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I have finally received the proof I need to completely destroy the lie that I am, or have ever been, a ‘neo-nazi,’ ‘neo-fascist’ or ‘racist’. The American academic, Ryan Shaffer, was kind enough to send me a copy of his Palgrave Macmillan book on post-war British Fascism, which includes a discussion of the 1980s National Front (NF) of which I was part some thirty years ago and more. Although the book is now priced in the region of £80 to £100 and aimed chiefly at university libraries, I have photographed some of the pages that refer to me directly. gas knife Page 130, for example, reveals that I was openly talking about "Nazi-type filth" as early as the mid-1980s when I first joined the organisation on account of its radical economic policies and that on account of "praising blacks" our group was being denounced as "communist" by the fascists that had been purged from our ranks. On Page 136, which deals with 1988, you can see that I was highlighting our links "with peoples of different races" and, on Page 137, promoting the political, social and economic ideas of Qathafi’s Green Book. At the foot of Page 180 I am mentioned as being among the founders of the International Third Position (ITP) and, in the final sentence of Page 181 – continuing onto Page 182 – eventually condemning the ITP for being "fascist at its very core". In fact it was me who engineered a major split in their ranks and led 75% of the membership into the newly-formed English Nationalist Movement (ENM) in September 1992. electricity history in india The ENM itself was staunchly anti-fascist and promoted William Cobbett, Robert Owen, William Morris, Bob Blatchford and Otto Strasser. At the very bottom of Page 182 I am seen attacking Italian fascist Roberto Fiore for his notorious capitalist business activities. Contemporary National-Anarchism also gets a mention on Page 183, but not in the context of being ‘fascistic’ or ‘neo-nazi’.

3. gas variables pogil extension questions It is claimed that I "joined the NF due to the same concentrated effort that he now denies as existing at all." This relates to the fact that I was a skinhead at the time I first became involved with nationalist politics, but of course, he completely neglects to mention that I was heavily into Ska and Reggae music and was not the kind of skinhead who enjoyed sieg-heiling out of car windows through Brixton. Ross also fails to mention that the NF expelled racist skinheads associated with the Blood & Honour movement and set up a musical alternative that was devoid of fascism and neo-Nazism. Success was limited, which is why the NF then tried to recruit from Folk circles. Attempting to recruit skinheads, however, should not imply that the NF I belonged to was interested in recruiting Nazi boneheads. Or at least not without trying to educate them and turn them away from such views altogether. Skinhead subculture, remember, even that which is anti-fascist, is nonetheless viewed as a bastion of patriotism and that is what the NF was trying to cultivate. j gastroenterol hepatol impact factor Just as the communists had made an attempt to recruit English youth by way of the punk genre in the late-1970s.

8. One thing that I find curious is the manner in which Ross tries to ingratiate himself with more informed researchers of fascism like Anton Shekhovtsov, Roger Griffin, Tamir Bar-On and Graham Macklin, all four of whom have corresponded with me in respectful, cordial terms. gsa 2016 new orleans One of these men also found the first attack on me by Ross to be perfectly ridiculous, although I prefer to keep our academically inferior friend guessing as to who it might be.

10. Elsewhere, Ross alleges that "Southgate set up the ‘New Right’ (NR) group in England in the mid-2000s, cloaking his ideology in some antiracist and antifascist rhetoric in attempts to disseminate in a more-or-less antiracist context." Apart from the confusingly repetitive nature of this rather bizarre statement, the New Right was established as a way for me to feed National-Anarchist ideas into the British Far Right. The same kind of entryism, if you will, that Ross only imagines takes place in relation to the Left. Furthermore, to connect me with figures such as Gaston Bergery and Alexandre Marc is also very strange given that I have never made reference to either of them in over thirty years of political involvement.

Just recently Antifa put up posters around the Sydney area which state that certain suburbs are “Racist Free Zones”, and that they are controlling the areas to make sure that this is so. One doesn’t have to imagine what would happen if a so-called Nazi fell into their hands… This action of claiming areas and declaring them Antifa-controlled zones is nothing new; it has been happening all over Europe and America since the 1970’s. Now, taking a look at Islamic State and their fighters, one can see that they are doing exactly the same thing, just on a bigger scale and with more brutality. The ISIS controlled areas in the Middle East are spreading, and anything and everything that doesn’t fit into their way of thinking is destroyed or killed. gas city indiana zip code In principle, what ISIS and Antifa are promoting and practising is exactly the same! These are just two of the many similarities between the two groups. While the ISIS is a recent development, Antifa has been around for much longer. But both are intolerant and fanatical in their beliefs to a point where they do not hesitate to harm or even kill people, and destroy symbols and property that they deem to be against their faith. One might argue that ISIS is more dangerous and violent than Antifa; I argue that it not the scale that matters, but the thoughts and actions of these two groups.