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The house is very pretty, well furnished and especially faithful to the illustrations. It is also well equipped in small household appliances. However, if you like to cook, you will be very disappointed with the utensils and dishes provided. Everything is missing in the kitchen !! The BBQ is of poor quality. We had only bad results. Nespresso coffee lovers? They have a machine but think bring your capsules because they are not available in stores throughout Southwest Florida. House is located in an environment still in full residential development (noise of the surrounding buildings) and which lacks outright homogeneity. No overall urban plan. No trees and only rarely manicured here and there. It’s really not pretty around. Nothing to do with the gated communities of Fort Myers and Naples. Cape Coral does not have a good reputation in South West Florida. Once in Cape Coral are the firearms and tattoos shops that greet you if it is not a criminal arrest by the police ‘live’. Rather sad as a decoration. And there is nothing to do here; everything is at least 1 hour from here. In terms of fine dining, the offer is zero in Cape Coral and is similar to low-end American cuisine (burgers, fish and chips …). For hikers and beach lovers Cape Coral has nothing to offer. Description of the RVBO site is absolutely not true to reality. Indicate it is the little Venice of Florida is more than exaggerated. Nothing to do with the exoticism of Venice for those who went there !! For lovers of beautiful golf courses, forget about Cape Coral. It costs about 150$/week to heat pool and spa. Do not forget it. Regarding the cost of the rental of the hotel, please note that it does not include the 11% tourist tax that you must pay the end of the stay. No basic allowance is granted for electricity. In addition, every time you come back Cape Coral (Peninsula), be patient because of the traffic is dense on the bridge that requires a toll of 2$. The posting on the web should be clearer! We have more than a hundred trips abroad to our credit; we are reliable able to comment. We have always been satisfied with the choices made to date. We made a mistake this time.

We stayed at the villa for 4 days and enjoyed our time there immensely. It was immaculate and the amenities were as advertised and included everything you would need except coffee. Another interesting point was we bought frozen pizza. While all the amenities were covered there was not pan to cook it on or a cutter.

The daytime weather was warm, but not really sunny. As a result the heat pump that was programmed to heat the spa and the pool did not kick in. Because the heating and AC thermostat was programmed to switch automatically from heat pump to electricity and hydro would run make heating with electricity exorbitant. We were prepared for this before we went because the contract stated the we would be charged so much per kilo watt hour. Consequently, we did not use the pool and only used the spa in the evening except for one evening when it was so cool, the water would not heat up to a desired temperature. Could have used a manual or document to know how to set the temperatures and controls.

While the property was located at the south end of Cape Coral, access to it could be made from a number of causeways. Once you got oriented, it was easy driving around with the help of a gps to the various shops, restaurants and tourist attraction.