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In November 2017, New Energy Times reported the EUROfusion organization’s publication on its Web site of inaccurate power claims about the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER). gas unlimited houston texas Two weeks later, the EUROfusion organization corrected those falsehoods. Five months later, in April 2018, during an overhaul of its Web site, EUROfusion removed its entire ITER Web page.

EUROfusion, like many organizations directly or indirectly involved in the ITER fusion reactor project, was grossly exaggerating the design capacity of the reactor. Among the inaccurate claims, EUROfusion said that, when complete, ITER would produce 10 times the power it would consume. save electricity pictures In fact, the reactor will have a near-zero net power output.

A page on the EUROfusion site that refers to ITER is titled “ITER Physics” and is listed under the “Programme” menu section. However, that page does not say anything about ITER. wd gaster theme Instead, it provides information about other fusion research devices that EUROfusion says will provide supporting scientific knowledge for ITER. electricity invented what year In the menu on the revised EUROfusion Web site, under the list of fusion devices, ITER is not listed.

Also, according to this August 2016 EUROfusion brochure ( PDF), the consortium was formed with ITER at “the heart of this collaborative agreement.” The brochure says that “EUROfusion’s work is structured around [a document called] the ‘Roadmap to the Realisation of Fusion Energy,’ which places ITER at its core.” It says that, “because ITER is the key facility of the EUROfusion roadmap, the consortium allocates considerable resources to ITER and its accompanying experiments.”

As the Oct. 9, 2014, European Commission press release, quoted above, shows, EUROfusion was founded on the false claim that it would produce 10 times more power than put into it. Donné knows that is a false claim. electricity jeopardy powerpoint His 2016 presentation ( PDF) confirms that ITER will produce the equivalent of zero net power, if all goes well (see image below). The heat output will be 1.6 times the electrical input, but if converted (which is not part of the design) back to electricity, the net power output of ITER would be a loss.

On Feb. 16, 2018, New Energy Times wrote to Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission, about the two statements, saying that ITER won’t produce power at an industrial scale because its net power output will be about zero. ITER won’t produce considerably more power than required to operate the machine. With its thermal output compared to its electrical input, ITER will make only 1.6 times more power. ITER won’t demonstrate the feasibility of nuclear fusion power because that low level of heat output wouldn’t be enough to be converted to net electrical power.

Although the second claim is not false, it is still misleading. gas density conversion Most members of the public will not realize that “fusion power” in this context does not mean what they think it means. There is a double meaning that fusion organizations, including the ITER organization and EUROfusion, do not explain well and do not define in their glossaries. The European Commission revision is technically valid only because of this double meaning.