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Deployment of neo-cli version 2.10.0 to the NEO TestNet consensus nodes began on March 18th. The update includes numerous changes designed to increase the stability and performance of the NEO blockchain. The most noteworthy changes are the inclusion of dBFT electricity clipart 2.0, an updated version of NEO’s consensus mechanism, and a set of memory pool performance improvements.

NEO supported the Kanazawa Institute of Technology in Japan in holding a hackathon from March 21st through 23rd. The hackathon focused on creating dApps that have electricity word search answers positive social contributions. NEO provided online tutorials and remote support. The winning teams may receive additional guidance from University professors to hep them further develop their ideas. NNT Catch Up

NEO News Today published a recap of the inaugural NEO GameCon in Akhibara, Tokyo, held on March 9th and 10th. The conference was NEO’s first gaming-focused event and attracted more than 1,500 attendees over the two days. Speakers included NEO leadership such as Da Hongfei, Erik Zhang, and Johnson tropico 5 electricity Zhao; celebrities such as pop group 9nine, and TV show hosts from Tsukuriba; and ecosystem projects such as O3, MagicCube, and NEOLAND.

COZ board member, Chris Hager, is conducting a NEO workshop at the ANON Blockchain Summit in Vienna, Austria on April 2nd. The workshop is titled “Deep dive into the NEO blockchain” and will follow a similar format to the workshop provided at NEO DevCon 2019. Students can expect to learn about the gas tax deduction architecture of the NEO blockchain and its features, including the dBFT consensus protocol, block generation, and the NeoVM.

March 18th, Bridge Protocol announced it had received approval to list the Bridge Passport extension in the Google Chrome Web Store. The Bridge Passport allows users to manage KYC/AML information for personal verification and compliance. In conjunction with the release of the Bridge Passport, the team has also open-sourced the Bridge Passport Browser Extension on its GitHub page. Bridge recently launched orlando electricity providers its new smart contract and accompanying NEP-8 compliant token.

March 18th, Red Pulse announced the rollout of Red Pulse Professional content samples for the platform’s free users. Red Pulse Professional is intended to provide actionable and timely intelligence to guide banks, brokerages, and asset managers who are operating in Chinese financial and capital markets. Red Pulse also announced custom newsletters for its Professional users, and the opportunity for Red Pulse electricity production in the us research contributors to earn double PHX rewards.

March 19th, Travala launched its crowdfunding campaign, its SMART discounts and loyalty program, and began an AVA trading competition following its listing on BitMart. Travala is seeking US $3.5 million in funding via traditional Series A round. Under a traditional equity-based model, 4.05% of the total newly established shares are available for crowdfunding access. Travala’s SMART discount and loyalty program offers up to a combined 10% of rewards, divided into two tranches of 5%.

March 21st, Switcheo announced its electricity distribution map upcoming“NEO V3” exchange smart contract, which includes an extensive list of new features to be “progressively rolled out” to the user base. Chief among the new features is atomic swaps, along with an ability to burn tokens cross-chain. Users will also be able to sweep their dust balances for SWTH tokens on the V3 smart contract.

TranslateMe recently released a report which highlights progress made in the months leading up to March 2019. TranslateMe reported positive feedback on its proof-of-concept Telegram web application. Additional support now includes the French, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, German, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Hindi, Spanish, and Arabic languages.

COZ officially announced an update to the developer gas chamber community’s organizational and operational structure. These changes include a newly defined project focus, an update to the rewards system, and transition from a council to board members. The reorganization took form following a three-day summit held in December 2018 in Amsterdam, NL. The summit focused on the vision and direction for COZ in 2019 and beyond.

NEXT developers are also responsible for several projects in the NEO ecosystem, including the ExChain “intelligent identity network,” the Endorsit decentralized content ecosystem, the Blolys block explorer, and gas efficient cars under 5000 the wallet application iWallic. Alongside iWallic and Blolys, NEXT is currently developing a Chrome extension known as NEO Line. Although the team does work hp gas kushaiguda phone number as a typical NEO development community by providing tooling, resources, and utilities, NEXT predominantly intends to function as a NEO dApp incubator. Ecosystem

March 11th, New Kind of Network (NKN) announced the deadline of its token swap is 11:59 pm (UTC) on Thursday, March 28th. Any remaining NEP-5 NKN tokens after March 28th will be permanently locked and kept out of circulation. As of March 11th, NKN reported 127 million NEP-5 NKN tokens (out of a total of 350 million circulating tokens) have yet to undergo the ERC-20 token swapping process.

March 11th, nOS announced two weekly poker tournaments as a follow-up to its inaugural Texas hold ‘em poker tournament. The physics c electricity and magnetism formula sheet previous Sunday’s nOS Poker tournament was a success with “roughly 80 players” signing up. Both weekly tournaments feature a prize pool of 2,500 NOS tokens, with the winner awarded 800 NOS. The first-come, first-serve registration starts 15 minutes before the competitions.

March 13th, Conjure and TranslateMe announced a partnership that is meant to “provide a barrier-free platform for content creators and consumers.” Through the partnership, TranslateMe will provide translation services for the Conjure whitepaper, website, and marketing materials. In the future, the parties expect to integrate TranslateMe gas pain left side with the Conjure video platform itself through an API.

March 13th, Phantasma Chain announced the design, tokenomics, and feature set of its upcoming standalone gas vs electric stove top blockchain. Phantasma Chain is slated to launch in April 2019 with a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism and a dual-token model. The upcoming blockchain will be feature-rich, with support planned for side chains, “Ghost Mode” anonymous transactions, a built-in decentralized exchange, a native “Phantasma Gold” dollar-pegged stablecoin, voting rights, distributed file storage, a staking model with a rewards pool, Phantasma Name Service, and an “NFT Marketplace” for non-fungible tokens.