential oil BLEND on my tongue..(For those with "smelly snot"–maybe try "smelling it in" it? I haven’t tried that way—few drops on the palm of your hands and cupping over your nose & mouth & take deep inhalations) It gets the nasty smell out of my throat from the post nasal drip so that is why I put drops on my TONGUE….the blend is for stomach aches/digestive issues and I took it FOR my stomach but realized, wow that yucky smell is gone!!! So it was kind of an accident finding this remedy…anyway it smells very strong of GINGER..I’m guessing that is the main oil that really if you can’t get this oil on hand right away you can maybe try straight FRESH ginger slices..but also here is the list of the ENTIRE blend:—GINGER Rhizome/Root, PEPPERMINT Plant, CARAWAY Seed, CORIANDER Seed, ANISE Seed, TARRAGON Plant, and FENNEL Seed essential oils.—Again, I am really not positive which oil is the temporary cure but the fact that the GINGER (and FENNEL too!) are so strong, it’s kind of like my assumption..but don’t forget it doesn’t bring a cure just a temp smelly relief..I need to see a dr soon..I feel so gross!!! I hope this helps someone. Posted 11/20/2016!!

Please do not think I’m selling oils here. I ONLY put the blend name because I know people suffer and I wanted to share the only relief I have found. In fact I do NOT sell essential oils. Period. No account; nothing. I get samples from friends and when I had a tummy ache, I tried this one. If you want to buy the oil and don’t know anyone who sells them, you can order online I think. I won’t post their site because I don’t want to sound like I’m endorsing them or anything so just google this blend yourself..or better yet.MAKE IT YOURSELF :)but yeah I just want people to take this remedy seriously! hope this helps!