Navy activities are worth questioning letters to editor gas 76

What an incredible shame it is for good citizens today to find themselves at the end of personal and mean attacks by members of our military, particularly when citizens are pointing out facts – not fake news or made up stories. It is a fact that, #1: the Navy has increased use of its Growlers to fly over the entire Olympic Peninsula; #2: the Environmental Impact Statements have left a lot of information either vague or totally out of the equation; #3: the noise levels of the Growlers far exceed those of its predecessor, the Prowlers; #4: the quantity of Growlers ordered far exceed the original numbers quoted at the public presentations the Navy has held; #5: the over 4,000 comments by the public opposing flights over the Olympic Peninsula are not made up; #6: the Navy has not taken into consideration the human health factor, never mind the birds, wildlife and environmental factors being affected by the increased number of flights and noise levels; and #7: the citizens who have spent years researching data, speaking with elected officials, with corresponding government agencies, and with Navy personnel are now being targeted by members of the military who, apparently, consider themselves above the law and free to disparage the character of these folks. Well, please allow me to say that attacks "a la Trump" are not very complimentary to those members of the military because, after all, I am certain no military personnel would wish to be tagged as short-sighted, narrow-minded, and bigoted simpletons. Instead, I am certain they feel very proud to be allowed to be serving in the military – because that is a privilege many people are not able to experience. And I’m also certain they are proud to be part of the elite members of the military who can proudly defend our country and its citizens for retaining all our freedoms – not attack any of us for speaking our minds when we recognize deficiencies with detrimental effects. Training of our pilots and our entire military is of absolute necessity – no doubt about it. However, what many of us have been trying to put across is the fact that the military already owns hundreds of thousands of acres nationwide and we are urging the Navy to use those areas instead of flying over our National Park, forests, and towns on the Olympic Peninsula. The Navy has always claimed, and I have always believed it, to be good neighbors. It is now a great chance to prove it by listening to us and move its flight training elsewhere where such detrimental effects have little or no impact.

If you read the web string following Ms. Sullivan’s March 14 letter, you’ll see that two of her posts were edited by the webmaster, and even with editing she referred to me as a "troll" and "enraged gorilla" for my having the unmitigated temerity to ask for her sources.

I was one of the 4000 who wrote asking for no flying over the Olympics, but I lost. One of the reasons we lost, I believe, is that many unfounded points have been pushed by the "antis". For instance, there is absolutely zero supersonic flight allowed anywhere near the Olympics, yet many complained about it. Ms. Sullivan insists upon arguments that are belied by basic study or history, such as the A-12 being the reason for 3 extra Growlers or needing 8600′ for safe FCLPs, even though an entire appendix in the EIS looks at 5000′ alternative airfields for FCLPs. Also, your point that Growlers are louder than Prowlers is undercut by direct noise measurements. An adjudicating authority reading some of these complaints must have just shaken his or her head. It is tough to take valid points seriously if they are surrounded by manure.

Your use of images of recent aircraft crashes where Navy aviators have given their lives (Key West) is vile and disgusting. The publication of these images on your anti-Navy website in an effort to terrorize inhabitants of Puget Sound communities must stop. You should be ashamed of yourself and should publically apologize for the pain you are causing the Navy family. The practice of politicizing tragic loss is particularly disgraceful since you routinely advertise the hypocritical notion that you “support the troops”. No one is fooled. Until these contemptible tactics stop, you and your organization should be shunned as bullies and local media editors should revisit their journalistic ethics before supporting your opinions in public forums. You should not be allowed to peddle contemptible material on your organization’s website while attempting to deceive the public by portraying a softer, gentler face in public. Civility is lost when bullies like you peddle the tragic loss of loved ones for the express purpose of scaring others.