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Whether you require a sign for new construction or an upgrade to an existing structure, Kieffer|Starlite can manage your entire project from design to installation. Our national sign company can offer a complete array of business signs, retail signs, as well as company signs. We will ensure that you obtain the most cost-effective solution to promote your brand, image and message.

When you choose Kieffer|Starlite for your national sign identity solutions, you will be working with one of the leading national sign companies in the country. We take pride in working together with our customers. Our company manufactures quality signs while completing each job on schedule as well as within budget. As our company continues to adjust our techniques, services and products to meet the ever-changing world of market demand and modern technology, we will never alter our dedication to quality and customer service.

A great sign makes a powerful first impression. Just think about signs that instantly come to mind. Whether it is the color, and innovative design, or some other feature, there is an eye-catching element that instantly communicates a message and connects with a potential customer.

Many options are available when it comes to designing and manufacturing a sign for your business, so many so that it may be a challenge to consider them all. Signs can be LED lighting, illuminated cabinets, channel lettering, flat cut out letters, frosted vinyl, window graphics and more. How do you know which sign is right for you?

That is when you should call professionals. Sign companies will offer you a complete array of services, from design, manufacturing, installation, and retrofitting, to maintenance. For the best results, you want one company with the experience to do it all.

Kieffer|Starlite provides you with quality products and customer service. As you begin your sign development journey, you will work with our award winning design team. Our sign company team goes beyond creative, and their talents as experienced designers and engineering pros are what make Kieffer signs outstanding.

If you are having trouble reaching your market, or feel as if you need a complete sign or logo re-design, we will handle that for you as well. Our consulting teams will work with you to come up with the optimal sign design that matches the image you want to convey. Branding your business is a big deal. Once people know who you are, they will want to do business with you not just once, but over and over again. Every time they see your sign, they will know what to expect.

You want only the very best in creative minds and talented people, who can cite a vision for you and your business that you may have not thought of before. Experienced design and engineering professionals who have done this many times before are on-hand and ready to help you redefine your business with a new sign.

It is of the utmost importance to take your vision and distinct ideas and transform them into notable, marketable representations of who you are and what your business stands for. You cannot do that with just any sign company. You will need to work with a company that can take your ideas and messages and convey them in a graphically appealing and memorable way.

There are many things to think about when marketing your business. Creating a new or re-designed sign can really make the difference. Product design at Kieffer|Starlite does not stop when the sign is made. Extensive quality control measures will see you through right to the culmination, where your sign goes up for all to see.

Is your current sign damaged? If you are searching for sign companies to help, look no further. Our team can handle sign maintenance that will have your sign looking like new again. One of the best parts about working with Kieffer|Starlite is that if your sign is under warranty, and if anything happens, we repair it for free.

When it comes to top quality in the A to Z of signs, from design to manufacturing to maintenance and repairs, there is only one company to look for, Kieffer|Starlite. With our experience, our track record, and a long list of satisfied customers, our sign manufacturers are here to help you develop or transform the most visual element of your business.