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Corporate media almost never touches on the Russian oligarch mob and the Israeli Intel connection, with the British Intel often dabbling in the game, as we are currently seeing with the Skripal psyops attack which has magically gone quiet, as has the Syrian gassing story, as they are deconstructed.

This is their usual tactic when a psyops blow up. They just go quiet on it and let a new breaking event take over readers’ attention. They have great faith in the short attention span of the modern public, and in their own ability not only to steer attention toward issues, but away from them when needed.

The mistake that the current bad guys have made is in using many of the same tactics from back then because they worked, thinking that a short attention-span public will never catch on, and that the few who do will represent no political threat to them.

We also feel at VT that, because we have a deep bench, it falls to us to use it. Sure, the blackout we have reduces our mass audience reach. But the blackout has no effect with the military, civilian and diplomatic people who monitor VT to see whom we are spotlighting, plus the framing and dot-connecting we do that others can’t, or are afraid to.

When you read this, think about how, despite all the Russian “investigation” hoopla, the politicians and mainstream media have given wide berth to the Russian Jewish oligarch mob and Israel’s overlapping interests with Mr. Trump. We know that they know, but are standing down.

The US House Intelligence Committee, or at least those members belonging to Trump’s party, those accused to accepting Russian help in the 2016 elections, cleared themselves of collusion and wrongdoing, again. This is an old and tired story, one told often, and one told wrongly.

First, we have to accept that America has never had a single fair election of any kind. From 1787 onwards, foreign cash has flowed into the US, controlled the media, bought and sold members of congress, and manipulated currency and credit markets.

Here is what it comes down to, people with Russian sounding names met with Trump/GOP officials and representatives, and probably discussed ways of interfering in the election. During election years in America there are few discussions that don’t involve “interfering” in elections.

Here’s the rub: I have a Scottish sounding name, Duff or “MacDuff,” but if I meet with someone, does it mean that I am representing Scotland, were such a nation to exist, which technically it doesn’t, not anymore. Now, wait a minute, wasn’t there an election to “free” Scotland from “England” just awhile ago? Wasn’t that election rigged as well? Did the Russians do that as well?

Then there’s “Brexit,” another rigged election, whereby England or Britain, which may or may not include Scotland, after all, that election was rigged as well, are choosing to leave the European Union though in fact nothing seems to be happening at all.

Not all, but most are also either convicted felons or listed as “kingpins” in organized crime. Most actually live in London with residences in Israel and many are long banned from Russia yet still, for some reason, keep their “Russian sounding names.”

So, let’s say that one Trump associate meets one Russian diplomat on one occasion and three dozen Trump associates meet accused or suspected or alleged organized crime figures with Russian sounding names, many if not most of whom are political enemies of Russia’s current president, Vladimir Putin, then, just perhaps, might an investigation clearing Trump or Russia simply be misdirection?

Let’s also look at the nature of misdirection itself, if everyone is tied up with continually looking at Russia for this and that, including a recent spree of imaginary crimes, East Gouta, Skripal and American election rigging, is it not possible that, since crimes did occur, someone else did it?

What we need to define here is what I mean when I use the term “crime.” For America, bombing Syria without provocation is a crime. For America, accusing Syria and Russia as well, of crimes that we now know simply never happened, is that not a crime too, typically termed “criminal slander?”

Aren’t America’s related behaviors appropriately described as “extortion” and “racketeering” were they on a more understandable scale? You know, when you look at Trump, and his history and his mentor, Roy Cohn, king of New York organized crime, when America engages in acts of racketeering under Trump, what we are seeing is a continuation of what should well have been expected when someone placed Trump in the White House?

“These newly arrived Russian Jewish Mafia members were able to forge ties between the Jewish Mafia in Russia and the organised crime world in the USA, and they were thus in place and prepared when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 and a new era of oligarchs, corruption to the highest levels (including President Yeltsin and his prime ministers) and wholesale looting of the post-Soviet Russian economy.

As fate would have it, by 1991, according to his own omission made in his autobiography, Trump was flat broke; an utter failure as a legit businessman, his earlier successes thanks to the mob backing of Roy Cohn seemed but a distant memory. However, Trump soon rose like a phoenix from the flames, his businesses began to enjoy huge cashflow, Trump branded hotels and casinos became highly profitable.

It was all due to the influx of immense sums of cash from the Russian Jewish Mafia, money stolen from the Russian economy, transferred from the Russian banks of oligarch Mikhail Friedman and laundered into the legitimate economy by the Trump organisation.

However, Trump had made a deal with the devil and while it brought him great wealth, it also cost him his soul. The Russian Jewish Mafia now owned Donald Trump, they had made him their stooge, from now on, he would do their bidding, he had no other choice as he knew who he was dealing with – men so ruthless and powerful that no-one could stand in their way, men who would wipe out entire families just to make a point, who valued loyalty above all else.

If Trump ever dreamed of betraying them, he would soon learn that a stooge in the Russian criminal argot has a dual meaning, it also means ‘rat’ as in, someone who sells out and becomes an informer to the authorities. In the Gulags a rat did not last long once discovered and invariably met horrific ends.

Trump, his tattered empire and all those around him were hijacked by the most powerful criminal organisation known to mankind, they became vassals of the Russian Jewish Mafia, their wealth dependent on them, their continued survival contingent on remaining in their good books.”

We might also point out that as long as investigation point where they are told in what is called “cover and deception” or “misdirection” operations, those who claim to be seeking “truth” will only catch their own tails, if such a thing is possible, or was this the point all along?

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “ New Eastern Outlook.”