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I set up our 2015 Tacoma four door long bed this last spring for a fwc Fleet front dinette. I worked with Mainline Overland to set up my truck and they were great to work with, I told them I didn’t want to cut any corners since I knew that I’d be quite a bit over the factory stated payload capacity of the truck. e85 gas stations in ohio I bought the parts from them and did the work myself to save a few bucks. Here’s what I did: I used Mainline’s GTS suspension kit which is by Dobinsons of Australia. Extra Heavy rear leaf pack, heavy front springs, heavy duty shocks all around, Firestone airbags with Daystar cradles, Atwood female trolling motor receptacle for electrical connection, arb compressor permanently mounted in engine compartment. I debated wether to go with heavy or extra heavy rear springs. With the camper on and loaded for a trip I kept 20 psi in the air bags. gas vs electric stove I definitely think that proper leaf springs are the way to go. I will mention though that with the camper off you will need to add weight and it sits quite high in the rear. I had a little drive line shudder on accelerating from a stop and added an Old Man Emu pinion bearing drop kit, this helped when loaded.

A few things I’ll share about the camper itself: We bought a 2017 Fleet Silver Spur front dinette used “barely”. Through googling reading etc. the roof of these campers are a weak point. If you must carry stuff on the roof with Yakima racks I would try to insist that the factory put the tracks on the outermost roof beam above the wall where they will be much better supported, rather than the usual location. If not, be very careful with crossbar placement and keep loads light. gas efficient cars under 5000 Forget about loading up a space case with a bunch of gear. I’m planning to fabricate an aluminum rack system next spring that places the load on the jack brackets rather than the roof. electricity balloon experiment I learned also after having some difficulty with batteries that the on board Iota battery charger tis being installed with Iota’s internal iq4 smart circuitry. The Iq4 is designed to charge and maintain wet lead acid batteries and the one in my camper has damaged the agm batteries that are used. Hopefully fwc has addressed this, I doubt it. Iota’s newer charger uses external modules to control the charger that are “plug and play” and they make modules specifically for agm batteries, also for gel batteries.

Iota charge profile: I am seeing max bulk charging voltage at 14.7-14.8 volts, too much for agm. I have had a few conversations with techs at Iota engineering, they say this is within normal parameters for the IQ4 module and too much voltage for AGM batteries. astrid y gaston lima menu prices They state that the IQ4 module is specifically designed for flooded deep cycle batteries. My original indication that something wasn’t right was that the gas detector which is mounted on the face of the battery box was going into alarm mode when the charger was operating. This indicates battery off gassing which is evidence of overcharging for sealed batteries. I then observed that the battery bank would not hold a full charge, (After receiving a full charge and waiting for the surface charge to dissipate they settled at 12.5V, should be 12.8V). It may seem picky to some, what’s .3V? Well if you’re caring for your agm batteries properly, you should be operating them between 12.0&12.8V so .3V is a loss of 37.5% of capacity. For what it’s worth In my past I worked on large boats and lived abroad for some time, have a pretty good working knowledge of 12V systems. I think it’s also noteworthy that Iota, “who I think makes good products” has gone to the effort and expense to design modules specifically for the charging parameters needed for specific battery types ie. IQ4 for wet cell, agm, gel and a few others. Using the IQ4 for your agm batteries will charge the batteries but is likely shortening their life at best. gas and electric credit union In my case, I lost the original two and one of the second set.