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Coming off of an up and down 7-16 (5-5) season a year ago, the New Albany Boys Basketball team is ready for a new season. After losing seven seniors, everyone will need to step up this year. gas block install However, Head Coach Sam Davis and the team are ready for the challenge ahead of them. “We are excited about our team, the players are working hard and the team attitude is great,” said Coach Davis, “We have a lot of players who are playing varsity for the first time but they are buying in and working hard for each other.” Everyone is working hard for each other, and this is why the team looks like they will have a fun season ahead of them. static electricity examples When asked about key guys for this year, Davis listed most of the team. He told me, “Darrick Gray, Parker Selby, Jaxon Hoffman, and newcomer Spencer Hill are giving us great leadership. Keegan Schaub (returning starter), Jayden Lewis, Chris Benseler, Dillon Masters and Udai Singh are our juniors and they are playing very well. gas appliance manufacturers association Sophomores Brock Tibbitts and Braedon Elwer are pushing for playing time.”

Helping lead the charge for the team this year are senior center Darrick Gray and junior forward Dillon Masters. I had a chance to catch up with both of them to get their views on the upcoming season. With only a few seniors on the roster this season, I asked Darrick Gray what he felt his role would be this year. “This season my role will be to do whatever coach needs me to do for our team to win games. p gasol stats Specifically my role is to come into the game with high energy and provide leadership for my guys.” This selflessness described by Gray to help out the team was preached by Dillon Masters as well, who told me “My job on the team is to be a leader and be the best player that I can be, and being a part of something bigger than myself is a huge part of the program.” Being something bigger than yourself seems to be the trend in the locker room, as Gray told me the team cares greatly about one another, saying they are “a close knit group of guys that love the game of basketball.”

So, what are some characteristics Davis would use to describe his basketball family? He said the team has some, “Great young men that are just awesome to work with. Very good team chemistry and we do have some talented young players.” Davis continued, “Our team attitude is great, these guys really care about each other and are working very hard. gaston y astrid lima We have some shooters that will allow us to stretch the floor and we are playing very good team defense.” The hard work is paying off for a lot of the juniors on the team Dillon Masters told me. He said from a breakout year standpoint, he thinks, “Everyone will because most of the guys played jv last year and you can expect a big year from all of the juniors and seniors and knowing their role is a big part”

If everyone knows their role, and works hard as all the players and coaches have reiterated, there is no reason this team shouldn’t have some success this season. Darrick Gray told me, “As long as we play together I can see our team winning games we didn’t think we could win. Winning our league is not out of the realm of possibilities.” Dillon Masters responded, “Our potential is to win the OCC and go far in the state tournament.” With Gray and Masters anchoring this motivated bunch, this season could be a real treat for basketball fans.