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Directions to get out of the port can be a little confusing, but that isn’t there fault – its more the cruise ports fault as they don gas 76 station’t mark the exit very well. Don’t let the fact that you have to walk to the office scare you. Its a very short walk and we never felt threatened once. I was traveling with my wife, teen son and 9 year old son. There are cab’s available, but honestly save your money – its a very short walk. Check in was quick and easy. We were loaded into a nice clean van with a cooler of complimentary bottled water. Our guide, Manuel was very nice and informative. As we traveled to the Blue Lagoon he gave us information about the town and surrounding areas. The livelihoods, etc. In Pineapple town, we stopped and bought a bag of pineapple electricity balloon experiment that was super sweet and delicious! It comes with a small bag of seasoning that is made from habanero’s that you sprinklie on the pineapple – its delicious and no, it isn’t hot, just a tad spicy! We turned down a dirt road that went for several miles passing tons of pineapple farms and eventually came upon a beautiful resort area. We had this place to ourselves and it was every bit as it was described. Stunning. The freshwater lake is as clear as the Caribbean waters and very refreshing. We saw tons of fish and snails and played in the water, laid on the hammock, went down the slide, and lounged on the future beach. We took a kayaking power outage houston reliant tour around the lake that went into the mangroves. It was beautiful. Lunch was included and was very good! Home made tortillas, chicken, beans, rice and margaritas! Open Bar included. This trip was amazing.

At $75 per person, including a home gasket t 1995 cooked super lunch, this experience must surely be the very best, most engaging, exciting thing to do when your ship docks at Costa Maya. Book online ahead of time by making a $15 pp deposit through paypal (no account necessary, just use your credit card) and bring CASH to pay the remainder. Joel (HOY–EL) guided our group of 13 who had booked the Mayan Experience individually. We met at the Native Choice office, a very short 4 blocks from the cruise dock, and were handed ice cold bottles of Kirkland water (from Costco in Cancun. Hilarious. And very welcome.) We were driven to the Chocchoben (CHOCK–CHO-BEN) ruins in a beautifully air conditioned very new Mercedes 3 gas laws van by the very competent and pleasant Pedro who also hauled more ice cold Kirkland water to the upper level temples for us. Joel is a Mayan, and spoke knowledgeably and engagingly about his culture, both past and present. On the way to Chocchoben we stopped along the roadside to engage in some commerce with the ladies selling pineapple from roadside stands. (A bag of delicious, sweet pineapple and a little chili powder to sprinkle on top was $1.)Bring $1 bills with you. What a marvelous experience and terrific value. The temple site has very serviceable restrooms, a snack shop, and a commercial area for souvenirs. The sight itself gas constant for helium is absolutely marvelous–the temples are spectacular and the jungle is gorgeous. A spider monkey was swinging in the trees just below the sun temple. After sightseeing, we drove to the dirt road village of Chocchoben and were served a fabulous lunch by 5 Mayan ladies. They helped us to make tortillas, and served spectacular food–chicken, salsa, rice, beans, delicious veggies seasoned beautifully, and dark purple hibiscus juice and skewered fruit, including the sweetest jicama I have ever tasted. We returned to the port well in advance of the ship’s sailing. This is an excellent, thrilling, and gas refrigerator not cooling highlight experience.

My friend and I were on the Norwegian Star ship and had our hearts set on doing a Mayan Ruins tour while in port…. after doing much research, we chose Dzibanche/Kinichna because of reports that there wouldn’t be busloads of other tourists there, and because you can still climb the temples at this site gas x directions. We booked the tour directly with The Native Choice, which was significantly cheaper than if we had booked it through NCL….. though we had to pay the tour cost balance in cash when we arrived, which we knew would be the case. The Native Choice office was only a short walk away from the port at Mahahual (Costa Maya) and was easy to find. There were hoards of tourists there, boarding various tour vans/buses. The Native Choice staff, however, were pleasant and very organized. They have a small (affordable) gift shop and clean bathrooms. As we watched busloads of others shove-off to other destinations….. our small group of 10 climbed aboard an air-conditioned van with Casey, our tour guide, and Edgar, our driver. The 2-hour drive to Dzibanche was informative and interesting as Casey explained Mayan culture and history and kept us all engaged. She grade 9 electricity review was a plethora of knowledge. We watched the landscape change as we drove from flat marshy savannah into the outskirts of the Yucatan jungle, passing remote villages, with a stop for restrooms and fuel. The poverty of the area was palpable and trash was seen everywhere, we presumed perpetrated by locals who seem to have no respect for their own environment (or just very poor or non-existent disposal/recycling facilities). There gas upper stomach were also a lot of sad dogs and cats in the villages. After two hours, turning off main roads we ended up on packed dirt ones too small to accommodate anything much larger than our van. That was fine with us, and the point of choosing this particular wd gaster website excursion…… no hoards of tourists ! There are bathroom facilities near Dzibanche headquarters and no vendors to sell you crap you don’t want or need. We were fortunate to find only one other group of about 20 persons at the ruin site, following a short and manageable walk into the property from the parking lot. Casey imparted her vast knowledge of Mayan culture and history as we strolled the areas of the complex, and kept our small group moving along. There was time to enjoy the beautiful jungle scenery, and to climb the temple at Dzibanche, take photographs and rest a bit. We saw spider monkeys, and saw and HEARD howler monkeys in the jungle canopy! Then it was back in the van for a short jaunt over to the nearby Kinichna site, where we did more of the same. This was a wonderful tour. We definitely had to observe youtube electricity time constraints to get everyone back to their respective ships on time, and that was no problem as Casey kept track of this. We were even offered bottled water gas definition state of matter, cans of soft drink and a sandwich and snack lunch as part of this. Edgar was a taciturn man, but an excellent driver who got us through a couple of heavy downpours on the way home, and though he drove fast, safety seemed to be a primary concern. Only at one point did the air in the van get uncomfortably warm, as some prima donnas in our group insisted the air be turned off toward the end of the trip. We would recommend The Native Choice and this tour when visiting Mahahual, despite the very long drive.