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I get neon blue light flashes, also..I mostly note them while reading…they are not large,and seemingly pin hole size. I cannot discern from which eye or even if both are affected. I asked 1 ophthamologist and he told me they were (visual) migraines. I have history of migraine auras, but do not suffer bad headaches afterward. These usaually present themselves as zig-zaggy now and widen as it worsens. I rarely get them and thought I had grown out of them. When I was around 13, I got my first aura at school and it was very frightening as well as nauseating. It was more like a bunch camera lightbulbs were flashing in my eyes. The main focal points were blinded by these lights. So I have noted a visual difference in my recent recurring auras as noted formerly.

However, in the last couple years, I have some neurological anomalies. My left front ankle into leg is entirely numb.I could stab it w/ a pin and couldn’t feel..perhaps a nail hammered into it, neither of these will I attempt. I don’t think it has affected my balance, but I work on my feet constantly and walk constantly plus I play golf as constantly as possible.

I have had a laminectomy yrs ago and after reinjuring my back apparently I now have 3 herniated discs. I have been to Phys. Therapy in the past and do excercises to make the nerves stop pressing against whatever it’s pressing against??? That seems to help.

It felt as if a 100 wasps had stung my face. My immediate reaction was I was not going to die, but I wondered if I would be blinded. My other brother ran over and held up some fingers and asked me if I could see them and I told him how many he was holding up. (The answer was not one, either). That alleviated my fears, 4 hrs later I arrived at our town’s hospital as we had to drive home. (My father was w/ us and he was a physician). Apparently a lead shot had ricocheted near my eye and detached my retina and because it was lead shot (believe it or not) and not steel shot, they could leave the pellet in the eye. This was preferrable since it was lodged very close to the optic nerve. They decided to bandage both my eyes and leave me very quiet in hospital (maternity ward!!!) away from other playful children so that I would remain quiet myself. So I was resolved to lying on my L side for 2 wks without turning my head, etc. I am fine now and have fairly good vision. In length, I have not a clue why I see the "blue light special", but I do too!

Several times I have seen every light around me turn bright neon green. Pretty frightening if you’re driving at night. I also have a severe balance problem – fall a lot, have blind spots in my left eye, double vision, rapid loss of vision, eye infections, floaters, eye (ball) ulcers, shimmering white light (like small stars), and temporary partial white light blindness.

The above symptoms are due to a rare autoimmune disease I have, called Behcet’s Syndrome. Balance and eye problems are two of the symptoms. There are also neurological symptoms associated with Behcet’s, which could account for the neon lights I see.

Some of the other symptoms of Behcet’s are mouth sores, genital sores, persistant rashes (sores) on thighs, chest, stomach and other areas of the body. Joint pain, fatigue, headaches with stiff neck, joint pain (not always associated w/ athritis), breathing problems (it affeccts the lungs), vein blow-outs, GI disease, numbness in the limbs, phlebitis, central nervous symptoms. Actually, it can affect any part of the body.

(East, South, and Western Asia, Mediterranea, and parts of N and E. Africa), but rare in northern Europe and the US. It is being diagnosed more and more in America, probably due to mixed ethnicity. It is more common to women in America and more common to men in the Silk Road regions. My paternal ethnicity is Mediterranea Jewish.

Like Lupus, most of the symptoms comes in "flares" lasting from 10 to 14 days. Some people have flu-like symptoms just before a flare. It may take years to diagnose (over 30 years in my case) because of the multiple symptoms, and because few doctors in America are really educated about it yet. I see at least 5 doctors for the different symptoms. Behcet’s can go into remission, sometimes for many mohts or years. Then it can return in full force.

There is no diagnostic test for Behcets disease. It is normally diagnosed by symptoms. The erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), C-reactive protein (CRP), C9 and/or C3, C4 complements may be elevated during the active phases of disease. Immunoglobulins (IgM and IgG) may be elevated and immune complex are also found in serum of some patients.