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General Manager Bob Weber announced Legends restaurant won Best Presentation and Best Overall at the Taste of Crossville event on May 21. The restaurant also has a new menu. Weber also announced Neil Archibald will take over as the new director of food and beverage beginning June 29. In addition, the club has entered into contract with a new ice cream shop that will operate in the old Glade Cafe area of the Community and Conference Center over the summer. "Oh Fudge" is expected to open in June and will specialize in hot fudge sundaes.

Cathy Tipton updated the club on the election committee’s activities. The committee has reviewed and finalized this year’s election timeline and the members’ duties, as well as met with the ballot printer and CPA firm. Applications for the pending board of director positions will be available through June 19. Candidate night has been tentatively scheduled for Aug. 3 at the Community and Conference Center from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The committee has also discussed the possibility of holding online elections and has urged the board to consider forming a committee to further research the subject for implementation in 2016. According to Tipton, possible advantages of conducting online elections include the economic savings associated with printing and mailing ballots, increased voter participation, member convenience and fewer disqualified ballots. Of course, the median age in Fairfield Glade is 67-years-old; not all of the members are comfortable using computers. However, the committee also suggested holding mock elections online in order to work out any kinks.

John Conrad reported for the trails committee. Conrad hopes to have the Catoosa Blvd. sidewalk paved from Kingsboro Ln. up to Rotherham Dr. within the next couple of months, which would connect all the trails in the northern area of the community near Good Samaritan Society.

Conrad also reported the Stonehenge Trail connecting Heatherhurst Golf Course to Druid Hills is open and ready for use. The newest trail under construction is the Fairfield Forest Trail, which starts at the Public Safety Building, traces along Peavine Rd., goes south of Snead Dr., and will eventually become a five-mile route.

Pedestrians and bicyclists using the golf courses’ cart paths during operating hours have begun to pose problems. The board would like to remind residents and guests they should not be walking on the golf course during operating hours, which are generally from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. This rule is both for safety concerns and as a courtesy to golfers.

The club continues to feel the effects of the ice storm and is currently trying to get reimbursements from their insurance company for grinder pumps and golf course cleanup. Storm cleanup still continues, with the focus on road right-of-ways.

Gover reported that representatives from the Federal Emergency Management Agency have toured Fairfield Glade, but there is still no indication of how much funding the community will receive to offset the $312,000 in damage expenses incurred throughout the February ice storm and cleanup operations. Fairfield Glade cannot receive direct funding from the federal government because it is not an incorporated community. Any relief monies will be dispersed through the county and will only cover road right-of-way cleanup.

Golf continues to perform under budget this year, servicing 28,000 players to date compared to 31,000 in 2014. Rounds for April were about 16,000 18-hole round equivalents, which was 600 rounds less than last year. Year-to-date rounds are around 27,000, which is 2,700 under budget and 2,500 less than 2014.

Under new business, the property standards committee issued revised guidelines, which will be available for member review on the community club website for a period of 30 days. The board passed three appropriation requests, including $47,600 for 2015 IT upgrades, $57,000 for the Heatherhurst sewer pump station upgrade and $50,000 for a paved walking path.