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The empire building version of New 1000 AD is a slower paced game with en emphasis on the use of turns in a logically and strategic pattern. Players have a 320 turn max with new turns coming every 9 minutes. Each game is played in rounds of 28 days. This server is best for our new players, blind players and players who don’t spend a lot of time online but anyone can play. Choose from 10 different civilizations from the past and try and change the course of history. Each and every move a player makes in the Empire Builder version of the game can have a tremendous outcome of the round.Can you lead the Byzantines back to glory and create an empire that can dominate all others in this text based game? Do you have the moxy to lead Vikings on raids around the world? Are you able to feed millions of Chinese trained peasants who are able to make attacks in waves of humanity? The year is 1000 AD but the rules of war are the same as today. Run a strong economy, outwit the opposition and overpower them with well trained armies.

You become the leader of a medieval civilization with very little land and almost no economy with a small population of loyal peasants.Players are afforded a protection period at the beginning of every round Starting by sending your people out to either hunt for food or working to build farms you must feed the masses before anything. Then using more of your population you will branch out and try to explore for mountains, forest and plains lands. There are 20 DIFFERENT TYPES OF BUILDINGS to construct in New 1000 AD. You decide on how to resource your land to best build a powerful and vibrant economy. Using the local market of your own city or by using the global market where the multiplayer aspect of the game come in. Trading over a global market and setting prices higher than a player is able to make on the local market can boost your economy to the lead in the protection period. JOINING AN ALLIANCE can greatly increase your chance of succeeding.

Once you have a thriving economy and are close to leaving the protection period which is 320 turns long you must start to work on your military. The Incas and Chinese civilizations are waiting for empires with low defence to steal their hard earned land. You can either use an attacking strategy where you will implement the military option in the game and use attack horsemen, swordsmen, trained peasant or macemen. You can also choose an exploring strategy where you make use of a tower defense with longbowmen and crossbowmen guarding the borders of your empire. RESEARCH INTO NEW TECHNOLOGIES will also separate you from your enemies. Now you are ready for war. Either on the receiving or giving end the choice is yours. How to play

MAKE A FREE ACCOUNT and you are ready to build your empire. We also understand that this game uses strategies that a new player would have to spend months if not years learning so lucky for you we have made the information to learn New 1000 AD easy and accessible . You can start by joining our FORUMS and going through a lot of the strategies written by veteran players and you can go over our GAME DOCUMENTATION and also we have TUTORIALS and a NEW PLAYER TUTORIAL that will make learning this fun and wild game much faster. Invite your friends to try this game and if you work hard enough and use the correct strategy you can be placed in the top 10 of the leaderboard and make out homepage for the world to see. Empire Builder Leaderboard Round Leaderboard