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This will serve as a weekend update regularly as I talk about the lives of these frogs and I will also give updates to the brethren enclosures that make up the PA Woods Vivariums which are my 125 gallon Western PA Woods and Pine Creek PA Woods Vivariums. You will hear some updates as all of these animals and enclosures are interconnected being members of the same ecosystem of PA and the inhabitants will also have lived together at some point which truly does connect them.

My goal is to use my knowledge of this species to inform, educate and interest you if you keep them or even if you don’t. I will use my YouTube Channel, Facebook Page and my activity on the forums to inform and reach as many people as I can. I hope that you will join me and give me feedback and let me know how you feel about what’s going on in with these amphibians. I value and enjoy your participation. I will have links of my YouTube Channel and Facebook Page as well as my care sheet of the Gray Tree Frogs and a link to join my community on YouTube!

I am looking at what plants, accessories and what enclosure these tree frogs will have. tropico 5 electricity The fate of the new PA Woods Vivarium depends on it. I am looking to get the same light and fogger for all 3 enclosures for the PA Woods Vivariums so all the animals involved are getting the same treatment. I think I’ll just stick to the English ivy and the Hydrangea plant. I’ll get more ivy sometime. The enclosure has to fit in the place of the current one. I’m going to get a terrarium for the tree frogs. It will be 36 inches long and I am unsure after that. I will have more updates as we progress.

The babies are still little but making steady progress. c gastritis der antrumschleimhaut I’m going to try and feed them heavier to hopefully help them grow. I am very interested in seeing how Christian and Bane interact with their own kind and how they share the enclosure and food. I’m sure the relationship between Christian and Bane as well as the relationship of the baby tree frogs. This next video will reveal a lot more about the character of these tree frogs. I’m sure you will enjoy seeing them faceoff against the Whites Tree Frogs.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the voting for the first Holiday Special! I am going to close the voting on Monday so this way I allow everybody some time to vote. I really appreciate the support I got from you all. I will announce the winner first on the Facebook Page and the YouTube Community then following in a few days the forums. I was very excited so many people gave quality input on every category. I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving because my animals and I did.

I think first the video was successful because between both enclosures there is depth in personality. You got to see Max attack me and my camera and Christian get hand fed and Bane show what it means to be stealthy. The baby gray tree frogs and Fin the Betta Fish were also both talked about positively which gave the surprise appearances another element to the video. From all the tree frogs and Fin they all played an important role and showed how interesting and incredible these species are.

But back to the Gray Tree Frogs as this is their thread. They are doing great and have been hunting a fly/wasp like insect that I have been documenting. I got probably the most incredible footage of the Gray Tree Frogs hunting and it’ll be sure to thrill you. Bane again shows his dominance and hunting prowess. Not taking anything away from Christian he has a key part in the video. He shows the camera how Gray Tree Frogs hunt flying insects in the wild. This scene is truly incredible as he shows the ability of decision making and follows up what was stated about how good the Gray Tree Frogs are at hunting. electricity bill cost I’m going to get them a little fogger and get some more English Ivy. I think I’m going to give them plants that I’ve already used and know will work so that way plants don’t die and they have nothing. I’ll be introducing insects into their enclosure too. The Gray Tree Frogs will like I said be included this winter so get ready to see the story of the baby tree frogs as we follow them on their way into the New PA Woods Vivarium.

I am actually kicking around the idea of getting a Biopod for the New PA Woods Vivarium. It’s an expensive setup I get it but it has a misting system and keeps the air fresh as well as maintains heat and humidity. gas definition They also have their own background which I wouldn’t make for the tree frogs because I’m focused on making the best backgrounds for the largest two setups. The Exo Terra Terrariums have their own background so I don’t have to worry about them but this gives the New PA Woods Vivarium added features I wouldn’t want to add myself. I am trying to be as efficient as possible with electricity since I now have 5 enclosures. The Biopod is one plug in which is nice.

Wouldn’t it be great to see how the custom enclosures fair compared to the Biopod? I’m very interested in seeing my 125 Gallon Western PA Woods Vivarium compete with the new innovative and technologically advanced enclosure. I’m still looking into it but it’s the measurements I actually need for an enclosure and the space available. It’s a terrarium and easy for me to access.

The Gray Tree Frogs as a whole had a really hard week. For starters in the New PA Woods Vivarium their driftwood piece became moldy so it had to be removed. This was a very important piece of the enclosure because the frogs would lay on it and hunt prey. I managed to get a fake plant and some moss sticks that I’ll be using to create a make shift platform for them.

