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In 1991, Zahawi and fellow Kurd Broosk Saib were aides to Jeffrey Archer during Archer’s controversial Simple Truth campaign to help Kurdish victims of the Gulf War. Zahawi and Saib were nicknamed Lemon kurd and Bean kurd by Archer. [6] In 1994 Archer helped campaign for Zahawi for a seat on Wandsworth council. Zahawi also ran Archer’s unsuccessful campaign for Mayor of London in 1998. [7]

In October 2013, he became a member of the Number 10 Policy Unit. [11] Later in October, Zahawi and fellow member electricity lab physics of the Business, Innovation and Skills Committee interviewed Lazard, the Government’s independent adviser on the sale of Royal Mail. Shares quickly rose to £5 following flotation at £3.30 and the v gashi kenga e zagrebit Financial Times claimed that two investment banks had warned that it was underpriced. [12] However Zahawi said the government had got its sums right and had to be sure that the remaining 40% of shares could be sold above the flotation price in future. When it was put to him that he might consider selling 60% of shareholdings in his own companies at a large discount, so that he could later sell the other 40% at the market rate, he replied I’m afraid gas efficient suv 2015 that this method only works when disposing of public assets. It would be ridiculous to expect any individual, no matter how outrageously wealthy they are, to suffer such a loss. [12]

Zahawi is vice-chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Kurdistan Region in Iraq, [13] which receives secretarial support from Gulf Keystone Petroleum International, an oil company of which Zahawi is Chief Strategy Officer. [14] Concerns have been raised about how MPs’ independence might be compromised by such links between APPGs and private companies, and specifically about how Zahawi’s connections with 5 gases the oil industry affect his role as MP. [15] [16] [17] [18] Zahawi has been co-chair or vice-chair of this APPG since it was established in 2008/9, alongside other MPs including Meg Munn and Jason McCartney.

In November 2013 Zahawi apologised unreservedly after The Sunday Mirror reported that he had claimed £5,822 expenses for electricity for his riding school stables and a yard manager’s mobile home. [24] Zahawi gas news said the mistake arose because he received a single bill covering both a meter in the stables and one in his house. He would repay the money though the actual overcharge was £4,000. [25] An article in The Independent also drew attention to the number of legitimate but trivial items on Zahawi’s expenses. [26] Registered interests [ edit ]

Zahawi’s declarations in the Register of Members’ Interests include (as of November 2015) [14] the following employment and earnings: non-exec director of the recruitment company SThree (monthly salary £3333) and Chief Strategy Officer of Gulf Keystone Ltd, an Iraqi oil company (monthly salary of £20,125). He is also a 50% shareholder of Zahawi and Zahawi Ltd., and holds shares in SThree and YouGov. In the Register of Members’ Interests of 9 February 2015, [27] he also declared shares in Genel Energy plc, an Anglo-Turkish exploration and production company within the oil and gas industry. His declared 1 unit electricity cost in bangalore property interests are: Residential property and 31 acres of land in Warwickshire, with stables run as a livery yard by Zahawi and electricity in india first time Zahawi Ltd; residential buy-to-let property in London, divided into three flats; a house in London (Putney), rented out from 30 June 2015; and commercial property in Surrey, purchased on 29 September 2015 and rented out through Zahawi Zahawi Ltd.

Zahawi Zahawi Ltd is a business consultancy company registered with Companies House as other business support service activities, with its registered address at the same Warwickshire stables. [28] Clients of Zahawi include the research and consulting firm YouGov plc, of which he was founder and continues to be a registered shareholder. A former client, Afren Plc, an independent exploration and production company in the oil and gas industry; went bust in 2015.

In November 2013 it was reported by the Birmingham Mail newspaper that in May 2011 (one year after he became an MP) Nadhim Zahawi used as a mortgage lender a company called Berkford gas prices going up june 2016 Investments Limited, which was based in the low-tax British overseas territory of Gibraltar, to finance the purchase of his constituency home ‘Oakland’ riding stables estate (worth at the time £875,000) in Upper electricity facts history Tysoe, near Stratford-upon-Avon, in Warwickshire. [30]

Berkford Investments Limited is managed by TT Management Services Limited, which advertises its wealth management services as ‘setting up and administering trusts to help the wealthy minimise or avoid property taxes’. Zahawi responded to the news story by saying: I did pay stamp duty on my property in Tysoe and have always paid stamp duty on my property purchases. I fully support the 2012 budget and all budgets of this government. I purchased my property in Tysoe with a mortgage from a Gibraltar company. This fact and the details involved are fully declared on the Land Registry and to suggest it is in any way hidden would be factually incorrect. Equally, to suggest that in any way I am using offshore to reduce my tax burden is entirely incorrect electricity prices per kwh 2013. [30] Personal life [ edit ]

A keen rider and show jumper, Zahawi and his wife Lana run a riding school. [31] Zahawi won ‘craziest parking ticket of the year’ in 2004 for having got a ticket while he was in an ambulance. [32] In January 2011, Zahawi gas x coupon 2015 appeared in the Commons debate discussing the end of the Education Maintenance Allowance scheme wearing a musical tie which proceeded to play during his contribution. The Deputy Speaker advised him to be more select when choosing ties to avoid a musical accompaniment to debate in the chamber. [33] US travel ban [ edit ]

Following US President Trump’s executive order that banned travellers from a number of Middle Eastern states, Zahawi reported that he was unable to enter the United States, despite being a British citizen, as he was born in Baghdad, Iraq. [34] The ban also affected his wife. [34] According to a media report, this prevented Zahawi from visiting his children attending college in the US. [35]

In late gas or electricity for heating January 2018, it was reported in the media that Zahawi was one of the attendees at a men-only dinner event organised by the Presidents Club at the Dorchester Hotel in London. [36] Media reports have alleged that female hostesses were subjected to sexual harassment and incidents of groping and inappropriate touch. [37] Following the revelations of his attendance at the event, Zahawi posted a Tweet condemning such behaviour and stated that he felt uncomfortable at what he saw happening. He has also stated power outage houston txu that he will never attend such a men-only event again. [38] In response, opposition politicians, including the Shadow Secretary of State for Education, Angela Rayner, have called for Zahawi to step down from his position as Parliamentary Under-Secretary in the Department of Education as he did not report his concerns about unlawful behaviour at the event to the police and because he had attended the event before on several occasions. [39] [40] References [ edit ]