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Implementation of the Plan for Excellence has already begun. District administrators have been hard at work securing proposals for the complex task of moving furniture and equipment over a very short summer of 2015. electricity electricity goodness Administrators and representative of the Woodland Hills Education Association have also been working very closely and cooperatively to assure that all of our buildings will be staffed by the best and brightest teachers we have. By very early February we hope to have named a Plan for Excellence Steering Committee that will assist the Board of Directors in monitoring and overseeing the progress of the Plan’s implementation. We will also hold periodic community forums to help keep the members of the Woodland Hills community as up to date as possible on the work being done to make this exciting new vision a reality. The Plan for Excellence represents what is perhaps the biggest change in the history of the Woodland Hills School District going back almost to its inception. It is a bold and sweeping change that we believe will make our District among the best and most attractive public school systems in Allegheny County. Our residents, and above all our students, deserve nothing less. We welcome you to the start of a new Woodland Hills School District. It is my sincere hope that you will join us in this effort and that, together, we can move from a Plan for Excellence to a reality of excellence!

Sixth grade students at the Academy and Shaffer, in collaboration with the GATE program, are competing in the Fairchild Challenge at Phipps Conservatory. It is designed to increase environmental awareness in middle school students (grades 6 – 8) through engagement in activities tailored to benefit the environment. e85 gas stations florida The schools that finish in the top three will receive cash awards, and schools earning over 800 points will win the prestigious Fairchild Award. All students with entries submitted this year will be invited to the Awards banquet at Phipps in May.

The Fairchild Challenge requires the students to coplete six tasks over the course of the shcool year. The third task asked the students to engage in an environmental action at home for at least a month. gas x and pregnancy Twenty sixth grade students conserved electricity and water, recycled, planted living Christmas trees, used alternative energy sources and composted. Then they wrote testimonials about their experiences which were bound into a book and submitted to Phipps for judging. In the end, they placed third! There were over 400 students in the competition, and our group was the only sixth grade group in the challenge. The test of the students were in seventh and eighth grade. Congratulations on a fabulous effort to protect our environment, and good luck with the rest of the Fairchild Challenge!

The GATE classes at the Academy are studying Ecology this year. They have investigated ten critical issues that are facing our environment. The conducted a survey and learned that energy consumption and solid waste pollution are critical issues facing the Academy community. So they are taking action! The fourth grade GATE students have started The Watt Watchers program. gas kush They are encouraging the students and teachers to conserve electricity by turning off their lights and powering down the computers and Promethean board when they are not in their classroom. The Watt Watchers are randomly patrolling the halls to look for classes that are conserving energy, and they are placing door hangers on their doors to congratulate them or remind them to conserve electricity. The fifth and sixth grade GATE class is implementing a recycling program. They are encouraging everyone at the Academy to reduce, reuse and recycle. Each class has been given containers for plastic and aluminum. The students will collect the recyclables once a week and weigh them to determine which class is recycling the most. At the end of the year, the class that has conserved the most electricity and recycled the greatest amount of materials will receive a pizza party! We think this is a great way to have fun and preserve the planet at the same time!

Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth grade GATE students from Shaffer, the Academy, and the Junior High had the opportunity to participate in the Econ Challenge at Phipps Conservatory on September 25th. The Eco Challenge allows middle school students to explore aspects of the natural environment, particularly plants, and engage in activities to become aware of issues that the environment faces. In teams of four, the students designed fashions out of recycled newspaper, completed a scavenger hunt of Phipps Conservatory, and invented a plant with appropriate adaptations to survive in a particular environment. gaz 67 sprzedam We all left the Conservatory with our own plants! This event was a kick off for the Fairchild Challenge. An event for Middle School students, the Fairchild Challenge is a competition that will engage the students in six environmental challenges throughout the school year. The students have just completed the first challenge which requied them to construct a sculpture entirely of recycled materials that represented some aspect of nature. Please enjoy our images from the Eco Challenge and of the sculptures.

Four students from the Woodland Hills Academy won an "Honorable Recognition" after participating in the annual Shakespeare Monologue and Scene Contest last month. gas zone pricing Congratulations go to Stephanie Lauble and Devaun Herzog who played Titania and Bottom from "A Midsummer’s Nights Dream". Their portrayal of these two characters brought laughs throughout the theatre. When asked what it was like playing a man who was transformed into a donkey, Devaun stated, "It was a fun experience, and I felt comfortable expressing myself as the character."

Also receiving an "Honorable Recognition" were Kris Benjamin and Joy Simpson who performed a scene from "The Taming of the Shrew". power outage houston zip code Kris gave a great portrayal of Grumino, while Joy outdid herself playing the part of Katharina. Again, the audience was delighted with the representation of these characters. When asked about her experience playing Katharina, Joy explained, "To really become the character, I had to act like a shrew, become a mean person who told Grumino what to do and how to do it. It came to me naturally–I boss him (Kris is her brother) around the house all the time.

Camp Cadet is a free youth camp for Allegheny County established by the state police, This one week event is designed to give boys and girls, ages 12 through 14, a better understanding of law2 enforcement activities while living in an atmosphere similar to a police training academy. Emphasis is placed on improving self-discipline, bulding self-estieem and confidence through teamwork and making new friends. Youth should be in good physical condition since this camp is a mini version of a police academy. The day will consist of physical training (PT), followed by a morning run, then the cadets will return to their quarters for personal hygience and prepare for inspection. During the day, various activities are scheduled including presentations by various agencies, a mock crime scene investigation, mock criminal trial and sporting activities. The camp will be held at Camp Guyasuta in O’Hara Township during the week of July 22-28, 2012. kushal gas agencies belgaum Please visit their website at to obtain a copy of the application. Applications will be accepted until April 15, 2012. For more information, visit their website at or contact Officer Mike Spagnoletti at (412) 473-1322.