Neighbor’s music leads man to take up air horn local news bad gas 6 weeks pregnant


Obviously most people do understand how difficult it is to get the police to arrest people!!! Even if they trepass, threaten you, they will not arrest the low-lifes!!! I have discussed this with 3 different shift commanders, I called the Chief of Police, he did not respond! I called the office of the mayor, He did not respond but later another police captain called, I wasn’t home at the time! I know that they have so much crud crime to solve, that they are busier than a one-legged man in a butt kissing contest, but We the law-abiding citizens of this community have concerns about our safety, our property being vandalized and the cruds whom they will not arrest!! Just what higher authority are to contact so that normal people such as the fellow with the horn can have their concerns addressed? I hope a local attorney steps forward and helps the horn person, demanding – if nothing else – written and verbal apologies from the arresting officer, the chief of police and the mayor!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH FOR GOSH SAKE!!!

As a former city council member told me, “It does matter where you live” in Waterloo when it comes to police response and how matters like this are, or are not, dealt with. If you are fortunate enough to have never had a problem neighbor like this, you have no idea how horrible it is. I, along with too many people in Waterloo, can empathize with this man. I want to live where Skelloch lives: “Filed a formal complaint with the local police and court system and taken the neighbors to court on a disorderly conduct charge.” Good luck with that in Loo! I gave a statement of complaint to the police which went to the county attorney who laughed it off. The city council, city attorney, and mayor talked big and did nothing. The police came out and did little or nothing to repeated and numerous “neighbor issues”: weekly loud parties into the night with screaming people and children, theft of itmes including the gutters off my house and the wood used to build a fence between us which was still half-burned in their “recreational” fire, nails and beer cans thrown in my drive and left on my doorstep, using my drive as their own personal parking area, parking on sidewalks blocking the drive, infant child in diapers and dogs loose and unsupervised in the street for long periods of time, barking dogs 24/7, unlicensed dogs… all enforceable by code or law. The child eventually set the house on fire. But I was villainized for complaining. I was told to “stay somewhere else for awhile” other than my home because when you haven’t been able to sleep for 5 months, it makes a person edgy. I sold my home and moved; the new owners had the same problem and gave the house back to the bank when it wouldn’t sell. Now it’s a rental, and so went the neighborhood just like so many others in town. The “small complaints” DO need to be dealt with by the police and city that make the codes and laws to address such problems because these are the things that make a city worth or not worth living in.

plain truth,imfireball and the nerd all have it right. I moved into my house 3 1/2 yrs ago and have had 3 differnt renters in the house next door. each a bigger set of losers then the next. I had one night where I called 5 times, cops came the first 3 times said a couple words to the losers and left. everytime they left more losers showed up, until the 4th and 5th times I called when there was 50 person gang fight in the middle of the street. on calls 4 and 5 the dispatcher told me to calm down. I watched a kid get stomped all the way across the street. That night at the end of it all, no one was arrested and the loser who gets the welfare check there got a ticket, which I will bet still hasn’t been paid. Its the same story 2 and 3 yr old kids running into the street without supervision, dog running loose, idiots that don’t inderstand what it is to have respect for others screaming and yelling at 1 am on any given night of the week. As I look out my window now there sits a pile of garbage waiting to blow into my yard. It is the little things that kill a neighborhood , that can kill a town. We need to make sure our new cheif knows that these kinds of problems are a priority to our residents and that if they will not take action that will result in changes, don’t arrest us for taking care of our own problems. I will not have my tax dollars pay for losers to sit around neglecting their children,(aka their meal ticket) while getting drunk and ruining my neighborhood. We all need to stick together on these types of problems. because it seems to be norm in waterloo.

[quote]DaddyTJ said: "THE NERD said on: August 1, 2010, 10:51 pm WARDSKI – I located the information online, I just read about the death of those 3 law enforcement officers – that was really tragic, I hope the scum-bag perp rots in hell!! The Nerd, you’re a hateful person aren’t you? James Michael "T-Bone" Taylor is serving two life sentences without parole in the Anamosa State Prison. He has served his prison life in Ft. Madison, Newton, Anamosa and at least one prison in Indiana. He will never leave the state of Iowa again by order of Gov. Terry Brandstad.As the youngest son of Officer Michael Hoing, I don’t hope he rots. I hope he regrets what he did. I hope he can be an example for people in the area. I hope he has an impact in prison for those who will be released not to do what he did. 29 years ago, my father was taken from me and there hasn’t been a day in my life where I’ve felt the kind of anger towards him that you displayed in your post. Don’t hate man, when you allow yourself to be that angry, the hate controls you and your life, rather than you controlling you and your life. :)"[/quote]

[quote]purrdog said: "The younger generation of today, in many cases has NO respect for others, especially the older generation. While there are a lot of decent respectful people in the world, there will always be those whoe have no respect for anybody. The more annoyed we get with those kinds, the more they want to annoy us. I know the police have more important things to do than to go after these disrespectful idiots. Hearing aid companies are already enjoying a "boom" in business as a result of boom boxes. "[/quote]

I don’t think this is as big of a deal as everyone is making it. I think it’s more generational. Back in the 50’s, is was that rock and roll music, kids wearing jeans and leather jackets, and driving their hot rods. In the 60’s/70’s, it was the hippies and their drugs and free love and again, drug music. Now you have loud thumping music. I don’t like it when the loud bass cars pull along side me either. But I’m sure back in the mid-80’s when I was cranking Motley Crue on my car stereo, the "older folks" who pulled up along side me didn’t like that either.