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I’m already sick of articles handicapping the 2020 election. We are in the most volatile and unprecedented time ever in terms of this nation’s political news. No one knows what the Mueller Report is going to say or even when it’s going to say it. electricity quiz 4th grade No one knows who’ll be indicted, who’ll be convicted, who’ll be exonerated or what the crimes, if any, may be. They don’t even know for sure if Trump can or will be indicted on at least one crime we already know about.

And you just know that two months from now, we’re going to be talking about scandals that no one has heard about right now. I dunno whose scandals they’ll be but there will be some. And Trump looks like he’s about one sizzling revelation away from running screaming down Pennsylvania Avenue. Six months from now, we could have a trained otter somewhere high on the Presidential Succession List.

So don’t tell me Trump can’t win or can’t lose. I won’t even entertain predictions as to which country he’ll be a citizen of by Memorial Day. Don’t tell me that on the Democratic side in ’20, it’s going to be Biden and Beto…or Hillary and Elizabeth Warren…or a slate consisting of an iRobot® Roomba® and a guy who talks like Jerry Lewis but in Swedish. Nobody has a clue.

In the ten days between now and Christmas, there’s going to be at least one game-changing revelation about somebody or something that no one can imagine at this moment. Maybe Natasha will flip on Boris and reveal that Trump offered a $50 million apartment to Fearless Leader. The only thing you can bank on with any assurance is that no matter what Lindsey Graham says, there’s a video clip somewhere of him saying the exact opposite.

March 7 thru 10, I’ll be down in San Diego for the San Diego Comic Fest, a casual, not-too-big gathering where you won’t find massive crowds, long lines, big movie stars, hundreds of people dressed as Harley Quinn, an exhibit hall the size of the Louisiana Purchase…or very much that isn’t about comic books or cartoons. gas tax rates by state I’ve been to most of these and I always have a good time.

Those of you who think conventions have gotten too big and too crowded and too full of cosplayers and A-thru-K-level "celebrities" selling their signatures do have an alternative, you know. There are hundreds of smaller conventions, many of them themed to narrow areas of interest. electricity omd This one’s not that narrow in that it’s themed to comics of the past (mostly) and a few related areas. Clicking the banner above will take you to their website where you can check out the Guest List and get more details. And if you want a somewhat larger con, just three weeks later we have…

WonderCon is run by the same folks who run Comic-Con International in San Diego every July so you know they really know how to throw a con. It’s a smaller affair, roughly a third the size. That means that instead of having ten times more things that you want to see, you will only have 3.33 times as many. z gas cd juarez That can be a major advantage, especially because you can get badges for it. Right now, all days are available. This will not be the case in March or maybe even February but at this moment, you can get them. Also, if you’ve never been to the San Diego affair and what you’ve heard intimidates you, here’s the shallow end of the pool.

A happy today to Dick Van Dyke who’s 93 today — which in Dick Van Dyke Years, means he looks and moves about like he’s 77. Has anyone else ever been as fine an actor as this man? Or as beloved? I hope he and his lovely Arlene are out celebrating all day and all night. And this may be an unrealistic fantasy but I’m kinda hoping they have something else soon to celebrate.

In 1988, Judi Dench won the Academy Award as Best Supporting Actress in 1998 for her role as Queen Elisabeth in Shakespeare In Love. She was on the screen for eight minutes. gas stoichiometry worksheet answers The runner-up for the least amount of camera time for an Oscar winner was in 1976 when Beatrice Straight won in the same category for Network. Her entire part was ten minutes. See where I’m going with this?

Maybe that’s a silly dream on my part. Maybe Disney plans to push Lin-Manual Miranda as Best Supporting Actor because — and this is often what they consider in these situations — they feel the competition for Best Actor will be too formidable (Bradley Cooper, Viggo Mortensen, Ryan Gosling, Steve Carrell, Robert Redford, Ethan Hawke, Joaquin Phoenix, et al). But maybe there’s also a shot for Dick to take home a Special Award.

I still have a cold that could clog the entire L.A. sewer system. It doesn’t feel bad as long as I don’t try to swallow and don’t try to talk to producers or editors. My voice has modulated from Harvey Fierstein to somewhere north of Suzanne Pleshette, and my nose alternates between not being able to breathe in and not being able to breathe out. So, Dear Blog, I guess I’ll be fine in a day or two or whenever Trump is out of office, whichever occurs first.

I’m not following the fallout from the Cohen sentencing a lot. I guess Trump has now given up denying that he authorized the hush money payments to Stormy and Karen…or is that still Fake News? He has this maddening way of insisting that mutually-exclusive positions are both true. o gascon One thing which must be frustrating the hell out of the Republicans in Congress is that they wish they had this kind of scandal stuff about a Democrat. They’d know what to do with it. They’d have the guy impeached faster than you could say "Paula Jones." And isn’t that the first time in a decade or so you’ve seen that name?

I read a number of reviews of Mary Poppins Returns and couldn’t find any real valid points in the negative ones. Those reviewers all struck me as being too stodgy to surrender themselves to the proceedings. static electricity definition science If Lin-Manuel Miranda’s performance doesn’t enchant you, you may just be incapable of enchantment. Yes, this sequel does constantly echo the original. Sequels do and those who carp at this one for that would be savaging the film if it didn’t. The reviews for Emily Blunt seem to be pretty good except for one of two who fault her for not being the exact same actress as in the 1964 film. I guess they figure that for what Disney must have paid her, she could at least have managed that. Ignore these people.

On last night’s Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Stephen needed a volunteer for a bit. electricity transmission vs distribution He went out into the audience, selected a lady named Pam and led her by the hand towards the stage. Seamlessly, the cameras cut to a shot of him leading her onto the stage…but it wasn’t really seamless. She suddenly had a small microphone on the scarf around her neck and was holding the microphone pack connected to it in her hand. They edited out the part where she and Stephen stopped and someone put a wireless microphone on her.

I have occasionally worked on TV shows where someone performed a magic trick and there was an inviolate rule: No editing. Even if it’s undetectable, it’s subtly detectable. Viewers will sense it wasn’t really the way they saw it. I think that applies on any show that is supposed to be spontaneous to any degree…and that’s what we watch late night shows to see: Real people making real conversation…and real mistakes.

Has anyone who watches The Price is Right? ever noticed how they handle the microphone problem? When someone is first called to come on down from the audience, they are (of course) unmiked and they stay that way until the next commercial break when they’re outfitted with wireless mikes. If they’re lucky enough to win and come up on stage to play another pricing game before a commercial break, they remain unmiked. Drew Carey uses his hand mike to catch whatever they say. If there’s been a commercial since they "came on down," they have a wireless on and he doesn’t have to do that.