Natural ways to increase blood supply to the penis new health guide electricity year 6


Many men always strive to make their partners happy, at least sexually. When a man is not naturally able to achieve this goal, he can seek pills from a drugs’ store for enhancement purposes. In order to avoid possible side effects from such pills, you should choose simple solutions for you to be firm for a long time. These simple ways ensure that your heart is able to pump blood for a long time whenever your brain sends the signal for you to be firm. How to Increase Blood Flow to Penis 1. Exercise Regularly

When you exercise regularly for at least half an hour every day, then your heart will be quite healthy. Some of the cardiovascular exercises that you could consider taking part in include running and swimming. Consequently, your libido and bedroom performance will improve a great deal. Moreover, your partner will appreciate the better looking man you will become due to lost weight and toned body. 2. Eat Right

Stress lowers libido levels. It also negatively makes your heart rate go higher, which leads to a higher blood pressure consequently reducing performance levels as well as desire for sex. However, it is not all doom and gloom because of stress. You can manage your stress by exercising, and discussing the stressing issue with your soul mate. By managing stress, you will also avoid some associated habits that could harm your sexual life. Such habits include tobacco smoking and intake of alcoholic beverages. 4. Enjoy the Sunshine

A hormone called melatonin makes people fall sound asleep. Unfortunately, it also lowers desire for sex. Therefore, it is important to keep melatonin levels at a minimum by simply getting out and about in the sun. It is especially important to get some sun during winter. This way, you will reduce melatonin and increase your sex hunger. 5. Uhm…Get Some Practice

For one reason or another, you might find that you are not lasting as long as you would like to in bed. You can improve this situation by taking part in some exercise. Sex is a great form of exercise and the more you get the better. Another way to improve longevity is by masturbating. The masturbations should be slow and should last as a long as possible as you train for the real deal in bed. 6. Massage

Massage is a perfect example on how to increase blood flow to penis. When you massage your penis and the area around it, more blood circulation to this area will improve. Repetitive daily massage makes you have more sexual energy and this will definitely improve your sex life. One thing to note is that the massage should not be hurried. It should be at a comfortable pace for a long time. 7. Avoid Alcohol, Tobacco & Drugs

Drugs have negative effects to the body. For instance, tobacco reduces the efficiency of blood flow by constricting blood vessels. This way a person who smokes tobacco is not able to reach his erection potential like a non-smoker. It is also important to note that even prescribed medicine can have its toll on your sexual health. If you can, use herbal drugs; but it would be important to discuss this thought with a doctor before actually doing it. As you find out how to increase blood flow to penis, start by quitting alcohol and tobacco use. 8. Try Herbal Remedies

• Ginseng is a Chinese herb that has been in use for ages in the treatment of erectile dysfunctions. Research shows that using ginseng is a sure answer to how to increase blood flow to the penis and hence making someone get to full erectile potential and stay erect for longer. Actually, men who have tried it have testified to having more libido and harder erections.

• Yohimbe is an herb that solves problems of low blood pressure and stimulates the brain to produce more dopamine, which is a chemical product that leads to the after-orgasm feeling. You can take the herb in a beverage such as tea or as a supplement.

• Gingko : If you have been looking for a solution on how to increase blood flow in your body or penis, then you can find it in gingko. This herb can help to increase blood circulation throughout the whole body, thereby reducing the chances of suffering a heart attack as well as enabling a longer erection. Besides, the relaxed muscles around penis as an effect of using gingko also prove helpful.

A single weakness can cause you sleepless nights as you search for a solution. However, supplements such as ginseng and vitamin B12 can help you solve such weakness with ease. These supplements not only make you stronger but they also make you more confident, and hence a healthier sexual life.