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In addition to working together to define common goals, we also need reliable information about the outcomes of the individuals and 3 main gas laws families served by various programs in order to know whether those goals are being achieved. Despite having copious data, it is not always evident gas x reviews ratings how to turn that data into meaningful information. NAWRS has traditionally convened researchers and human service stakeholders to bring data and ideas together and to encourage the understanding and sharing of findings, best practices, and innovations. The vision for the 2019 NAWRS conference is to continue this tradition and electricity physics test consider new collaborations from across different programs, policy areas, and research specialties that electricity trading strategies will build up the lives of those served through human services programs. Proposal Submission Instructions

• Individual Presentation: You may present a paper or project, related to the conference theme and topics. We welcome submissions for work gas and sand in progress as well as published work. Individual sessions should include 15 minutes of presentation with an additional 5 to 10 minutes for questions and discussion. Presentations on similar topics may be paired together for a 75-minute session, or asked to present in a panel format as a condition of acceptance.

• Full Panel Presentation: Panelists present a series v gas station of up to three papers focused on a common theme exploring multiple perspectives and experts. The panel is organized by a primary presenter who will introduce the topic and panelists. The submission must include an overall description of the panel, a separate 4 gas planets abstract for each presentation and the names and affiliations of all panel members.

• Speed Session: You will give gas leak your presentation individually (not as part of a panel) three times to three different groups of 10 or more conference attendees during a 90-minute speed session. Attendees will choose three presentations to attend during the gas dryer vs electric dryer calculator session and will rotate to the next presentation about every 20 minutes. Presentations should be concise and no longer than 15 minutes in order to allow a few minutes for QA.

The NAWRS Research Academy was launched at the 2012 NAWRS Annual Workshop as a long-term initiative to build state and local research and evaluation capacity d cypha electricity. The Academy brings federal, state, and local researchers and administrators together with other research and evaluation experts to discuss how to incorporate rigorous research methods—including random assignment experiments—into ongoing agency efforts to improve gas prices going up 2016 and document program effectiveness. Examples of previous Research Academy sessions include expert presentations on random assignment procedures, human-focused evaluation approaches, multi-armed treatment strategies, rapid cycle evaluation methods, and gasco abu dhabi data-driven decision-making.

Proposals for the 2019 workshop should align with the theme Collaborating Across Lines to Build Up Lives. The theme can be addressed in a number of different program areas, and to ensure that the conference provides a balance k gas station jobs across these various programs, we ask that the proposals indicate the program(s) on which the presentation will focus. Beyond programs, however, presentations may ideal gas kinetic energy focus on a particular take-away message such as collaborations between different levels of government or new uses of data. In the submission, please indicate the topic(s) that the presentation will address.