Neilalien – the powers and items of doctor strange static electricity review worksheet

• First appearance: ST #110 (Doc’s first appearance). Doc’s first, original mystic amulet, given to him by the Ancient One. It is the predecessor to the Eye of Agamotto, which was awarded to Doc by the Ancient One after defeating Dormammu in ST #127.

• Semantic note: For a time after ST #127, Doc still referred to his mystic amulet, using language as if the Amulet of Agamotto contained the Eye of Agamotto. Eventually, the item came to be called only the Eye of Agamotto. Then later in the Sorcerer Supreme series, the Amulet and Eye came to refer to separate items: Doc’s original Amulet (or "early-model Eye") and then newer Eye. Referred to as Amulet of Agamotto in DSSS #56.

• For a time in the past, the Book was guarded by a sacred griffin appointed by the priests of the Babylonian god Marduk. It was written that whoever defeated the sentinel would be the destined possessor of the book. The Ancient One long ago defeated the griffin to become this "destined possessor", and eventually gave the Book to Dr. Strange. When the evil mystic Kaluu stole the Book from Doc and sent it back in time to the past when the griffin guarded it, Dr. Strange and the Ancient One went back to retrieve it. In this second go-round, Dr. Strange could not defeat the griffin! Only the Ancient One, having once defeated the griffin to become the Book’s destined possessor, became, or was always destined to be, the only person who could ever defeat the griffin [ST #150]. (Now that the Ancient One is dead, it is unclear how Doc would retrieve the book again if Kaluu’s trick were ever repeated.)

• Dr. Strange’s most powerful and precious item. Basically identical in powers (but not in appearance) to its predecessor, the Amulet of Agamotto- although in ST #128 it says that Doc has been given "a more powerful amulet". The text below uses "Eye" to refer to both the Amulet and the Eye.

• An astral form of the Eye travels with Doc’s astral form, and its powers are available to Doc while in astral form. This seems to make the Eye an incredibly powerful and useful item; no other item has been shown to also have an astral form like this (although occasionally Doc’s Cloak of Levitation is included in art of Doc’s astral form, which is a mistake (and why would the Cloak be needed for flight in astral form?)). The Eye’s physical form remains with Doc’s physical body, and that can also be activated by Doc while in astral form, the equivalent of having two Eyes [ST #110]!

• The Eye (an actual eyeball) can be called forth to leave the amulet holder, and rise to the middle of Doc’s forehead, in the "third eye" location [ST #120]. No different Eye powers have been shown when it’s used this way as opposed to when it stays in the amulet holder, but it’s a neat effect.

• The flames around Dormammu’s head have been explained as a kind of fiery crown signifying the leader of the Dark Dimension. When Clea was leader of the Dark Dimension, she was shown with flames behind her head (but her head wasn’t engulfed in the fire as Dormammu’s was). However, other Faltinians who had nothing to do with control of the Dark Dimension have been shown to look like little Dormammus with flaming heads.

• In the Avengers: Infinity War (2018) movie, Doc splits into a huge number of Docs during the fight with Thanos on Titan. Each Doc uses the "whip", which all briefly restrain Thanos, until he uses the Gauntlet to dispel all but the original Doc.

• As a general rule, Dr. Strange has been shown absorbing much more physical punishment than a normal human ever could, even from sneak attacks without preparing a magical shield. In some instances, Doc has referred to and expressed gratitude for vague "protections" and such. Essentially, it’s obvious (and sensical) that Doc has some kind of mystical shield going on that protects him 24/7 and doesn’t require his constant concentration.