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As 2011 finally comes to a close, a review is in order of the top five gadgets that caused consumers to drool and fawn over technology. They spanned across a broad range of interfaces, technologies, and platforms, yet enthralled individuals across the world.

1. Apple iPad 2. The slimmer, glossier, lighter and faster improvement to the previous tablet installment has consumers clamoring to get their hands on it. As the current king of tablet technology, the iPad 2 is showing up the competition with easy ergonomic designs that seem to draw people into wanting them (there is very little need for a tablet). Its easy interfacing ability appeals to those in multiple industries and for personal video watching.

2. Apple iPhone 4S. The iPhone may not be the best smartphone, yet it makes a convincing argument according to consumer popularity. "The Apple iPhone 4S after making a revolution in industrial design with iPhone 4 last summer remains one of the most attractive smartphones to have ever been built. Apple’s choice of materials and its manufacturing prowess are unmatched, and puts a group of other wanna-be competitors to shame," says The newest edition has a faster processor and upgraded camera. However, it fails to process data at 4G speeds, unlike other smartphone options. A Cell Phone Shop promotion code could save you money on your next phone purchase.

3. Apple MacBook Air. The newest installment of MacBooks boast dramatically faster speeds, decreased weight and fixed last year’s largest complaint – the lack of an SD card slot. However, despite its stunning appearance, it lacked affordability and did not improve on the flash storage, RAM or battery life from last year’s model. A Gadget Town promotion code could provide all of the supporting supplies to make your laptop a favored possession.

4. Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch Reader. The Nook wins the e-reader race with a responsive screen built for easy reading. It is significantly smaller than the previous generation – weighing in at only 0.47 pounds and fully redesigned to be finger-friendly to make it easier to navigate the interface options. However, unlike tablets and other e-readers, the Nook does not support web browsing. That could be both a positive and a negative depending on an individual’s need.

5. HTC Sensation 4G. The new generation of sensations offers a new sleek design to users to combat the previous generation’s poor reviews. It offers an impressive display for consumers looking to browse the internet, with an easy scrolling screen. However, there are potential antennae issues that make holding the phone a certain way result in loss of the 4G signal that made the purchase worthwhile. It still browses, just at a limited capacity.

The Apple Store is your best source for a wide selection of innovative electronics. From its humble beginnings as one of the first producers of the personal computer, Apple has seen a resurgence over the last decade that has elevated it to an elite echelon of American companies. Starting with its computers, mainly the iMac and the MacBook, the Apple Store allows consumers to compare different models to see which Mac will best suit their needs. Not only does the Apple Store allow people to purchase quality computers, but also the accessories that have made the distinctive white machines so cutting edge. Apple is best known for its software that deals with the finer things in life. Whether it is web design, photography, architectural design, or film editing, the Apple Store has you covered. With its easy to search database of available products, the site allows the consumer to quickly locate the category of software that best meets their needs. Plus, the customer reviews on the site provide instant feedback on what other people in similar situations thought of the product. With Adobe Dreamweaver, Final Cut 2, or Aperture 2, people can find outlets for their creativity and ways to refine their final products. While its computers continue to gain in popularity, the Apple Store and Apple Computer, Inc. have revolutionized the personal music industry. With the introduction of the first iPod in October, 2001, the digital age and personal music players merged into a force to be reckoned with. Over the last seven years, more than 117 million iPods have been sold around the world.

The Apple Store allows people to purchase the full array of models, including the iPod Shuffle, the standard iPod, and the new iPod Touch. The Apple Store also allows you to personalize your purchase by adding in differently colored skins and the ability to engrave personalized message. These services make the iPod a great gift for friends and family. Another important feature of the Apple Store is its close connection with the iTunes Store. Whether you want to download an entire album or get a single song off the newest hit CD, you can find an expansive collection of music on the site. Not only does the Apple Store, with its wide array of accessories allow you to personalize the outside of your iPod, but the iTunes Store allows you to put the exact music you want on your personal music player without having to skip tracks or listen to songs that no longer fit your fancy.

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