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Thank you all for the suggestions. After talking with the service writer again and asking if the tech had done a pressure check on the cooling system as well as check for combustion gases in the coolant (neither of which was done) I started to feel it was not a head gasket issue. The tech spent 2 days trying to duplicate and troubleshoot to no avail. It started right up, drove and ran fine. I told him to close it out since they will not do studs and my son will come pick it up. About 5 minutes after getting off the phone with him his boss (the svc mgr) calls me to recommend I not do head gaskets without bulletproofing with egr and studs! He owns a 6.0 and knows them pretty well, anyway I told him the service writer stated they will not do studs and he replied that the svc writer does not have the authority but he does. So now he has my attention and after talking to him some more he said the tech that was on it was more familiar with the 6.7’s than the 6.0’s but he has a senior tech that knows the 6.0’s and he will put him on it if we didn’t mind a few more days at the dealer. After a few more days the senior tech could not find or duplicate any issues so we picked it up and will wait and see.

My dad had this truck for about 5 years, during the time he had it we replaced all injectors, water pump, radiator/hoses but still had coolant loss. My dad decided he could not do maintenance on it himself anymore and gave me the truck. About 2 weeks prior to me driving to Utah to pick it up he had a good size coolant leak and took it to the dealer, they found the egr hose leaking (a bracket was rubbing it) as well as the hose behind the block leaking and replaced them both. There was also an oil leak which they said was the turbo drain tube and "fixed" that. After spending 2 weeks elk hunting and 4 wheeling in the snow with it I drove it home while monitoring with sct4. Found the delta was about 38* and tore it apart to do the oil cooler. Found the oil leak was not the turbo drain but the oil cooler housing. Replaced oil cooler and put it all together and drove it for a few months before taking it to my son in Texas. Delta was around 6* and even did some medium towing and all was fine. Drove to Texas at 80-95 with the AC on and not a single issue. When we arrived in San Antonio we went straight to Lackland to pick up my son and then to check in at our hotel. My buddy took over driving once we got to Lackland and didn’t realize how low on fuel it was and I forgot to tell him. He parked on a serious downhill at the hotel while I went to check in. It would not start for him and my son started to freak out that we broke his truck already. Anyway, went down the street and bought a 2 gal can and diesel, cycled the key a few times and it fired right up, we immediately went and filled it up. We spent the next 5 days driving it all around San Antonio and even to Austin and back 3x for MotoGP with 0 issues. I fly out Tuesday A.M. and he calls me on Friday afternoon to tell me he was broke down and this is what happened……" I hopped on the highway sped up to 65-75. AC was on, music going but not too loud. Came up on a rough patch in the road and slowed to 60; the truck started shaking (nothing unusual from going over it before in the truck or other vehicles). The rough patch ended and I tried to speed up to 70 again but it would not budge. The truck kept going slower. I got down to 50 and stepped on the gas, the rpms went up high but it didn’t want to change gears at all. I pulled off to the side of the road and as soon as the truck came to a stop, it shut off. There were no dashboard lights (check engine or battery) before the truck died. Only the battery light came on after it was dead. "

I had him check all around for any leaks and also for loose connectors since I had everything pulled apart to do the oil cooler and he found nothing. He started it up and drove off and it did the same thing, was acting as if the ignition was being turned off. He pulled over, got out and checked again and still found nothing. Both times it took a while to crank before it fired up. Third time it would not start, cranked fine but no firing. Called a tow truck and had it towed to the dealer.

I did call around along with some research and found Truck Source Diesel in San Antonio so if and when anything happens again we have a place to take it to. I’m thinking loose electrical connector or maybe something inside the FICM but FICM in and out voltage was good.