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Please read this comment slowly and carefully. gaslighting examples I promise you this is going to light up that light bulb for a lot of people. … wait for it … – If a wind farm hires a company to study the effects of wind turbines on humans and wildlife, the results are going to show no effect on humans and wildlife. A wind farm company is paying for the study! Of course the results will be in their favor. Oh this is getting good. Stay with me. Everyone has heard of “government studies”. Now the government is cramming these turbines down our throats. The government pays taxpayer money to hire a company to do a “government study” on the effects of wind turbines on humans and wildlife, the results are going to show no effect on humans and wildlife. Our government (who wants the wind farm) is paying for the study with our hard-earned donated money! Of course the results will be in their favor. Catching on, aren’t you? Intelligent people hire intelligent people to do a realistic study on the effects of wind turbines on humans and wildlife – the results are … wait for it … read up on it people. End of debate.

Dear friends, How close is the nearest InvEnergy turbines next to your home? Mine is 1665′ away. The next closest to us is 2225′ away. How many times did InvEnergy turn off (complete shutdown) those turbines so your wife and kids could sleep when it was too noisy and too much infrasound? They shut them off for me 51 times. What is the noise limit which will allow healthy sleep? About 34 to 35 dBA. Who came up with this number? A bunch of professional acousticians. Who was on the IPCB committee when the octave band noise limits were put in place? Dr. Paul Schomer. What was Dr. Paul Schomer’s findings in the Highland turbine noise hearings? He said Mike Hankard’s curtailment plan for turbines which are too noisy was "ludicrous" and neighbors should not be treated as test subjects……..maybe not his exact words, but pretty close. electricity production in chad Who is the author of noise portion of InvEnergy’s Livingston County application? Mike Hankard. What did Mike Hankard say when Vermilion County Board Members asked him about low frequency noise causing sleep deprivation for residents? He said it was not part of his study. What did Mike Hankard tell me at the back of my property where he measured the noise? He said, "I don’t envy you one bit." Does Livingston County’s wind ordinance address any of this sleep depriving low frequency noise problem? No. What is InvEnergy’s attorney going to say when people abandon their homes because their health is being ruined from low frequency noise? "We followed all regulations. We are in conformance with the rules and regulations. If we tell you why this is causing a problem, then we will have a difficult time defending/representing the interests of our client, InvEnergy." Have you ever asked for permission to sleep in your own home? InvEnergy has refused allowing me and my kids to be left alone with the ability to sleep in our home since Mother’s Day, 2013. We tried everything to get accustomed to the noise emitted from wind turbines. Look up our story……all of it is true. For those afraid to speak out, don’t fall for Wild Bill’s empty threat that your landlord (with turbine leases) are going to take away your rental farm ground. For the record, I never had any problem with my neighbors who signed up their own property for a wind turbine lease. I only ran into a problem with it at the moment the noise from the turbine disturbed my son, my daughter, and my wife from sleep. I began to have problems when my son was kept awake all night long on nights before math tests which he flunked. electricity transmission We never had anything except straight-A’s until the turbines began operating. After nights of wind turbine noise and no sleep, I pulled kids out of bed, dressed them, put on their backpacks and shoved them out the front door so they could ride a bus to school and go flunk their exams. The sleep deprivation caused me so much memory trouble that I would forget to call people back on the phone. My wife has serious long-term health problems from sleep deprivation caused by wind turbines. electricity 220v What did the Armstrong School District Superintendent say about the wind farm? (The consequences are real.) If this project is built in Livingston County, there will be children, friends/neighbors, relatives, or someone you know who will be affected. In Vermilion County, with the same setbacks as Livingston, there are approximately 20 families/households within the wind farm which are experiencing sleep disturbance. Some of them have discussed their situation in public. Others are too ashamed that they were fooled by the InvEnergy salesman and signed up their land with turbines. InvEnergy’s representatives have been caught in numerous lies which they have told to the Vermilion County Board. When InvEnergy’s attorney, Mike Blazer, was asked about low frequency noise and sleep deprivation, he responded that he would not answer that question at this time because it would hurt his ability to defend/represent his client. That was one true thing he did say, and he isn’t lying! Let’s look behind the curtain to see what they are hiding. la gasolina daddy yankee mp3 Look deep and close at the noise limits they will follow. Those Illinois Pollution Control Board maximum allowable noise limits do not make it possible for humans to sleep in their homes at night. Those IPCB limits are from a pre-wind turbine era, and have no limit for any sound pressure "pulse" below 20 Hz. The low frequency noise tones below 20 Hz will damage your health in numerous ways such as sleep disturbance/deprivation, headaches, and dizziness. If you or anyone in your family is affected with any motion sickness tendencies, then my suggestion is to sell your homes now because you will not last very long once these machines start to pump out electricity. InvEnergy is defending multiple lawsuits because they have not learned how to build their projects without injuring the nearby neighbors. Look to Gerry Meyer, Dave Enz, Cary Shineldecker, Ted Hartke, Gina Isabelle, Dave and Jean Miles for the truth. Don’t take my word for it. Do some independent research. Definitely don’t get your information from bloggers who won’t put their real name on what they write. Keep my comment for the future. Let’s see who is right about all of this in the years to come. Hey, if you think I am kidding, my house is abandoned, vacant, for sale. Search "Armstong" on It is a beautiful house. I count myself lucky that it was not my family’s "Centennial Farmstead" ruined by wind turbine noise. None of this stuff is new. I have said or wrote or published all of it OR Mike Blazer has said so OR Mike Hankard has said so OR Dr. Schomer has said so before. gas dryer vs electric dryer operating cost If you have a little more time, then watch the videos on Search "Invenergy lies." Let’s put all of this information in great detail out there in the public before horrible decisions are made for Livingston County. If the county board is aware of the facts, and still fail to protect your health and safety, then they will be held accountable.

For Clinton residents, nuclear plant’s ‘impact is significant’…… The Clinton Power Station is located near Clinton, Illinois, USA. The power station began commercial operation on April 24, 1987 and has a nominal gross electric output of 1,078 MWe. Due to inflation and cost overruns, Clinton’s final construction cost exceeded $2.6 billion.

The surrounding 14,300 acres (58 km2) site and adjacent 5,000 acres (20 km2) cooling reservoir, Clinton Lake, is owned by the operator, but hosts the Clinton Lake State Recreation Area and is open to public for a large range of outdoor activities. Only around 150 acres (0.61 km2) are actually used by the plant’s buildings and operation areas.

Surrounding population The Nuclear Regulatory Commission defines two emergency planning zones around nuclear power plants: a plume exposure pathway zone with a radius of 10 miles (16 km), concerned primarily with exposure to, and inhalation of, airborne radioactive contamination, and an ingestion pathway zone of about 50 miles (80 km), concerned primarily with ingestion of food and liquid contaminated by radioactivity.