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Thanks for your welcome here Gents. The story begins with me NEEDING another bike. My last was a 2005 HD FXD Superglide I bought new. Great bike, put 42k miles on it. Last year of the carburetor 5 speed big twin dynas. Lots of great memories, one ride to Sturgis rode straight through other than gas and water stops from West Bend WI to the campground in Sturgis by the drag strip. Left at 530am, there at 930pm Sturgis time. gas x strips side effects I sold that dyna 5 or so years ago.

From there to here, I’ve always liked the look and possibilities of the XS650. electricity images cartoon Years back I traded a CL360 for a ’69 triumph T120R in a basket. I never did anything with that bike, traded to a cousin for an Evinrude outboard & $$$. I figure the XS is miles ahead of the T120 an engineering reliability, and new manufacture parts are available (like MikesXS and other sources I’ve found here). So, my search for an XS began.

Found a couple local to WI on craigslist. Nope. Went to an auction at Mach4 in Appleton WI October 10 this year. There was a pretty corroded ’75 and a couple ’72s that looked good in the online photos. The ’72s had rust crawling out of the gas tanks, like a fungus attack. The ’75 was way worse…, that one sold for $900+ to an online bidder. gas x strips review Anyhow, in my back pocket were 2 XS650’s on an Ebay RawHide Boys Ranch (Bart Star of the Packers & Jane & John Gilespie organization). One was a ’80 XS650SG, the other a ’82 XS650 Special II (wire wheels with 100 or spokes on the front, well, maybe not a 100, but lots). I quit biding on the ’82 at $915. Went for $935. Next up 5 minutes later auction time was the ’80. I won that one, $510 + the Governors cut and title fee. 20k miles on it, description said sold as non-runner due to gas running from carbs when the RawHide wrenches tried to start it.

It’s mine now, with no real plan on what it will look like. I will be bobbing the seat shorter, simple round tail light, scrambler bars, changes to have the XS feel the way I want it. I plan to retire in ~3 years or so, and this XS will be part of that future for me to change it as I see fit. Local rides around the kettle hills, laid back and easy.

So far new bars are in place, backrest gone, cleaning up all the oil, repairing the battery cables, removed & jumper the reserve light module (blue/black & blue/yellow wires). Changed oil & filters. j gastrointest surg Squirt diluted w/gas 2 stroke oil in cylinders and stroked engine through to wet the cylinders. Checked for spark (got spark!!). Mothers polish on the alloy wheels. gas definition science PO must have loved lubing the chain, real oil mess on swingarm and area. I’ll take a close look at the trans output shaft seal to see if this is oiling the chain. Just been putzing with it to get to know whats where. I’ll probably keep the stock air filter/box setup. Filter elements are in great shape. Do a compression check, set cam chain I rocker clearance, go around the head bolts to validate torque. Clean & freshen carbs w/float valves, etc. Maybe fire it soon. gas city indiana newspaper I know I’ll need a cam chain guide ’cause of small chunk found in side filter. That will be spring time fun because it’s gotten to be frozen tundra season here in WI.

Cold (32°f) compression check told me there’s 148 psi left cyl, 150 psi right. That’s good news for me. Connected shop battery to check chassis lighting function. With key to on position, headlight no light, after a good kick headlight stays lit indication that alternator is sending output to the headlamp relay. That’s good news too. Also jumped blue/black & blue/yellow at reserve lighting relay. Clipped the connector on the relay side, nipped unused wires below rim of connector, soldered the two blues, applied rtv sealer over relay end of connector. Once cured, applied dielectric grease to terminals and installed into chassis harness connector. gas key staking No need to worry about reserve light relay failing during a ride. Sometime soon I’ll remove the carb assembly to clean & repair as need in the warmth and comfort of the basement workshop.

Skinned the seat to begin the job of bobbing the rear of pan. I’ll bob by cutting off rear of pan, shorten remaining pan to just behind the rear seat retainer mechanism. I welded pieces of 1/8 mild steel around perimeter where the retainer mechanism posts fit through, weld 1/8 steel flats to posts and have 1/8 rubber pad between the 1/8" steel flats and top of seat retainer mechanism towers that are attached to the frame tubes. gas to liquid The old foam was wet, not too much rusty mung-n-drool damage to seat pan. This is an aftermarket king/queen seat ( C/G inside a shield shaped label on bottom of pan) that weighed a ton. Some of that weight was water. Pan is pretty light. Used stock Yamaha mounting hardware. I intend to contact cement thin closed cell foam over pan, contact cement some Naugahyde over that, finish the edges with the trim channel that was present on the seat. Might turn out ok.