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According to myth, it was responsible for shooting down the Ark. It was revealed that Tarantulas had discovered the wreckage of the Nemesis deep under water, and had been refurbishing it for unknown purposes. While he’d finished rebuilding it and outfitting it with transwarp capabilities, Tarantulas was killed before he could use it; Megatron found out about the Nemesis soon after, and commandeered it as a last ditch attempt to rewrite history and destroy the Ark. Nemesis Part 1

Using the Nemesis’s awesome power, Megatron managed to kill Tigerhawk, as well as Inferno and Quickstrike by accident when he tried to avenge himself on the Protohuman leader. He soon began to tear at Mount St. Hilary, intending to obliterate the slumbering Ark! In the final battle, the Nemesis’s controls were severely damaged when Rhinox crashed an Autobot shuttle through the warship. Out of control, the ship flew eastwards into the rising sun, turning slowly south and eventually crashing (unseen) several thousand miles away. Nemesis Part 2

Given that Megatron himself would have be the ship’s normal commander, it should not be surprising that the primary weapon on the Nemesis was a fusion cannon. The fusion cannon was powered by its own reactor, apparently separate from the main Energon supply. The reactor needed to be at one hundred percent capacity to fire a blast, and would require a powerup time between blasts.

The ship also featured systems to enable the forced boarding of enemy ships. A pair of magnetic couplings amidships allowed for the Nemesis to forcibly establish a magnetic junction between herself and the unfortunate target, and a boarding chute could be released from within the hull to allow crew-members to cross the gap between ships. The tip of the chute could also be heated to cut through hull plating at least as thick as that used on the Ark.

Tactically the ship had two main weaknesses. During the flight from Cybertron a heavy meteor shower required so much power to maintain the shields that Nemesis was forced to fly in the Ark’s wake in order to survive. Given that a similar energy crisis shortly affected the Ark as well, it would seem that both ships were weakened by the lack of energy on Cybertron. Ergo, the Nemesis functioned best when well-fueled, otherwise her size and power requirements could make the ship a liability.

The second weakness was placing all the main tactical, command and fire-control systems in the prominent dorsal conning tower. Though the location provided an excellent viewpoint for piloting the ship and directing combat (and was presumably well armored and shielded), it also made for a compelling target, as happened in the final act of the Beast Wars when Rhinox piloted an Autobot shuttle straight into the conning tower in a kamikaze run, taking out the bridge and crippling the ship, which flew rudderless until crashing in South America, where in the 20th century human excavations would unearth her. Nemesis Part 2 Microbots

Built to be the flagship of Megatron’s space fleet, the Nemesis was one of the largest ships created in its time. It used experimental Transwarp technology for space travel. On Cybertron the ship was mainly used as a siege engine, hoards of Decipticons would disembark to attack Autobot targets, while the Nemesis would launch a bombardment. More Than Meets The Eye

After returning to Earth following Shockwave’s defeat on Cybertron, Starscream used the Nemesis as his base of operations. It is unknown if the warship had previously been used for this purpose by the Decepticons or if Starscream rediscovered it after returning to Earth. Black Sunshine

The Nemesis was described by Optimus Prime as a Decepticon worldburner. Its intended purpose was to raze a planet I Dream of Wires Wheeljack identified it as a Decepticon capitol ship. Starscream claimed it was a Cybertronian capitol ship, suggesting that after Starscream seized control of Iacon, the ship was seized from the Decepticons. The World of Tomorrow

After Megatron defected to the Autobots, Galvatron took command of the Decepticons and led them to Earth on board the Nemesis. It was kept in high orbit and brought to the EDC’s base on Bikini Atoll after the ‘mind bomb" was used on the Decepticons. Full Fathom Five When Prowl hacked into the EDC mainframe he unleashed all the missiles on the Nemesis crippling it and causing it to crash instantly. I Dream of Wires The wreck of the ship ended up on the bottom of the Indian Ocean; it was used as the main base of the Decepticons Signals, Calls, and Marches and later, following its near-destruction by the Autobots As Above…So Below and capture by the E.D.C, White Heat G.I. Joe, moved in turning into a stationary base that they rechristened Lemuria. G.I. Joe vol. 5 #1 Transformers vs. G.I. Joe

The Decepticon flagship, the Nemesis was commandeered by Shipwreck in an unseen adventure. Utilizing the ship, the Joe rammed Megatron’s "Mega-Megatron" combined form, returning the Decepticon leader to his normal state. After the Decepticons had been defeated, Shipwreck used the Nemesis to patrol the trade routes within the asteroid belt and fight off Zanzibar’s piracy. The War Never Ends Beast Wars: Uprising

The legendary vessel that carried the Decepticons to Earth, by the late 24th century a surviving piece of the Nemesis was part of the collection in the office of D.E.D. administrator Gnashteeth. Identity Politics Games Transformers: Mystery of Convoy