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You guys keep going back to old information, how about Adaptive Streaming with the New Codec? I know Sony Ultra uses it, and probably Amazon and Vudu too. The Bitrates can adjust to your Bandwidth. With the New Codec and Adaptive Streaming you’ll have the lower minimums, but if you have the Consistent Bandwidth 25+Mbps can be acheived easily. I have upgraded many of my Movies to UHD, and have been watching them on Vudu and they look Fantastic. The Streaming Providers want to be effecient, and upgrading the Codec with Adaptive Streaming sounds speedy q gas station like the way to go.

This is not old information. It is the current reality of streaming. Your disliking these facts does not invalidate them; it only shows the incredible limitations of your cognitive malfunctioning. You have not, and can not, provide any gas station near me evidence that a streaming service has averaged a bitrate higher than 25 Mbps for a 4K stream and just 16 Mbps for a high definition stream.

You keep repeating this garbage about adaptive streaming. High definition streaming averages 16 Mbps and 4K streams average 25 Mbps, period. You will not find a single citation that shows any streaming service, other than the ridiculously cost prohibitive Kaleidoscope service, that averages higher than 25 Mbps for a 4K stream. They do not exist.

No streaming service provider has indicated that they plan to use more bandwidth than what they are using now. More data consumption means more money and neither they nor the consumer has shown any appetite to spend more. Streaming customers appear to be satisfied with the highly compressed, artifact prone, and lossy audio presentations they receive now. Streaming services certainly do not need to improve anything to please you with your watching streams in their current form and your listening to lossy audio through headphones.

Another variable, does the ISP use Netflix Open Connect, if not there is a good chance your stream will be slower and have buffering. My ISP does use NOC but some content will stream at a low bit rate. When it does I will electricity outage in fort worth check the internet speed via the Netflix app on the Sony X800 and most of the time it will show 22 mbps or which most likely means the content is not on the local NOC and electricity office is coming from a remote server.

This Posting was very interesting because it plays into what I have said for a long time. You can put Content Servers anywhere, and I called them Media Servers. The Netflix Open Connect talks about CDN’s, Content Delivery Networks, which brings Content close to your location or co-located with your ISP. So when I say what is the next Storage Device after 4K Discs, doesn’t it make sense for it to be on your CDN? Then the only limiting factor is your Last Mile Connection, and Cap Limit. With Symmetrical Fiber there are no Caps. Now ISP’s have to step up to the plate if they want to keep their customers.

I wonder about their disc rental future but follow the money: The original content business is crazy expensive and not currently profitable. But they sure are catching eyeballs–more Emmy noms last week than HBO. The disc rental biz is not nearly as costly and returns a profit. As long as this is the P L reality, the discs will keep shipping despite what I last read (about two years gas nozzle prank ago) is a loss of about 250,000 disc subscribers per quarter.

Living in Hollywood I can walk to a couple of high quality if not world class theaters. I see theatrically nearly all new releases in which I have interest. I get my HDR/Atmos/3D swerve on theatrically. Neighbor relations issues and uber expensive home prices have me going through another bout of questioning Home Theater. In recent years, my home vid diet has gone from about a third to about 75% special interest: catalog (thank you, boutiques!), music (so much opera from Deutsche Grammophon alone!) and documentary. Ironically, Netflix’ legendary recommendation software (based upon how you rate what you’ve watched) helped create this monster.

Yes, this is a perennial grouse of mine. Even when it’s not from one of the boutique distribbers there are many, many titles that have been released on BD for which they only have the DVD. The response upon calling to complain used to be that if they don’t have it they electricity estimated bills are trying to get it. Once the gas and supply original content biz exploded, I think they stopped trying. I look to 3D Blu-ray Rental for those.

And as further proof that there are many of us who exemplify how streaming and disc consumption are hardly mutually exclusive, after being Amazon Prime mainly for the free 2-day shipping for years, this past spring saw me start streaming Amazon Video. And for me the reason wasn’t/isn’t convenience, it’s content: Cameron/Schwarzenegger’s Years Of Living Dangerously is absolutely outstanding. First season was Showtime and released on BD. Second season JC partnered with Nat Geo. Packaged media is (Fox) DVD only. Devastating show with the first season especially well-mounted. Highly recommended to and relevant for all who eat and breathe.