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For the past two months, every time my body warms up a little bit (such as being in a warm room, having too many layers of clothes on, having the heat in the car at normal settings or feeling flustered or embarrased), I get this sharp painful but quick needle pricking sensation across random locations all over my back, my underarms, and the back of my upper legs. The sensation is quick but painful. It honestly feels like someone is stabbing me repeatedly with needles all over the place. The sensation does not stop until I manage to cool myself down either by taking a cold shower or going outside in the cold weather.

I’ve talked to my family physician about it, and she says my blood work has come back normal and attributed it to my body’s natural reaction to heat. However, I normally do not react to heat like this. This has happened to me once before many years ago, but I don’t recall how it went away. I receive this sensation at least once a day, and it is starting to bother me both physically and mentally. Does anyone have any information on what it is and how I can make it go away?

Hi there, I have exactly the same symptoms like you (toshina). For the past one month I have been experiencing this needle prickling all over my body (especially my back, underarms, buttocks and thighs). Just to know, do you have really dry skin? when the needle prickling sensation come, do you see any changes on the skin that you feel the needles? I’ve already seen two skin specialist and both say that I have mild urticaria/hives. Its a disorder that comes once or twice in our live time and there is no direct cure. The first specialist prescribed me with antihistamine and also nicotinamide (or vitamin B3). The dosage for the vitamin B3 was really high like 500mg and taken 3 times a day (for one month) and one antihistamine per day. But after taking the medication for 2 weeks i didn’t feel significant improvement. So I consulted the second specialist, she said roughly the same things like the first specialist and advised that I up the dosage on antihistamine to 2 tablets a day. She said I should do this consistently until the symptoms have gone away but after a week of doing so, once I felt that the symptoms has subsided a bit thus I’ve stopped taking the antihistamine because it causes mild drowsiness and I didn’t feel like taking it during the day and I seldom get the attacks during evening if I’m not hot or anxious. Do you have any problems when you exercise? I feel that I can’t sweat especially on the parts of the skin that have the symptoms. Do you feel the attacks coming back whenever you are anxious? when you receive some shocking news or when you feel your heart starting to pump faster? I really hope someone can share how they can make it go away completely.

Hey guys, for the past year i have been getting this sensation. It is caused by the exact same factors you have listed here. If i feel anxious, excited or if i’m out in the sun for too long i get a painful sensation of needle pricks on the skin. It hurts and only underneath my wrists appear little dots that are not red but white. This pain occurs mainly on my neck, hands and ankle and occurs for only a short period of time (2-4 minutes). Symptoms fade after moving into the shade and cooling down. I have gone to my GP and he said it was nothing serious/life threatening. Cannot recall exactly what he said, but it is to do with the reaction of heat with my blood cells. Anyways i have found the best way to avoid this is to keep cool and stay away from prolong periods in the sun. If symptoms appear i drink a lot of water and take big breaths to calm myself down. Just remember to keep calm, because it seems if you worry about it when it occurs it will stay for longer and be more painful. Just relax! Been to multiple doctors and all say its nothing to be worried about.

I’ve been experiencing this same symptom (the medical term is paresthesia, for anyone curious)for roughly the last 3 weeks. It’s gotten so painful at times that I can only hold my head in my hands, and wait for it to pass. The sensation *only* ever happens on my mid-back to mid-shoulder blades, and seems to happen whenever I get overly hot or fatigued. This is an issue for me, as I’ve also become quite easily fatigued in this time period. In fact, no amount of sleep I manage to get seems to give me any type of energy, lol.

I haven’t changed anything in my daily routine, including the products I use, so I’m a bit reluctant to write this one off as an alergy. I’m 25 years old, with no prior medical conditions, and no previous allergies. I *only* drink cold water, several times a day including when I first wake up. I haven’t experienced any rashes, bumps, or anything similar. The only other symptoms that started around the same time are the constant fatigue, and recurring headaches (usually they’re strongest when I first wake in the morning, and subside over time).

My wife and I are really stumped on this one. I haven’t gone to see a GP yet, as I wanted to do my own research first to ensure that it wasn’t just something a common cure could fix. Also, I have no history of anxiety issues, although I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (a psychological disorder, similar in some ways to Bipolar Disorder) when I was younger.

Perhaps it’s finally time for me to schedule that appointment with the GP or a dermatologist, although I doubt I’m going to receive any solid answers from either. Oh, I almost forgot another factor some have in common…I don’t take any vitamins, or any other supplements.