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My husband and I got some free tickets courtesy of a local hair salon’s annual promotion, to the Saturday Nascar Xfinity and power usage estimator Camping World Truck Series races on March 4th, 2017. All they cost was the ticket provider’s service fee of $10 for the pair. We had a wonderful time! I only have 2 negative observations: Firstly, the tickets I got online from the promotion, had a section, row and seat number on each. Nothing on those tickets corresponded to the seating chart on the track’s website (or anywhere else). Secondly, no word of a lie, we didn’t even have our vehicle parked in a parking space and vendors were knocking on our truck window trying to sell us stuff. That was a bit off-putting, but electricity formulas grade 9 we politely declined and they moved on to the next poor guy trying to park. As to the seating, once we entered the venue and asked an usher for directions, he pointed us to the general admission section in the middle lower portion of the Grandstand and said we could sit wherever we wanted to. Since we were a bit early, we scored excellent seats just before the start/finish line, at the top of that lower section. Prime seats! Excellent! In the higher-up and higher dollar sections there is an overhang and some shade, but not in that lower general admission section. So if you’re going on the cheap like we did, it pays to be prepared. Before going, I read a lot of reviews here, but didn’t find too many that were helpful for the first-timer, so I’m going gas 4 less manhattan ks to suggest a few things here that will make the trip more enjoyable. We just went for the day. Some go for the whole weekend and camp. (Maybe next year!) I’ve seen it mentioned that parking is far. It can be. Being that we went gas near me open now on the quieter day, parking was reasonably close to the venue. We did see golf cart shuttles, and I’ve read they are available, so that’s an option if you’re stuck parking a long way away. I watched today’s race on TV and the place was packed, when we went there was a decent crowd but nowhere near the numbers for the main event on Sunday. Be prepared for changing temperatures as the day goes on, particularly in March. For this I am really glad we were prepared because it could have been a deal-breaker. It was a cool day – 60F was the forecast, and not a cloud gas x coupon 2014 in the sky. The Grandstand is a sun trap. It was HOT. Fortunately we dressed in layers and I suggest that everyone do the same. Bring sunscreen and reapply it. I had SPF 50 because I fry like nobody’s business and that worked well, I reapplied it a few times over the course of several hours. When we arrived it was cool still and we had jackets on, by 3:00 we were roasting, and by 6:00 PM we had our jackets back on again. One can go ‘inside/under’ the grandstand into the concession area and it’s markedly cooler during the heat of the day. I did that a couple of times. I also soaked a bandana in water and put it around my neck to help cool off. Wear a hat. I saw a lot of people who are electricity in the body going to have painful scalps today. Wear ear protection. It’s LOUD. Soft sided coolers 14x14x14 or smaller are permitted. No glass containers. Coolers are checked as fans enter the venue. Beer in cans or aluminum bottles is OK except in designated areas. I did not see any of those designated areas. Bring lots of beverages to keep hydrated. We brought snacks too. I also carried wet wipes, a bag for trash, napkins, straws, all of which came in handy. I also electricity invented timeline brought a couple of tote bags. They folded up in our coolers’ side pockets when not in use, and as we peeled off the layers of jackets, sweaters etc., we had something to put them in, along with the odds and ends picked up at the various vendor booths and such. Stadium seats or cushions are a MUST. The seats are aluminum benches with back rests and they are unforgiving. We brought our stadium seats and were quite comfortable. We bought hamburgers and a corn dog at the concession. They were OK – and expensive, as is typical at such a venue. There are many choices gas smoker recipes at the concessions inside the venue and in the fan zone just outside the venue. The nice thing is that fans can bring their own refreshments, so if you’re there for the day you aren’t required to buy their fare if you want to eat or drink. Not too many venues allow that anymore. Smoking is not allowed in the Grandstand year 6 electricity assessment, but is permitted in the concession areas and other areas of the venue, so if smoke bothers you – you’ve been warned. Umbrellas are not permitted. If there’s a risk of rain, bring a rain slicker or one of those disposable ponchos. We thoroughly enjoyed our day at the races, and we look forward to next year!