Nano medicines take aim at big diseases _ science news for students

Alzheimer’s disease An incurable brain disease that can cause confusion, mood changes and problems with memory, language, behavior and problem solving. Gas welder salary No cause or cure is known.

antioxidant Any of many chemicals that can shut down oxidation — a biologically damaging reaction. Electricity names superheroes They do this by donating an electron to a free radical (a reactive molecular fragment) without becoming unstable. Electric utility companies in california Many plant-based foods are good sources of natural antioxidants, including vitamins C and E.

control A part of an experiment where there is no change from normal conditions. Electricity and magnetism review sheet The control is essential to scientific experiments. Gas out It shows that any new effect is likely due only to the part of the test that a researcher has altered. Gas near me open now For example, if scientists were testing different types of fertilizer in a garden, they would want one section of it to remain unfertilized, as the control. Electricity kwh cost calculator Its area would show how plants in this garden grow under normal conditions. Types of electricity consumers And that give scientists something against which they can compare their experimental data.

diameter The length of a straight line that runs through the center of a circle or spherical object, starting at the edge on one side and ending at the edge on the far side.

engineer A person who uses science to solve problems. Gasbuddy nj As a verb, to engineer means to design a device, material or process that will solve some problem or unmet need.

free radical A charged molecule (typically highly reactive and short-lived) having one or more unpaired outer electrons. Gasbuddy It will attempt to steal electrons to make itself whole again through a process known as oxidation.

inflammation The body’s response to cellular injury and obesity; it often involves swelling, redness, heat and pain. Bp gas locations It is also an underlying feature responsible for the development and aggravation of many diseases, especially heart disease and diabetes.

infrared light A type of electromagnetic radiation invisible to the human eye. Gas stoichiometry examples The name incorporates a Latin term and means “below red.” Infrared light has wavelengths longer than those visible to humans. Gas bloating Other invisible wavelengths include X rays, radio waves and microwaves. Gsa 2016 pay scale It tends to record a hit signature of an object or environment.

micrometer (sometimes called a micron) One thousandth of a millimeter, or one millionth of a meter. Electricity video ks2 It’s also equivalent to a few one-hundred-thousandths of an inch.

molecule An electrically neutral group of atoms that represents the smallest possible amount of a chemical compound. La gastritis Molecules can be made of single types of atoms or of different types. Kushal gas agencies belgaum For example, the oxygen in the air is made of two oxygen atoms (O 2), but water is made of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom (H 2O).

nano- A prefix indicating a billionth. Gas hydrates energy In the metric system of measurements, it’s often used as an abbreviation to refer to objects that are a billionth of a meter long or in diameter.

neuron or nerve cell Any of the impulse-conducting cells that make up the brain, spinal column and nervous system. Gaslighting examples These specialized cells transmit information to other neurons in the form of electrical signals.

oxidation A process that involves one molecule’s theft of an electron from another. Static electricity online games The victim of that reaction is said to have been “ oxidized,” and the oxidizing agent (the thief) is “ reduced.” The oxidized molecule makes itself whole again by robbing an electron from another molecule. Electricity song billy elliot Oxidation reactions with molecules in living cells are so violent that they can cause cell death. Gaz 67b for sale Oxidation often involves oxygen atoms — but not always.

oxidative stress A condition in a living organism where more oxidative chemicals — broadly known as free radicals — are being formed or affecting cells than can be managed by the body’s antioxidant defense system. Static electricity how it works Some diseases or injuries increase the production of free radicals, leading to tissue damage.

polymer Substances whose molecules are made of long chains of repeating groups of atoms. Electricity jeopardy powerpoint Manufactured polymers include nylon, polyvinyl chloride (better known as PVC) and many types of plastics. Gas in babies at night Natural polymers include rubber, silk and cellulose (found in plants and used to make paper, for example).

quantum theory A way to describe the operation of matter and energy at the level of atoms. Grade 6 science electricity multiple choice test It is based on an interpretation that at this scale, energy and matter can be thought to behave as both particles and waves. Mp electricity bill payment jabalpur The idea is that on this very tiny scale, matter and energy are made up of what scientists refer to as quanta — miniscule amounts of electromagnetic energy.

quantum physics A branch of physics that uses quantum theory to explain or predict how a physical system will operate on the scale of atoms or sub-atomic particles.

surface area The area of some material’s surface. Nyc electricity cost In general, smaller materials and ones with rougher or more convoluted surfaces have a greater exterior surface area — per unit mass — than larger items or ones with smoother exteriors. Gas after eating salad That becomes important when chemical, biological or physical processes occur on a surface.

tissue culture The process of taking cells from a plant or animal, putting them in a nutrient bath and then adding plant hormones. Gas prices going up in michigan This stimulates the cells to develop. Electric utility companies charge customers for Plant tissue culture is commonly used to create clones, genetically identical plants.

ultrasound (adj. Electricity transmission costs ultrasonic) Sounds at frequencies above the range that can be detected by the human ear. Gas in back trapped Also the name given to a medical procedure that uses ultrasound to “see” within the body.

wavelength The distance between one peak and the next in a series of waves, or the distance between one trough and the next. Gas leak east los angeles Visible light — which, like all electromagnetic radiation, travels in waves — includes wavelengths between about 380 nanometers (violet) and about 740 nanometers (red). Gas bijoux nolita Radiation with wavelengths shorter than visible light includes gamma rays, X-rays and ultraviolet light. Electricity for dummies pdf Longer-wavelength radiation includes infrared light, microwaves and radio waves.