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While voting to elect former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the presidency, New Jersey voters agreed to dedicate money from the gas tax increase toward the Transportation Trust Fund by a 1,507,691 to 1,469,921 vote.

The money formally dedicates money from a recently Gov. Gaston y astrid lima Chris Christie-endorsed 23-cent gas tax hike toward transportation projects, such as bridge and road construction and transit improvements.

In the presidential race, meanwhile, Clinton took 54.8 percent of the vote, or 1,940,809 votes, over Republican nominee Donald Trump’s 42.0 percent, or 1,485,485 votes, with 93 percent of the precincts reporting, according to CNN.

Energy was high and turnout is strong statewide Tuesday in New Jersey, as voters turn out to select the next President of the United States, plus weigh in on local races and two statewide ballot questions.

The rough and tumble 2016 presidential campaign culminates with your vote Tuesday, and Patch was covering any and all things election-related here in New Jersey.

• New Jersey’s not considered a pivotal battleground state in the presidential race, but there’s a lot to vote for that could directly impact everyone who’s concerned about the economy – particularly gas prices – in the state. Gas nozzle keeps stopping Read more here…

• Frustratingly long Election Day lines stretching blocks were seen at polling places in New Jersey for Tuesday’s presidential election as the state dealt with several issues. Gas vs electric oven cost In two towns, poll workers took down a sign that appeared to tell voters they needed ID to cast their ballot. When was gas 99 cents in california No ID is required for voting in New Jersey, but some reported that people walked away from polling places after seeing the sign. Gas leak los angeles california Read more here…

• Middlesex County is currently being monitored by the Department of Justice to make sure they’re complying with all federal voting rights laws– the only county in New Jersey to be monitored. Gas stoichiometry worksheet answers Read more here…

• Police asked a man holding a Donald Trump sign Tuesday morning to back away from the polling location because he was too close, authorities said. Electricity magnetism and light Read more here…

• In Metuchen, poll workers took down a sign that appeared to tell voters they needed ID to cast their ballot. E payment electricity bill up No ID is required for voting in New Jersey, but some reported that people walked away from polling places after seeing the sign.

Some took to Twitter to protest: Metuchen, NJ 08840. Gasbuddy near me 16 Simpson Pl, district 6, poll worker: “I need to see ID.” But actually:

• In Jersey City, meanwhile, ABC New York posted photos of lines more befitting a rock concert ticket queue near the city’s fire headquarters during Tuesday’s election.

Another local voter reported that she spent three and a half hours in line, posting a Tweet that read: “3.5 hours in Jersey City and I didn’t even get a sticker.”

— Julie Alayna (@JalaynaS) November 8, 2016 @electionland Huge problems at Jersey City NJ polls – NJ Fire Dept on Marin 8th St. Gas efficient suv 2013 – Any help?????

— Raphael Miranda (@Raphael4NY) November 8, 2016 Jersey City Fire headquarters voting station is a complete mess. Electricity history facts Yelling in lines. Gastroparesis No oversight

Election officials in Jersey City’s ninth district eventually brought in additional voting booths to help ease the congestion, an ABC7 reporter posted.

• The Jersey Shore Hurricane News Facebook page reported that voters without ID were being turned away at Ocean Acres Elementary School in Stafford Township.

Dennick later told the Patch that he and his wife went to Ocean Acres Elementary School Tuesday morning about 10 a.m. Electricity demand to cast their votes and he detailed what happened next:

“The guy behind the table made no motion to get the voter book, but instead asked for my ID,” Dennick said. Gas vs electric water heater cost per year “I was surprised and asked him why I needed to show my ID, since it was against the law. Tgask He said because the election board said so. T gas terengganu I asked him if there was some one in charge I could talk to about this and he said there was no one in charge.”

“I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but the lady in front of me walked away without voting,” Dennick said. Electricity 220v “All I heard of her conversation with the poll worker was him telling her it was to prevent people from voting multiple times and that he’s seen people try it a bunch already today.”

He and his wife reported it to the Ocean County election board, he said, and was told they were going to send someone down there right away. Gas quality by brand His wife also called 866-our vote and reported it to them, he said.

In Toms River, Joseph Lewkowicz said he encountered a problem when he went to vote at the Elks Club on Washington Street: “They told me I was 216 years old at the Elks in TR,” he said in a comment on the Toms River Patch Facebook page. Electricity questions for class 10 “Almost would not let me vote til people around me started making comments. Electricity generation efficiency Several phone calls and finally a person with authority said I could finally vote. O gascon I was there approximately 30 minutes,” he said.

A Blackwood resident who asked not to be named told Patch that she and her husband went to their polling place in Blackwood to vote, only to be told he was now on the mail-in voting list.

“He checked and I am on there as well,” the resident said. Gas and supply acworth ga “We have zero idea as to how this happened, we have never filled anything out for that. Electricity usage in the us We have went there in the past, no problem, to vote for mayors, governors, and presidents. Electricity and magnetism worksheets 5th grade My husband was livid and demanded to know what in the heck was going on. C gastritis They made him fill out about 20 minutes of paper work, along with a mail in vote, gave him a number and told him to call in 10 days to see if his vote even counted. Gas south Looks like that is what I have to look forward to when I get out of work and go to vote. Electric zap sound effect free Two words, crooked and rigged. Gas turbine “

“Scotch Plains isn’t giving the ‘I voted’ stickers out, so you can’t show you’re proud and can’t get a free appetizer at Texas Roadhouse,” a voter who identified himself as “George C.” reported.

Elsewhere, nearly 20,000 ballots had to be counted by hand in Burlington County due to a printing mistake, according to published reports. Hp gas kushaiguda phone number The wrong markings on mail-in ballots that identify the town and voting district have lead to the hand counting of at least 19,000 ballots in the Burlington County Courthouse on Tuesday, according to the Courier Post.

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