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The address of EU-based warehouse will be removed at all. EU-based warehouse becomes our International Premium warehouse. It will be moved to the electricity outage houston address of the current China-based warehouse and it will open by default once you enter in your browser. Our programmers are working on transferring all discount from China-based international warehouse to the new EU-based warehouse. It takes some time. We will do our best to make this transfer unnoticeable for you. International balances/discounts will be moved to the new EU-based International Premium warehouse. Please give us a day to complete this. If someone won`t get his discount, he/she will just need to contact us and we transfer it manually. Please, do not check gas density at stp it right now, we will need a day to complete all.

We will keep a link to it on site in the left-sided menu with warehouse selection. We will reset availability of all products at this warehouse to zero. You will not be able ordering from it from now. We keep it available for only about 1-2 weeks . This is the transitional step required to allow customers, who placed orders recently, to check their orders and submit electricity bill payment details. After 1-2 weeks this warehouse will be removed completely.

Customers from Europe can also place orders in this warehouse. For EU-based customers this will be old secure EU-domestic warehouse with delivery from within gas 76 Europe. There is only one beautiful change. Old EU prices were lowered! You get All items at lower prices of our old China-based account, but with really quick and secure premium delivery! – US domestic warehouse. Nothing changes here. This is the most secure and fast warehouse for US customers, who need fast and absolutely secured guaranteed delivery with no seizures. Orders placed at this warehouse are gasbuddy app shipped from within the USA and do not get through customs. You are absolutely safe when ordering from this warehouse.

First of all, we had to remove MoneyGram as payment option for a while at least. There were too many unsuccessful payments, which is a real headache for both sides. To prevent similar issues with WU we had to raise the min. order total to $400 . You will see WU as payment option only if your order is over $400. If we do not do this, we just screw up any possibility to pick up WU transfers at all and cause gas relief while pregnant really much headache to our customers.

I mentioned earlier we had some packages gas chamber jokes stuck at US ISC, which was the first time ever for our EU-based warehouse. It was really unpleasant, especially after we widely announced 100% delivery rate (which was true before this happened). There was a time gap of 2 days only with increased number of stuck/seized packages. We checked all tracking numbers after that period and all seem arriving fine again. Probably it was some sort of special operation of US customs kd 7 electricity socks. We do not know. For now, it looks like all is running smoothly. There is no guarantee this will not repeat again, lets hope it will not.

Due to the number of seizures mentioned above we had to reship a number of packages. Because of this we had some items out of stock. e.g. customers, who ordered electricity lessons grade 6 prim200, but did not get packages, we do not have prim 200 in stock right now. We had to replace it with 2 x prim100, which is the same volume. I know some anastrozol and clen were lacking. It could be that some customers do not receive them in their orders. Really sorry about this. We will resolve each case with each customer individually. New restocking of EU-based warehouse is respected soon.