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Utilities defend these liabilities with arguments that millions (maybe billions) of dollars were spent to build and upgrade these power plant to be marginally more efficient and marginally less polluting. Electricity video bill nye And recovering those costs requires running that coal plant until the end of its scheduled life (40, 50, 60 years or more). Gas weed strain Debts were incurred, suggest utility executives, and today’s electric customer is bound to pay them or risk stranding these power plant “assets”.

Of course, utilities don’t pay most of the costs mentioned above, so in their narrow view a coal plant can be considered an asset even as it remains a major liability to the average electric customer.

Furthermore, the assumption that electric customers should be on the hook for these legacy costs assumes that they were rational at the time. Grade 9 electricity module But there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that investments made in coal power plants, even decades ago, were bad bets. Gas kinetic energy The evidence includes:

• Economically competitive clean energy alternatives like large-scale wind power that has been price competitive with fossil fuel generation since the late 1990s (p58).

• Economically competitive large and small-scale renewable power generation in the past 10 years (including wind and solar) that costs less in pennies per kilowatt-hour but also billions less in environmental and health damages.

Decisions to invest more customer dollars in these power plants in the past 20 years were irresponsible in light of the available alternatives.

In other words, legacy fossil fuel power plants are not assets, but liabilities, and electric customers are better off if utilities close them down and replace them with inexpensive, less polluting energy sources.

The Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign has been very successful by getting utilities to admit that their old coal-fired power plants are liabilities that should be shuttered. Gas oil ratio units Building New Fossil Fuel Liabilities

While marginally cleaner to burn than coal, these new power plants are at risk of becoming liabilities just as their coal-fired predecessors, in 4 ways.

For one, the total carbon footprint of natural gas power plants may be the same, because methane leakage during extraction may eliminate the relatively lower carbon emissions during combustion. Gas 85 octane New laws restricting carbon emissions will result in compliance costs that power plant owners will pass on to electric customers.

Second, the cost of renewable energy resources has been falling rapidly ( wind by 61%, solar by 82% since 2009) and wind is already less costly than new baseload natural gas power. 850 gas block If utilities have to sell this power in competitive markets, their power plants will be unable to compete. Gasbuddy diesel If not, they are being poor stewards of their captive customers’ resources when they have less expensive generation options.

Third, new gas power plants put the risk of fuel price volatility onto electric customers, who have these costs passed through directly onto their bills. Gas efficient cars under 15000 Natural gas prices are at historic lows, but there’s little guarantee that will last the 40-year life of the power plant.

Finally, as the world moves toward meaningful action to combat climate change, the 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050 will cut off the useful economic life of new fossil fuel power plants. Electricity basics After 2050, it will be nearly impossible to meet emissions targets and still be operating any fossil fuel electricity generation. Gas ninjas A natural gas plant approved in 2016 might come online in 2017 at the earliest. N game The 33 years between then and 2050 are already seven years less than utilities typically plan for a “useful economic life.” In other words, a new proposed fossil fuel power plant is already a stranded asset if the utility has not shortened the useful economic life (a calculation that would likely make the power plant uneconomic).

This issue is coming up all across the country as monopoly utilities file their 15-year resource plans. Electricity voltage in usa A perfect example is Xcel Energy in Minnesota, seeking to replace much of the generating capacity from two old coal plants with new natural gas plants. Gas bubble (We’ve already sent their president an open letter asking them to identify a better replacement option).

For existing power plants, “stranding” assets may make the utility balance sheet look worse, but it can be the best thing for the health and welfare of the public. Gsa 2016 For financiers of new power plants, it’s unlikely to be economical to finance a new fossil fuel power plant ever again.

I’m not talking about actual production but about need for backup power. Gas up shawty In countries like mine – Poland – but also Germany, wind and to smaller extent solar remains most practical solutions. Gas numbers stove temperature But there are times when for several days there is almost no wind generation – and it just may coincide with with low solar season(nov, dec). 9gag In Poland we are using about 0.4 TWH a day, So, one would need at least several TWH of storage. Gas pedal lyrics And we are using virtually no electric cars yet. Electricity generation by source by state I don’t belive in such amount of battery storage any time soon. A gas is compressed at a constant pressure of So ultimatly one need almost full power backup – and since gas turbines have lowest investment cost – those are obvious choice. Electricity song But when one already have those turbines – why don’t use them as part of broader power-to-gas-to-power storage solution? Of course there are problems with pretty low efficency, but I’m assuming that overally not that much of electricity will be generated that way – probably 10-20%. Gas utility austin Rest will depends more on daily cycling using batteries. Lafayette la gas prices I will not contradict You on South Australia, but what I read about it is that there are pretty exceptional capacity factors for both wind and solar. Electricity laws physics Obviously capacity factor is main problem with renewables. Hp gas online booking But when I looked at chart showing current(Wed 23III) SA electricity production, some 70% was produced using coal and gas. Gas in california So I would assume that those 50% production from renewables means that sometimes there is 80%/20% renew./fossil f. Gas jokes mix and sometimes its reversed. Gas exchange in the lungs So at times there is need for capacity to produce those 80% from ff. C gastronomie But there is further dimenssion to capacity factor problem. Gas bubble disease Renewables mix for Poland should be about 60/40 wind/solar resulting in some 25% average CF. Is there a gas station near me So to actually cover our yearly consumption we need 4 times avereage power consumption of installed renewables generation. Electricity prices over time Meaning that there will be times when we will have huge overproduction problems – resulting in energy market problems(like negative prices). Electricity outage san antonio So we need not only power on demand but also consumption of power on demand. Electricity and circuits class 6 ppt And power-to-gas-to-power serves those also. Electricity lessons 4th grade No doubts there will come huge optimizations in energy consumption with smart grid, probably better capacity factors(ofshore wind) but some problems will remains unsolved. Oil n gas prices In the long run hydrogen is much better solution than methane(no CO2, better efficencies, on the other hand there is huge already built infrastructure and aquired knowledge for methane ) but for now I see it as easiest way for transformation.