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Well. Here it is August, and my motor is still wrapped up, and my truck could use a good detail from collecting all sorts crap from the nasty weather we’ve had this summer. I’m not going to go into detail here on why I am not able to have everything done right now. But I’ll leave it at – I used to have a Landscaping business before I started doing line work, and some things came up legal wise from a civil litigation bug we thought was squashed(not tax if thats what you’re thinking lol). o gosh The awful part about it is the money that was going to my 6.4s new life was basically about the same I just shelled out. Oh well, you win some , you lose some. gas after eating pasta I think December will be a better projected time frame to have her back in action. Really wanted to hit Rudy’s this October since its a local track for me and meet some of the guys on here and see what she had in her.

I do a lot of reading on here, and notice I am not the only one who has a project that takes longer than they’d like, it’s got to be one of the worst feelings ever! I feel the pain for sure! However, she’ll be dialed in and ready to hit mid 7’s in the 1/8 when tracks open up next year. I will also say that after my research on here, and numerous conversations with some shops, the idea of a single snail is being tossed around, and am considering selling my 71/59 Rudy’s set up. This site is awesome, and it seems everyone on here has for the most part your best interest in mind when it comes to personal experiences and help. We’ll see how this goes….

It really depends on you and what you want out of it. For my driving style, I won’t ever even do a single…but my truck is manual and will never see a track…I don’t mind giving up a little top end for spool up. IIRC Cody had a S472 or 475 and Eric (at PTP) has found a single he really likes so they would be able to provide a better perspective than me. electricity in homes What stall is your TC? Tuning will be huge for running a single that size on stock fuel. I know it is not popular on 6.4s, but I still think swapping to 15% nozzles was one of my favorite mods (I still have a single stock HPFP).

With the single or keeping compounds – my driving style/goals will remain same (nasty daily driver, occasional track and dyno appearances). What I’m hoping to accomplish is to have a well put together build that is reliable, and just overall nasty. I don’t tow anymore, but will if situation arises. Spoke with mdp at Rudy’s about the potential for more than wanted tuning sessions and was told they have that ironed out for most part, so I would probably go with their recommendations.

My bad….obviously I got this thread confused with another and thought you were staying with stock fuel. That is a whole different animal!!! With good tuning to limit smoke when you dont want it, it should definitely be a fun street truck. I am sure it will run a little hotter than you are use to when cruising, but a S475 should keep EGTs reasonable once she spooled for those occasions when your right gets heavy. What are you hoping she will put down?

I’m sure with the mods I’m aiming for the mid to upper 800s +/- will be easily attainable. gas 99 cents a litre One thing that is a pain in my arse right now is getting the cam put in. The motor was balanced to perfection with a stock cam, and might be sending it back to the builder with my new cam so no imperfections arise down the road. At the time of original build we weren’t really considering a cam from what I remember. Funds had a big role in that. I just hate to have a built motor with a stock cam. We’ll see. gas apple pay Still a few months out on getting everything installed and out raping NC roads.