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I absolutely LOVE this shampoo. With the exception of its fragrance (which smells just like Thrills gum… that purple chicklet-looking kind in the yellow box that tastes like soap) it’s an amazing product. I have baby fine hair on the thinner side, and used to be really hard on my hair with dyes/bleaches/hot tools,etc. My thin, fine strands mean I don’t fare well with most hair products like serums, deep conditioners, or heat protectors – many leave my hair looking greasy/piecey/unclean… So I struggled with frizz and breakage. I eventually gave up coloring (abusing) my hair and wanted to grow out the frizzy damage, so I turned to shampoos and conditioners for damaged hair with all kinds of proteins and oils and such. After several months, and a handful of haircuts later, I had rid myself of most of my damaged ends… but still using the same shampoos/conditioners because I thought I needed the extra protein. By now, I had actually come completely full circle and was suddenly suffering from major breakage on completrly healthy, unprocessed hair. Someone eventually clued me in that too much protein ALSO causes it to become brittle and break off easily, and that I should get this to strip my hair of all the excess and start fresh with a different kind of shampoo. It literally saved my hair. It leaves hair so clean you can actually hear it squeak, and it’s gentle enough for my sensitive skin and doesnt dry out my super fine baby hair. BONUS: if you often switch between shampoos because you like a variety or because one stops working for you (or doesn’t seem to work for you), this can make an unbelievable difference. If you don’t clarify between switching shampoo/conditioner brands, your new shampoo might actually just seem underwhelming because it just doesn’t work well with your previous ones buildup. I use it before I try any new shampoos so that my hair has a clean slate before I decide if I like something. You’d be surprised how many shampoos I thought I hated before I used this between switching. Makes a world of difference! I also use once a week because it keeps my hair soft and manageable, and it makes my regular shampoo and conditioner work WAY better. You get that extra luxurious new shampoo feeling with your regular shampoo the next wash after clarifying. I’m totally addicted.

Recently I’ve struggled with build up, and I don’t use a lot of products so I’m at a loss as to what is causing it. My hair has been dry and brittle and maybe it’s just aging and coloring, but it’s a mess. I air dry a lot and deep condition regularly. I keep the heat on my flat iron at the lowest setting I can use and never pass over an area more than twice. I use it more to smooth than get pin straight hair. It occurred to me then that it was build up. A few months back I used dish soap in a pinch and it worked wonders. My hair felt amazing. And now that it’s summer I’m back to dry hair and frizzy ends and now a sticky feeling to boot. Head and Shoulders didn’t help a lot. Just a little. And I need to color my hair but was really reluctant to do it with an obvious build up on my hair. I need the color to penetrate and build up won’t allow that. I picked this up at the market tonight as it’s no where to be found at my Walmart. $7. I had already washed my hair this morning and was feeling that sticky, gummy feeling. The humidity wasn’t helping today either. My hair was stingy and stuck to my head. And I. Just. Washed. It. I just bent myself over my kitchen sink and gave this a go. About a quarter size for my bra strap length hair. I never do a second wash. Followed it with a heavy daily conditioner since I’m out of masks. My hair feels about 90% better than it did before I washed with this. I can run my fingers through my hair with very little sticky stoppage. I can grab a handful and it feels like hair. No tacky. The frizz is reduced because my conditioner was able to do what it needs to do. And it air dryed much faster as well. My natural waves look amazing. They look like beach waves and not a hot fried mess. Yes it smells like Neutrogena glycerin soap. But it’s Neutrogena and that’s what they do. And I’ll continue to use this weekly or biweekly. Wish it was easier to find but I’ll persevere.

Used this for years when I was in school. I used a lot of hair product then, and this clarified and stripped the hair squeaky clean. It also overly dried out the hair and necessitated a deep conditioner so that I could untangle it. Back then, it wasn’t considered highly scented, but I suppose it would be considered so now. However, I personally dislike popular shampoo scents today (thinking of Aussie Moist). I have normal Asian hair and I dye it at home with Clairol nice n easy out of a box. No hair issues except some scalp itchiness after using aussie moist for three weeks (which my hair loved). One or two washes with Nizoral took care of itchiness. Incidentally, Nizoral, a medicated shampoo with a warning built into the instructions — use once every three to four days for no longer than eight weeks — was less stripping and drying than Neutrogena. When I need a clarifying shampoo today, I would probably buy anything but Neutragena. Though I have bought a lot of Neutragena in the past, I realized that I am not a fan of the brand.