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I discovered this great organization by chance over 4 years ago (oh, maybe 5….time flies) and was drawn to its mission, that of helping winemakers achieve their dreams of creating their own vintages. I am all about achieving your dreams and helping others do so. I didn’t even care if the wine was so/so.

Let me say, I am fussy about my wine, so in my second shipment I had a bottle that simply did not seem right to me. I reviewed the wine on the Naked Wines website. I was kind, in fact saying perhaps it was a bad bottle, suffered on the journey, didn’t like my house, etc. Not a day later I received a call from customer service and a lovely woman apologized for the bottle and told me they were happy to replace it or send me something else, refund me…….I was stunned. They reached out to ME. I said there was no need. She was adamant. I have enjoyed every bottle since. It’s no wonder they have an award winning customer service team. Yes, there is an Oscar for that too….who knew? And they’ve consistently won it.

This was a little engine that could and is now fast becoming a bullet train. I am so happy to have stumbled upon it and enjoy not only the wine but interacting with the winemakers, one or two of which I have had the good fortune to visit in person, finding an infinite amount of information and help in groups on the site and oh, did I mention that there is a bottle each month that is a gift when you order 11? But there is no pressure to order monthly or ever. I was out of town and did not order for several months, until I returned home. Imagine how happy I was to be able to pick and choose and order a case of some new finds because my account was quite healthy, so to speak.

We’re so happy that you’ve enjoyed our wine & the convenience of receiving it at your doorstep and appreciate you supporting our independent winemakers for over a year – We’d love the opportunity to turn your 3 star experience into a 5 star experience!

It is true that in order to snag that gift bottle each month you need to purchase at least 11 other bottles (to make a case of 12) – I will say, the additional benefit to ordering a full case as opposed to just 6 bottles is that we also cover shipping when your case is $100 or more. So, if you order that 6 pack you’re also paying $9.99 for shipping in addition to the wine (which, as you know, is often the price of our bottles of wine).

Sometimes we under estimate how popular the gift bottle will be, and we end up running out sooner than we anticipated (so we urge Angels to snag that bottle ASAP to avoid disappointment!) – We do our best to replace that bottle with a bottle of equal value. If you’re ever unsatisfied with the gift bottle I encourage you to contact the Customer Happiness Team via phone or email ( 1-800-673-4728 / ) & they will swap it out with a bottle that’s a better fit for you!

Based on the details in your review, I’d say it’s safe for me to assume that you arrived to our site with a $100 off voucher & chose a discounted case to apply that voucher towards. In the description of that case, it mentions that you’ll be placed on a waitlist to become one of our Angel members – We never have any contacts or obligations, so you’re more than welcome to opt out of that waitlist or even the Angel program at anytime without repercussion.

Your order is sent directly to our warehouse, is dispatched right away & arrives at your doorstep within a matter of days – The 31 days mentioned was in regards to how long it takes to make your way through the waitlist & begin receiving your Angel benefits (like 40-60% off of each bottle on the site + a gift bottle each month).

I hope this clarifies things a bit & you decide to take advantage of that voucher whether or not you decide to stay on the Angel waitlist (of course, ultimately, we hope you’ll fall so in love with the bottles in your first case that you decide to give the Angels program a try)!

I got 12 bottles of red wine and am on the Angel waiting list. I only had one minor issue where they had to reschedule delivery – because law requires that any shipment of alcohol has to be signed for by an adult 21+. They have to have an adult there to sign for the shipment. BUt they were really good at rescheduling. Got good customer service from the people at NakedWines. Yes, this is wine club of sorts. You get on the Angel waiting list (which is pretty long – I’m still waiting to become an Angel 3 weeks later). When you become an angel your card or account is charged $40 a month. You can use this $40 credit to buy more wines at the special Angel price (which is around 50 to 60 percent below the regular prices). If you decide to leave the program they will refund any remaining credits. The support people I contacted were very nice. As to the wine – I opened my first bottle of red and it was really good. I can’t imagine any of the wines being as bad as they were made out to be. Also, there are lots of reviews and ratings of the wines so you can pick the best ones – but remember the better ones will cost a bit more and in some cases are already sold out. These wines are made by lots of small, custom wine makers all over the world and the selection is huge.

My experience first started with the shipment not showing up when they said they would, secondly one bottle was broke during shipment and when I called customer service they were very rude and did not offer to send out a new bottle or give me any type of an apology… simply said they would refund me $7… seven dollars for what they claim to he a bottle worth over $20.

Next, 5 of the 11 bottles they sent are PAST THE EXPIRATION DATE!! I received my shipment in November of 2017 and the bottles have dates clearly printed on them that expired at least 6 months prior to me getting it, and yes I tried them and they tasted awful!!! The other half of the case were undrinkable… even with no date present on the bottle you could taste that they were rotten. This was a COMPLETE WASTE OF MY MONEY!! I am a huge wine drinker and they could of had me as a very loyal customer but not fixing the first issue of the broken bottle AND sending me rotten wine is unacceptable!!! I wish your company would do the right thing… there has to be some kind of law against sending your paying customers expired wine. THANKS FOR NOTHING!!!!

I’m so sorry to hear that one of your bottles broke during transit! Unfortunately, once the wines leave our warehouse they are our of our hands and in the hands of the courier so we loose control – Regardless, we will always issue refunds for any damage to your bottles. The reason you received $7 for a $20 bottle is because you had a money-off voucher & a discounted case of wine, so that’s how much you ended spending for that specific bottle when all of the discounts are taken into account.

We guarantee ALL of our wine, so I will absolutely refund you for those bottles you didn’t enjoy, but rest assured – they were not expired! The great thing about wine is that you can open a bottle after years & years & still enjoy it (in fact, many wines are known to get better with age!) – Those numbers you see printed on the bottles are actually the date the wine was bottled.

I’d love the opportunity to refund you for the wines you didn’t enjoy & get a case better suited to your taste preferences headed your way, but I can’t locate your account with the information provided. Please pop an email over to me at with the email address you used to place your order & I’ll be sure to get this all sorted for you!