Nearly all the news articles on quora being liberal and anti-trump propaganda, has quora become unreadable for conservatives – quora 2015 electricity prices


I read Marx when I was 15 as preparation for a military career. My sister had given me Atlas Shrugged to read, because she had some interesting ideas, but I got to the part where James Galt is having lunch, unwares, with John Galt and I got bored and read Captial instead.

The point is that it isn’t their style of conservative argument or prose, but the utter rot of their ideas. Rand uses words in very peculiar ways that reflect the estoteric nature of her system of thought, such as it is. It is very Orwellian in that she will use a term like “greed” to be synonymous with “virtue”. Now, as a thought experiment, the theme of her essay “The Virtue of Selfishness” , is a useful process of sef-evaluation: why do we act and what are the illusions we harbor as to our intellectual integrity and personal stewardship, which Rand conflates with her particular definition of “selfishness”.

Now, as far as it goes as a thought experiment, that a useful meditation but to go into the world and conduct commerce on the basis of that particular conflation of virtue and sinfulness creates the sort of moral confusion that is an incubator, if not a first party generator, for the successful application of the agitprop tactics employed against Clinton in the last election and the continuing proliferation of dialectical dysfunction imported by Russian bots in support of Trump.

The thing is that this agitprop creates a lot of spiritual pollution in the collective unconscious. Agitprop is designed to disable a society by amplifying polarization unnaturally by hate-mongering and alienation by fear-mongering. Agitprop, thy name is Newt Gingrich, the House Freedom Caucus and virtually any elected white male Evangelica with an (R) behind his name. Agitprop makes it easy for the GOP’s Deep State to move around and do business like you are seeing in action in the relationship between Trump and Cohen or de Genova. So, the sort of constant berating by Trump is really just a reflection of the Republican Noise Machine as an instrument of the GOP Deep State since 1981. Trump and Bolton are trying to get a war started using the same playbook Cheney and Bill Kristol employed to invade Iraq, but a difference is, we have Colin Powell’s humiliation at the United Nations to damper the flame for war in the popular enthusiasm.

I’ll be honest, I see a lot from both sides that could, if I bothered to pay it much mind, be hard to read. I get it. I see troll posts spewing PRO Trump propaganda, and most of the liberal posts attacking Trump are honestly far more intelligent. I of course also see plenty of liberal propaganda, but if Trump is, for whatever reason, your standard for conservatism, then you’ve already lost me.

Furthermore, if you are talking about ads, as Quora is not a news station, then I don’t know what that has to do with Quora. You are likely to see ads based on who pays for the ads to Quora, which has nothing to do with what content Quora users post, or you are likely to see ads based on what generates clicks, and therefore may be (ironically) based on what algorithms think is most likely to trigger you.

But yeah, I still think Quora is reasonably readable for most reasonable, discerning independents or non extreme conservatives or liberals. I still see a lot of low quality questions and answers propping up conservative and liberal propaganda, as well as Trump propaganda (which is really it’s own entity), but it’s easy for any reasonable person to know those are not actually good representations of any political view. I downvote and move on. A lot of people, unfortunately, choose to answer, either seriously or sarcastically.

Heck, I’ve even seen some good points made about Trump and some things he has done decently (beyond just play the game well enough to get elected). But the key is those people are not just Trump parrots who refuse to admit that Trump has ever made a mistake and that anything not glowingly effusive about Trump is “propaganda”.

I’ve been online since the early 90s; over the years I have chatted with thousands of people, of all “stripes.” And what became apparent to me early on is that the plastic box before you attracts people who generally fall into one of but only a half dozen categories. That’s right, they can be categorized.

Just to give you an example, most of those who engage in the one-sided conversational dialogue of a forum, in typical first-person manner, do in fact utilize a “box.” They’re not typically those who prefer to use tablets or cells to converse. That said, there are advantages to forum-based conversation, there is endless time to formulate and articulate opinion, and no one interrupts while we speak.

But likewise I realized there were many that social media does not attract – it does not attract the ultra wealthy, it does not attract professionals; it does not attract the family-oriented, those religious, or minorities. Today it does not attract even the millennial whom one might expect to find online; they are too busy with their social lives.

So, to begin, I begin intuitively informed with the realization that there is an emotional impetus consistent with but a handful of lifestyle categories. Quora of course was intended to be different; its goal was to break the mold, even so I don’t think one should assume it equally attracts the conservative and the liberal, nor should we assume it is in any way representative of society at large.