Newmediawire – iqstel issues 14 november 2018 shareholder letter (10k) thermal electricity how it works


On behalf of management, I would like to present this letter to shareholders of our company. electricity 24 hours This fiscal year, from July 2017 to June 2018, has been a time of important transformations for iQSTEL Inc., which we believe has set the course of our future for the coming years. Undoubtedly, the most relevant one has been the acquisition of 100% of the capital stock of USA LLC on June 25, 2018.

• The acquisition of Etelix represents a radical change in our business model, moving away from the healthy snacks business and entering the telecom industry and thus becoming a Telecommunications Service company. electricity japan We believe the telecom industry represents a better opportunity to create shareholder value, not just in the immediate but in the mid and long term.

• Analyzing the financial results of the 2017-2018 fiscal year, we are showing positive operating income, even though we had a net loss at the end of the year of $291,915, mainly as a result of $327,092 in interest expenses, corresponding to loans for a principal amount of $928,892, and a non-recurrent cost of $150,000 incurred in the legal expenses associated to the acquisition of Etelix.

• We plan to search out and analyze existing telecommunications companies as potential candidates for mergers, acquisitions or alliances. In addition to all the financial and legal aspects, part of the analysis is based on the existence of potential synergies with our current operations in Etelix, in order to expand our markets by increasing the presence in geographical regions in which we have little participation or by penetrating new segments like corporate or residential.

iQSTEL (OTC: IQST) is a technology company offering a wide array of services to the Telecommunications Industry. gas you up These include services to International Long-Distance Telecommunications Operators (ILD Wholesale), Retail and Corporate markets (ILD Retail), Submarine Fiber Optic Network capacity, Satellite Communications services, Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) services, Internet of Things (IoT) technology solutions, Data Center facilities capacity leasing, and Blockchain solutions for the Telecommunications industry. iQSTEL fully owns USA LLC (, a Federal Telecommunications Commission (FCC) licensed, international telecommunication carrier based in Miami, Florida. USA LLC was founded in 2008 and has been profitable since inception.

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