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In our effort to better support our member teachers, the METG is rolling out a series of trainings and Professional Development offerings that will enhance your work as artists, as community builders, and as educators. We’re calling these the Green Room Sessions, in honor of the spirit of camaraderie and idea-sharing that fills the backstage of every theater. m gasol Often, as theater teachers, we work in isolation- these sessions provide us an opportunity to gather and connect, drawing on the amazing resources we all can be to each other. Unlike our 10-hour Masterclass Series, the Green Room Sessions are an a la carte set of options, meeting on weekends and weekday evenings, some online and some in-person.

We hope you join us for these Sessions, and that you take advantage of this unique new opportunity! These Green Room Sessions were developed specifically based on what members have requested over the years- if there are other topics you’d like to see discussed in future sessions, please let us know! Contact the METG’s Director of Education and Outreach, Alex Johnson, with any questions or comments at

One of the favorite things about the METG programs for students is meeting so many fellow drama geeks from schools across the state. electricity deregulation map Participants share a special bond after participating in any of the events together, and it’s so cool to keep in touch with the people you meet. We love seeing this tradition continue. k electric bill Going to see the friends you’ve made in their school’s production is a perfect opportunity to support the friends you’ve made in the past! Here are the shows for the 2018-2019 school year.

The Winthrop High School Drama Society has certainly earned its applause, as they’ve come in first at the Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild (METG) state finals for the second year in a row. electricity laws in pakistan Out of 14 schools, Winthrop took the lead, right alongside Sharon High School and Weymouth High School. The Academy Of The Company Theatre Conservatory Presents THE WEREWOLVES

The Academy of the companyTheatre (A.C.T.) Conservatory presents the regional premiere of the original play The Werewolves, written by A.C.T. student and Scituate playwright Alex Moon, on Friday, May 18 and Saturday May 19, 7:30 pm at the company Theatre Center for the Arts, 30 Accord Park Drive, Norwell. electricity examples The production is directed by Kevin Mark Kline. Melrose HS Brings "A Moment in Time" to DramaFest

Premise: School theatre programs provide a home where students can feel accepted, valued, and part of something larger than themselves. Given that the creative process of mounting a full scale musical is daunting, this program will endeavor to identify and support the improvement of fledgling musical theater programs in middle and high schools in Massachusetts. gas smoker ribs The Lexus World of Possible Improvement Grant is part of their pledge to better children’s lives—allowing them to pursue their dreams.

Purpose: To search out and support promising, but struggling Massachusetts school musical theater programs that share the passion and enthusiasm of mounting a musical, but need financial backing to begin the process of improving both the technical and performance quality of their annual shows. electricity billy elliot karaoke with lyrics This program should also ensure improvement to give these students the chance to be recognized for their achievements in theatre arts as part of the MET Awards Program.

In this intensive workshop, we will explore how to create a piece of theatrical work with students that begins without a script and without a predetermined concept. We will focus on methods of engendering collaboration, bravery, and vulnerability in the classroom, and will look at ways of leading students to take their immediate ideas and then dig deeper, experiment more, and think way way outside the box.