News and events – delta electricity facts for 4th graders


With the election now behind us, it is appropriate to respond to much of the rhetoric surrounding the leadership and actions of Village of Delta officials. As the Mayor of Delta, I am very concerned about the negative atmosphere and representations published in the various forms of media being utilized today. gas in oil lawn mower In an effort to bring clarity to some of the issues that deserve explanation, this document is focused on accomplishing just that goal.

The Municipal Electric Utility although not approved by voters Nov. 6th, will continue to be an issue I am passionate about, recognizing it offers Delta opportunities not realized in the past. This effort offers two primary benefits both pertaining to the economic vitality of our community. First, the revenues such a venture could generate from the sale of electric, provides for growth of the system which ultimately relates to the growth of our community. thermal electricity how it works Second, is the competitive position it offers Delta in our efforts to create additional jobs, generating new and additional income tax revenues for the village.

The village water system is another area receiving much criticism during this campaign season. For many, I would like to point out that Delta voters approved a proposal in 2001, endorsing the new water plant and use of income tax dollars to supplement revenues from the water operations in order to retire the anticipated debt for the plant. electricity storage handbook Addressing the concerns about decisions made years ago to build the existing water treatment facility, I cannot, and the community should not condemn the elected leaders who made the decision to invest in the most advanced technology in our efforts to have the best, cleanest and safest water supply. The reverse osmosis treatment system was then and remains today the method promoted by the EPA, producing the highest water quality. d cypha electricity Although the investment was expensive at the time the fact remains the cost to replicate this system has increased substantially. Unfortunately, it is unlikely water rates will ever return to a level residents will believe is reasonable. power vocabulary words Although Delta’s current rates are not the highest as portrayed, I am confident what we consider high rates today will be viewed as reasonable, as new quality standards continue to be imposed by EPA protecting the safety of water we consume.

The concern over the decreased levels of the reservoir has also drawn much attention this year. grade 9 electricity unit review It is important to understand this typically happens every summer, as usual, and again this year we have and will continue to fill the reservoir during the next several weeks. The representation that industry within the village is causing this perceived issue isn’t entirely accurate. There is no question that additional users contribute to the reduced levels, but the village is in no way at a point of being in jeopardy of providing water to the residents.

The more important reason that the level is unusually low this time of the year is the very conservative practice followed by water plant staff of drawing water from Bad Creek. electricity worksheets for grade 1 With this year as an example, this area received rains on a periodic basis during the months of June, July and August. With the soils being so dry the rain received was heavy causing intense volume of surface run off which typically contains heavy sediment and debris and other contaminants we do not want, nor can we afford to have in the reservoir. Addressing the representation that the intake pumps used to fill the reservoir are or were out of service is not the case. It is merely a matter of our policy and efforts focused on drawing the cleanest possible water from Bad Creek.

Recognizing water is of great concern to those of us who depend on it, I will be proposing to village council a community forum be held in the near future, providing insight as to our practices and efforts to protect Delta’s water source, as well as, a better understanding about how previous leaders of the village have invested in the protection of our future.

Lastly, I’m compelled to address the village’s position regarding incentives to attract new investment to Delta. There have been questions raised as to why the village doesn’t look out for the schools when working to attract new business. The response to this is quite simple we are, and we do. Although the benefits may not be immediate, the growth and future increase in property tax collections can and should provide planning opportunities for future revenues. The village’s incentive program was implemented in 1992 and does place Delta in a better competitive position when corporations are evaluating other locations in surrounding communities and states. gas bubble in back Also, I must clear up some confusion.