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The Eastern Conference Finals of the 2018 NBA Playoffs have not gone the way most imagined they would. The Boston Celtics have opened up a two-game lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers, winning Games 1 and 2 at home both by double digits. The action now heads to Cleveland, where the Cavs will be desperate to turn the series around and avoid an 0-3 hole that no playoff team has ever been able to claw out of in 130 tries.

Oddsmakers are expecting Cleveland to pick up its first win of the ECF on Saturday, installing the squad as a six-point favorite over the C’s. Boston is now favored in the series, however, after being a longshot before the first contest and still a slight underdog in the wake of its 25-point Game 1 victory. Now that the Celtics have strung together two “W”s and have firm control of the series, Vegas shifted the series line to BOS -225, CLE +190, which means bettors would have to risk $2.25 to win $1 on Boston advancing to the NBA Finals, while Cleveland backers would return $1.90 for each $1 wagered.

For those looking for tips on betting Game 3, you’ve come to the right place. Jon Price of has provided his take on Saturday’s matchup, which you can find below. Before getting to the pro handicapper’s predictions, take a look at the full schedule, start time, TV channel, live stream and more for the upcoming Cavs-Celtics battle. You can also check out the updated NBA Playoff bracket, tweets, quotes and more.

I think in terms of physicality, it’s not just barking and chirping. I think it’s just making it tough, pressuring the guards 94 feet. When the bigs have it, ball pressure them, too. (Al) Horford and (Aron) Baynes, they like to run a lot of their offense, get the offense going. Try to pressure them, have them start running their halfcourt sets at 15 (seconds), 16 instead of at 20. Those are ways that you can pick up the physicality. This is a team that’s going to play hard. They showed it the first two games, and we’ve got to be able to respond, especially at home.

We haven’t played well. We know that and understand that. We understand that other teams see that and try to exploit it. But that’s the beauty about this game. It just takes one game. You never know. Things change. Our confidence is high. Who knows? [In the opening round against Milwaukee] we took a punch in the mouth right when guys came out and they surprised us a little bit. We can’t afford to be surprised this time around. … We’re just trying to make it as hard as we can on those guys for them to win a game and for us to execute whatever plan [head coach Brad Stevens] has for us.’

We have to ramp it up. We’re playing too slow. We’re making Bron play hero ball, which is tough to do, especially in the Eastern Conference finals. We got to help him. With that said, we have to give him an opportunity to make him feel confident to give us the ball so we can make the right plays. We got to help him, and he’s got to help us.

I have taken advantage of going over there on a number of occasions, whether it’s sitting through OTAs, or practices, or meetings… whatever the case may be. And I got to know Josh (McDaniels) really well. Josh was kind of my conduit in there. I’ve watched him go through all the quarterback work, and the stuff that they do on the offensive side of the ball. To get a chance to spend time over there has been really helpful.

Their culture, the way that they move from drill to drill, how they pull together, how connected they are… it’s special. And it does not happen everywhere. The one thing that the Patriots have always been great about is that they don’t beat themselves. And, you know, they pride themselves on that.