All 3 situations were setbacks but it still was a great week. All the animals got a feast for Thanksgiving and I fed another swarm of emerging Black Soldier Flies to Christian and Bane. I got some incredible clips for the next video. I also was just able to enjoy seeing the animals all happy and healthy. It was still a good holiday weekend.

This is good that the first Holiday video was so close. This means these two will square off next year to hopefully get a winner! I hope you enjoyed the video yourself. As for the next video we will be showing a special edition of the Swarms Battles when the Dumpy Family and New PA Woods Vivarium inhabitants battle swarms of the Black Soldier Fly. I hope you are excited to see Tree Frogs vs Flies!

I am currently committed to getting a Biopod Aqua for the future enclosure for the Gray Tree Frogs to become the Biopod New PA Woods! This decision came from asking owners of the Biopod their experiences and if they believed it would fit what I intend to do for the Gray Tree Frogs. I believe this will help the tree frogs to have a misting system and a nice background and to have UVB as well as humidity. This is wonderful for them and I can’t wait to showcase next Thanksgiving the Exo Terra Terrarium vs the Biopod. gas usa These are supposedly the nicest two looking brands. I personally believe this for a terrarium as well.

I am looking forward to featuring these tree frogs in my first attempt at frog week. I think it will be very interesting and educational but will be fun relating the content to these guys. So the way it will work is when I am herping (looking for amphibians and reptiles) I will explain how this effects the Gray Tree Frogs, American Toads, and Northern Leopard Frogs whether it is predators, prey or the environment. I am looking forward to showing you around spots of PA that I believe are incredible and they are sure to be filled with many amphibians.

I took out the wood and put in the smaller make shift accessory. I just had a quiet day of maintenance basically. Finally after the Thanksgiving feasts I’m going to feed again all the animals. While I’m going to be feeding again it had me thinking about some very incredible opportunities for the Swarms Battles next year. I think I gave it away on my YouTube Channel I made a new playlist showing two documentaries of two species I will be using for some battles.

I am of course talking about the Dragonfly and the Praying Mantis. Both insects are known for being able to hunt frogs and toads. The aquatic stage of the Dragonfly can catch fish that’s how quick they are. The Mantis can catch younger frogs and toads. electricity bill payment hyderabad This is obviously setting up to be the two most interesting battles when they come out. The New PA Woods Vivarium will actually not feature these large native insects but the toads and possibly someone else will be given the opportunity to exact some revenge for their fallen brethren. So if the toads are going to be battling these two native creatures then it’s fair to explain why the New PA Woods Vivarium will host two arboreal insects to draw their own interest. A close relative to the dragonfly is the Damselfly and the other insect is the Green Lacewing. I am excited to see how Bane and Christian will react to these two flying feeders. It will also be incredible to document the baby tree frogs joining forces with Bane and Christian for these invading swarms. Perhaps we will see the Black Soldier Fly join in on the fun and be an ally to the flying insect invasion.

For the battles I am going to do some different things when the spring rolls around. I will have exclusive feeders for the different species like the flying insects mostly will be for the tree frogs and the larger insects will be only involved in the larger amphibian battles. Do you like the idea of more exclusive feeders for the amphibians of the PA Woods?

This week was another quiet week and the Gray Tree Frogs are doing great. Bane and Christian are healthy and pudgy. electricity questions and answers physics The babies are growing and I fed more so they would grow. I took each baby out and let them crawl on me so they got used to me handling them and they wouldn’t be stressed. current electricity definition physics The plants in The New PA Woods Vivarium are adapting to captive care and died back a little bit but are coming back.

So now that I have been looking more into what the future home will be for the Gray Tree Frogs I have come to the conclusion that there isn’t a total number yet for tree frogs so I cannot choose between which Biopod I will select. I have narrowed it down to 3: Biopod Aqua (front runner), Biopod Aqua II, Biopod Grand (it is horrible to assemble they don’t put it together for you). I am anticipating 7 gray tree frogs which I know is a lot so I am going to wait and see what happens with the total number and save up until it’s time to choose. I’ve been pointed to the Aqua as being the best option. Remember it’s going to be a very complete setup with full spectrum lighting, it pumps it’s own air into the system and has a misting system. It is a very good system. I’m not convinced it can house that many but not sure that many will be in it.

I think I am interested in writing two articles to start 2019. I’m interested in talking about a bioactive setup focusing on the roles and relationships the ecosystem requires. I am also interested in discussing the topic of a mixed species setup the challenges and rewards. I’ll be sure to include more as I move forward. What are your thoughts on the two articles?