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The law provides people the opportunity to obtain compensation if someone else has harmed them. For example, if you have been physically injured as a result of a careless or negligent act, then you may have the right to claim compensation for your injuries. If your company or business has been harmed by the actions of another, you may have the right to seek damages. If you have been wrongfully terminated from your job, the law may provide you the ability to obtain damages.

Every case is different and whether you have a valid claim depends upon the specific facts of your particular case as well as the applicable law. This is why it is important to consult with the experienced attorneys at Lamothe Law Firm to discuss any potential claim you may have.

In many states including Louisiana, it is still possible to claim compensation even if your own actions may have been partly to blame for your injuries, losses or damages. Sometimes the law does not allow a claim to be brought against certain people who have immunity. Knowing which laws are or may be applicable (or inapplicable) to impose liability is critical to evaluating whether a case exists.

Even if you think someone has acted improperly, the injuries, losses and damages resulting from those negligent actions may be minimal. The cost to bring a lawsuit may be more than what you could recover in damages. It is important to do an initial damage assessment to make sure there are sufficient damages to bring a case.

Every potential claim has a statute of limitations or a “window of time” in which you are allowed to file a lawsuit. These time limits vary widely depending on the state in which you live and on the nature of your case, i.e., does your claim involve an auto accident injury, medical malpractice or product liability claim. Does it involve a breach of contract? Does it involve wrongful employment termination? There are also circumstances where you must provide early notice of your claim, such as when a governmental entity is involved. Knowing the time limitations applicable to your claim is critical because if a claim is not brought before the statute of limitations has run or proper notice has not been provided, your claim is likely to be barred forever. If you believe you have a claim you should immediately contact the experienced attorneys at Lamothe Law Firm to make sure the time to bring your claim does not pass.

Even if you have sustained injuries, damages or losses, and even if it is apparent that someone else caused those injuries, damages or losses, bringing a lawsuit may not always be in your best interest. Lawsuits take significant time and energy and can take their toll on the parties involved – financially, emotionally and sometimes physically. We put the interests of our clients first and if we believe the potential cost of going to trial or bringing a lawsuit are not in your best interests, we will let you know so that you can make an informed decision about your case.

There are many, many factors that go into evaluating what any particular claim is worth. Each case is different and it is impossible to provide a specific dollar figure for any claim. No attorney can ever guarantee you will obtain compensation for your case or that you will receive any certain amount of compensation. That being said, the experienced attorneys at Lamothe Law Firm have vast experience in evaluating potential claims and can provide you with an honest evaluation of your claim and provide you with an assessment of what your claim may be worth.

Depending on the state in which you live, you may be able to recover economic damages and non-economic damages. Economic damages are relatively easy to calculate and cover things such as property damages, lost income, lost profits, lost value, out-of-pocket expenses and medical bills. They can also cover future lost earnings expenses and medical bills. In contract cases, economic damages may be spelled out in the contract. For employment cases, economic damages can include back pay, front pay and the value of lost fringe benefits.

The experienced attorneys at Lamothe Law Firm have handled thousands of cases over the years and know how to value the cases they handle. In each case, they do everything in their power to get their clients the maximum allowed under law for their injuries. Full justice is full compensation.