Needle for cherry angioma gas 76 station


Hi All, I tried the You-tube video where you heat a paper clip and pop them with short little tapping motions on the cherry angiomas. Looked so good I tried it on around 10 on the top of my thighs ranging from small to large 3-4mm ones. The small ones seemed to turn white straight away, so I thought great and continued with them all. The following two days my spots were much larger, swollen and darker, hoped this meant they would eventually scab over, fall off and disappear. 5 days down the line I am scared that I may have made things worse, ones that weren’t so small are now double in size and show no evidence of scabbing over at all, they just look like much larger cherry angiomas. A few of the smaller ones have gone really dark almost black in colour and seem to have scabbed over a little, one actually bled a little this morning when part of the scab came off. I am hoping these ones will go after the scab drops off but I am not hopeful considering the larger ones are even larger. – Not happy – try at your peril.

I have so many big and small mainly over my torso and chest, but now on my legs – they are so unsightly. Had two burnt off at the doctors for free as they were causing health problems as they were in my armpit, took ages to heal but now just a small scar where they were, so going to try the doctors again but pay for it this time.

I was researching for a home treatment for cherry angiomas and read all of the comments with interest. I noticed that a number of people were using the wart freezing treatment. I saw that you said it hadn’t helped your warts. I too had a few warts for a number of years that had resisted this treatment, (carried out by the nurse at my local surgery on at least 4 occasions. )I bought B12 cream (vitacreme) as I thought it might help a few small patches of eczema that had develped on my foot. I started to rub it on the warts (just to see if it would do anything) and they started to disappear. The smaller one is gone and the larger one is flush with the skin and almost imperceptible. I put a little vitacreme on them loads of times a day and rubbed it in well to the wart. Within a week they looked quite different but you have to keep going to get them to go. It was like they were shrivelling up. Might be worth a try if the other stuff still hasn’t helped. Certainly less painful than freezing other than having to pay for the Vitacreme! (it didn’t help the eczema though…)

So I made a fan ventlilated wardrobe for electronics (fan pushes air OUT ouf house), got an air- (BlueAir) and water purifyer (Microspiral), flourfree toothpaste – all to minimize all exposure to bromine and other halogens (chlorine, flour) , took 5-10 kelp tablets a day (Great Earth) plus detox regime including lots of water, vitamin C, Epsom salt baths, better sleeping habits etc. Now I can also recomend pH raising supplements (bicarbonate, coral calcium) and MSM (detoxifying).

New cherry angiomas stopped coming just after a week! The ones I got are still there, a little darker. A skin clinic told me they are easy and pretty cheap to remove (about $200 for ca 100 dots) with freezing machine without leaving any scar.

I suspect the cherry angiomas has something to do with hormonal imbalances (many people in the forum, and other forum, talk about simultaneous hormonal issues) – mine possible cause by long term iodine deficiency along with long term heavy stress and sitting still (Im normal weight though).