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Yeah. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer are scheduled to meet with President Trump today. The president has said he wants $5 billion for the border wall that he promised to build and that he said Mexico would pay for. He is at least entertaining the idea of a shutdown next week if he does not get some of that money from Congress. extra strength gas x while pregnant Democrats are getting ready to take control of the House of Representatives and will soon have a lot more power.

KEITH: And, you know, President Trump has, however, not been pushing as hard on the wall funding as I think he has in the past. You hear him using the phrase border security a lot more than you hear him using the word the wall. I mean, he’s still talking about the wall. He’s still talking about $5 billion. But when he says border security, that is what you might call…

KEITH: Right. electricity lesson plans middle school And that’s the thing. What Democrats are saying is we don’t control the House yet. Republicans control the House and the Senate – Schumer and Pelosi put out a joint statement last night – and if they want to keep the government open, they should probably work on that is basically their message, saying that, you know, the president shouldn’t move for a shutdown at this point and that his proposals, they say, don’t have the votes to pass the House and the Senate. Democrats are essentially trying to take themselves out of it and say this is a Republican problem.

KEITH: It’s a position that they’ve taken before, and the reality is that there aren’t enough Republican votes, generally speaking, to get budget bills through Congress. Democrats are ultimately needed. And then in the new year, the dynamics will change again when Democrats have control of the House. And that’s a bigger, longer term question of whether deals will be made or whether the sort of intransigence will continue, whether President Trump will fight or make deals. And I spoke to people who are close to Trump, people who are close to Nancy Pelosi. gas chamber One of those people is John Lawrence, a former Pelosi chief of staff. And he said that Democrats are going to want to show that they can govern in the new year.

INSKEEP: She put off a vote that had been scheduled for today on her plan to leave the European Union. Too many lawmakers hated it, so May said she would ask Europeans for better terms, except the spokesperson for the EU says those were already the best and final terms. The British have been debating Brexit for 2 1/2 years and now have a bit more than 3 1/2 months before a deadline to leave, even if there is no deal.

LANGFITT: Well, actually, she’s in Europe. She’s running around Europe. She’s meeting Mark Rutte, the prime minister of the Netherlands, German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin, and what she’s trying to do is get additional language on this divorce agreement that might reassure members of Parliament back here over this big issue. f gas regulations ireland And the big concern here in the United Kingdom is that the European Union – basically that Northern Ireland, which is a part of the U.K., could end up inside a tighter customs arrangement with the EU for years to come. And what she wants is reassurance from the European Union that that’s not what they intend to do. The EU, as you said, they don’t want to reopen this agreement. electricity invented or discovered And they have reversed course in the past, so we’ll see how that works out. Today, Jean-Claude Juncker, the commission president of the European Commission, said there could be some further clarification. So maybe they will give something to Prime Minister May that she can bring back here.

LANGFITT: It doesn’t – it doesn’t look good for her at all. I think that she’s playing for time. She’s trying to basically, I think, push this well into January – this is what a lot of analysts say – in hopes that she’ll actually force members of Parliament to take this deal with the threat that in fact otherwise the U.K. walks away from the EU with no deal at all, which could be economically calamitous. And we’ll see. static electricity definition physics There – a lot of people are after her job in her own party, and the Labour Opposition also would love to get a general election and take over the government here.

HERSHER: Well, it’s a challenge. The Trump administration doesn’t acknowledge basic climate science, and that makes it hard at a climate conference. And it’s effecting the negotiations here. So the U.S. has refused to endorse this major U.N. climate science report, and the other countries that are taking that stand are Russia, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait – not exactly climate leaders.

HERSHER: Well, Paris, in 2015, was all about promises – every country making promises to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And this summit is about the nuts and the bolts of how to get there. So these are rules about basic things like how do you measure your greenhouse gas emissions? How do you hold each other accountable? Do you believe what other countries say about their emissions? And this is the second week. It’s a two-week summit. A lot of high-level ministers have started to show up and were really just roaring toward this final rulebook deadline for all those rules, and that’s on Friday.

HERSHER: (Laughter) It is. mp electricity bill payment online indore I don’t know if it’s either odd or really appropriate. This is the Polish equivalent of West Virginia or Wyoming. It’s a major coal producer. Coal is around. I’m looking out the window at a coal museum in an old mine shaft. And there’s smog in the air here. It burns your throat. And there are three state-owned oil companies – or coal companies that did sponsor this conference. grade 9 electricity module And the president of Poland says coal is going to be a big part of his country’s energy in the coming decades. Now that said, Poland is part of the Paris agreement. They promised a 40 percent reduction in European emissions by 2030. So how on Earth do you reconcile these things? That is what we’re doing this week. That’s what the rulebook is all about and it’s why it matters. It tells countries how to achieve their goals even when it’s hard. So I would argue and some argue, you know, it’s most important those rules for places like this.