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For one thing, it keeps our weight down and increases the blood flow to our major organs. Your eyes are one of your major organs. Increased weight means increased disease risk and poor blood flow cause hardening of the arteries. Of course there are veins and arteries in and near the eyes.

The best is to do exercise for health reasons, and not for beauty purposes. So exercises that balance out your physical structure, relax your entire being, while moving your blood and improve your flexibility is what you should be striving for. Step 2: Eat Healthy

These are high in potassium, which helps your body to draw the sodium out of your cells. Sodium is the type of salt that keeps liquids trapped in cells, so it’d be a great idea to have abundance of potassium in your diet and cut down on sodium for a while to get fluids moving in your system.

Another rule of thumb; Anything that has a shelf-life of 6 months of more shouldn’t be eaten. If bacteria in the environment can’t break it down, you gut bacteria also can’t break it down and you just build up toxic residue in your system. Step 3: Quit Smoking

So, in restaurants and bars, stay away from the smoking areas. In public places, move away from smokers. I know they shouldn’t be smoking, but you won’t control them and their lives, you can only take charge of yours and make the best for yourself.

Instead, go on a cleanse. Alkalize your body, and get rid of the toxicity that is causing your allergies in the first place. You can also do a food allergy test, so you find out what foods are causing your sensitivities. Then eliminate allergenic foods from your diet.

Done the right way, your blood will move better through your body, and your liver and kidneys will be able to do their job again. You’ll experience abundance of energy and vitality because your blood will be able to bring more oxygen to all parts of your body; including your eyes.

If you can’t prevent it, then keeping it under strict control is the next best option. Diet and exercise go a long way in achieving this goal. I don’t mean to sound like a diet and exercise guru, but I can’t stress enough, how important they both are in maintaining good eye health and glaucoma prevention.

Some of the risk factors requiring regular checkups are; age 65 or older, family history of glaucoma, are of black or Asian ancestry, have diabetes, have a chronic inflammatory disease, have had any serious eye injury or are taking steroids. A little knowledge goes a long way toward preventing glaucoma.

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