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I also have the same problem and I have spend a lot of money to remedy my long time battle for bad breath. First, it started with a rotten teeth smell that really sucks coz I am actually a back-up singer and my collegues would literally move away from me because of my terrible smell. So I tried Mints (that help for several minutes only) then I tried all kinds of mouthwashes from cheap to the most expensive one (it still didn’t solve the problem). And to my horror one morning I woke up and just thinking that I again would have to battle mingling with the crowd and choose not to speak because of my bad breath BUT lately I just realize that even without speaking they are still covering their nose. And I heard someone saying he smells like poofs! And one of my neice approach me and said "Tito why your nose smells like poofs?". And gosh! I ran back home and tried cleaning my nostrils and still no improvement! I go to work everyday and my boss and colleagues would not choose to sit beside me during meetings as I was doing a Project Management role. It really embarasses me as I am a very hygenic person and yet I have this terrible odor that I developed a year ago. It started from mouth bad breath then it elevated to Nose Odor. I had the thought of resigning from my Job as I can no longer take the mockery that my colleagues says to me whenever I overhear them saying "He is full of it" and would start to laugh! They also dont want to go with me during break time. I eat my lunch and dinner alone! I cried so many nights because of this curse! Because I almost tried everything including specialists and medications but noone and nothing solved my problem.

Until I have found a very effective cure from this site thru googling many hours: Organic Activated Charcoal is the answer! Take note not just an ordinary Activated Charcoal (Coz I tried that too and it only did a small development). It is a bit expensive but when I took the 14 capsules after my breakfast in one go and let it settle for 30 minutes in my stomach. I asked my neice if my nose still smells poofs. At first, she was hesistant because she knows how terrible the smell is! but she understand my pain after I explained that I was trying a medication called organic activated charcoal. And to her surprise and to my surprise she said "Tito the smell was gone! what did you do?"

I am regularly taking my 14 capsules as I believe this is because of indigestion that all food particles stucked in my stomach began to rot that caused it to smell like poofs or rotten flesh! And would need all of it to be flushed away from my digestive system.

Ei guys spread the word as I know how painful it is to suffer from this kind of disease. Below is the link for the Organic Activated Charcoal. Make sure you buy this one but you are free to try other brands but as I told you i tried the other activated charcoal and nothing worked!

I too have suffered from this awful depressing smell. It started about a week after four of my wisdom teeth got surgically removed. I was at work when it happen. I didn’t think anything of it at first. I had packing in three of my gums to help with my pain I had been having so I thought the smell was coming from that. Than It started to get worse and more frequent after a couple of days. After day three I knew something was wrong. I had been on PCN for a possible oral infection and pain meds. I immediately went to see my family Dr. who put me on Augmentin after hearing my symptoms. He said it sounds like a sinus infection. My symptoms were pressure headache, that radiates to my lower left jaw, and sinus pressure. I also bought myself some nedi pot rinses to help with cleaning my sinuses. I got this awful snot out of my nose after sitting over a pot of bowling steam water. I did thi for the next few days. I also went to see a ENT who scoped my sinuses, and said he thought I had a infection as well. He placed me on Solu-Medrol, and Afrin over the counter. I tried everything to get rid of the smell. I swabbed my nose with vinegar, alcohol, vodka, peroxide, and sanitizer. I thought it was working but I think it was in my mind. I even tried bowling water and placing Vicks rub in it and sitting over the pot. I got more snot out but the smell was there still. I tried the same thing with apple cidar vinegar no success. I almost used bleach but god wouldn’t let me. Its been six days now and the smell has seem to die down to like 92%. Each day I have done the neti pot atleast 3-4 times a day, and took my other meds. I also tried baking soda and salt, half a teaspoon each and placd in the nedi pot. It seem to help as well. I leaned my head back and let the water fill my sinuses. I think it may have been a sinus infection. This has been my first one. I think the antibiotics have done the trick if I had to narrow it to one thing. I hope this helps someone. I was very depressed and did not want to be around anyone. The smeel go so bad I had to go home early from work because people were giving me terrible looks.I have a great Fiance who kept my spirits up.