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My 1st thought was I had picked up something in a hotel, but I was meticulous about looking for critters in the beds, like bedbugs. 2nd thought was a reaction to something I ate, but that’s not it. 3rd is menopause, which i’m going thru right now.

It’s keeping me awake at night and benadryl doesn’t help at all. At this very moment, part of my left arm, inner right thigh, waist, right side of neck, back of left knee are prickly itchy. If I scratch or sometimes just touch the area that’s itching, the sensation goes away temporarily. Sometimes i’ll see raised bumps, but most times nothing.

Updage: within the last 2 minutes since starting this thread, the itchies have moved to my right inner arm, left wrist, left hand (upper), right index finger, right lower leg, front of neck, no visible bumps, and as I write this, all these locations are changing (stomach, left butt check, left inner elbow, right upper back)! It’s driving me a little crazy, so if anyone out there is having same symptoms, please respond.

I am 31 y.o. female who maintains a good eating habit and works out regularly. Prickly itchiness has been appeared all over the body without any rash or lumps since a month ago. This unbearable prickly itchiness occurs from scalp to feet all over the body at random time and area. I haven’t changed a soap or perfume nor been under the sun. When I apply ice pack (or something cold) directly on the itching area, the symptom is relief. (I feel warmness in the area where it is itching regardless how cold my body gets.) If I focus on doing something, I forget about the itchiness. But it seems like the symptom gets worse if I sit still (especially at office meetings or in the car) and when I am relaxing at night. I went to see doctors and checked in hospital, but the blood work came out normal. One of them said I got a bed bug, but I have no red marks or lumps on the skin and the cream didn’t relief the symptom at all. I took allergy pills in the interim. They make my body numb, but itchiness kicks back as soon as the medicine wears off.

I did an extensive review on this prickly itchiness without rash/lump online. Surprisingly, many people from all over the ages have the same symptom over the years, yet there is no specific diagnose to it. Those who have been having the symptom over 30 years have been taking anti-histamine all those years and this symptom has been critically affected their daily lives and marriage. I finally went to see the eastern medicine specialist/acupuncturist. After sharing my symptoms to him, he diagnosed me that this is something called "heat in the blood stream." According to him, we generate the bad heat when we are angry (that is why some people turn their face red) and stress out. If this heat has been generating continuously over the extensive period of time, then the heat penetrates into the organs (and later causing symptoms like no digestion, constipation, irregular periods, etc.) as well as the blood stream. So as blood circulates, it carries the heat which causes the prickly heat at random places and sometimes it causes a headache. He said that this symptom used to occur to widowers especially those who had been taking care of ill spouses, but in modern days, many people get it. (I wonder that is why there is no diagnosis to this particular symptom yet even though many people have it.) Anyway, I am happily engaged and am not stressed out (or least not yet), but (I didn’t tell him this) in the past 3 years, I went through a period of a difficult transition in my life at where I was taking care of my ill father who later passed away and broke up a long-term relationship at the same time. When he later was about to acupuncture my body, I became bit panic because I am a needle phobia and was not happy to see those tiny needles sticking out on my skin. There, I felt a sudden rush of prickly itchiness from head to toe all at the same time. After coming back, I’ve been started taking supplement herbal drinks three times a day in last 10 days and a daily multi-vitamin pill from over-the-counter. I still have prickly itchiness time-to-time but the symptom subdued very much and at least I now can sleep at night. For those who do not have an access to eastern medicine doctor or an acupuncturist nearby, I would start taking a multi-vitamin pill as someone mentioned above and checking with doctors at the same time. I wasnâ??t fully aware what it means when stress can impact your body, but now I know what it means as living in this modern era.